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19th June 2024
Bi-directional booster at Power2Drive

Juice Technology AG, a manufacturer of charging stations and software and a global pioneer in mobile charging stations for electric vehicles, will be offering an exclusive and first-chance look at its mobile, bi-directional AC charging station at Power2Drive Europe 2024 in Munich.

4th April 2024
Juice introduces the JUICE ULTRA 2 battery charging station

Juice presents the DC fast charging station JUICE ULTRA 2 battery available now in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, and Spain.

20th December 2023
Juice looks at some preconceived notions of driving electric

There are not enough e-charging stations yet

29th November 2023
Winter is coming: seven tips to optimise e-charging in winter

Winter usually brings cold and even freezing temperatures. EV owners are likely to experience slower charging speeds and reduced range in winter – but there are ways to manage EV battery performance.

20th July 2023
Travelling by EV in summer holiday destinations

When it comes to holidays, the car is the preferred mode of transport: you can start when you want, stop when you want and take as much luggage as you want.

30th May 2023
Time to switch to electric: top tips for new EV drivers

Spring break travel season is here, and what better time to switch to an electric car? You've probably been thinking about it for a while, but you've never had the courage to swap your trusty internal combustion engine for a zero-emission electric vehicle.

19th April 2023
Sustainable and future-proof: update for JUICE BOOSTER 3 air

Juice Technology AG has further improved the JUICE BOOSTER 3 air with the latest release of the j+ pilot app.

1st March 2023
Morgan Sindall uses Juice to speed up and streamline fleet electrification

Juice Technology will supply Juice Booster 2 charging stations to help Morgan Sindall Infrastructure accelerate the electrification of its fleet.

22nd February 2023
Juice lowers the prices for JUICE BOOSTER 2 and JUICE BOOSTER 3 air

Christoph Erni, Founder and CEO of Juice Technology, has good news to report to start off the year: “We are pleased to announce that we are already able to reduce the prices for our smart wall box, the JUICE BOOSTER 3 air, which has enjoyed great popularity since its release. We are also able to lower the MSRP of the popular JUICE BOOSTER 2 back to the old price. Due to the high demand and our ability to produce more wall boxes at the same ...

Eco Innovation
23rd December 2022
E-mobility trends 2023: Juice provides a glimpse into the crystal ball

Juice Technology AG, manufacturer of charging stations and software and a specialist in mobile charging stations for electric vehicles, and the futurologist Lars Thomsen provide answers to the most pressing questions surrounding the future of electric mobility in Europe and the rest of the world.

7th December 2022
The 7-in-1 charging solution - JUICE BOOSTER 3 air

On Juice World Charging Day 2022, Juice Technology, manufacturer of charging stations and software, launched the JUICE BOOSTER 3 air as another highlight in its product range.

Eco Innovation
1st December 2022
Winter is coming: 7 tips to optimise e-charging in winter

Winter is coming, and with it, also freezing temperatures. But owning an electric is not an obstacle to having a great driving experience during this time.

8th November 2022
Juice wins GreenTech Award for innovation

Juice, manufacturer of charging stations and software is the recipient of the 2022/2023 GreenTech Award for Innovation in the category of transportation.

Cyber Security
28th October 2022
Making cybersecurity a priority in EV charging systems

Ransomware, brute force, DDoS and the like: the pest zoo of cybercrime is constantly growing and hardly anyone cares about it until the exterminator is forced to intervene. Christoph Erni, Founder and CEO of Juice Technology AG explores.

Events News
14th October 2022
Third Juice World Charging Day: a concentrated load of charging technology

Juice Technology AG, manufacturer of charging stations and software, leader in mobile charging stations for electric vehicles, once again pulls an industry-changing innovation out of its hat on Juice World Charging Day.

6th October 2022
Juice receives ISO for charging station cyber security

Juice Technology, a manufacturer of charging stations and software, and in mobile charging stations for electric vehicles, receives proof of risk management in product development with international certification in accordance with ISO 21434.

21st September 2022
Charging at work makes the transition to e-mobility easier

The lack of charging options is still an obstacle in the transition to electric driving: drivers will not be willing to give up their combustion vehicles without the certainty of reliable charging infrastructure.

29th July 2022
How to enjoy a road trip in an EV – avoiding range anxiety

Three reasons to rely on Juice Booster 2, a portable charging station for electric vehicles that makes energy accessible wherever there is a socket outlet

7th July 2022
Hydropower charging with green electricity

Juice Technology, manufacturer of charging stations and software, in mobile charging stations for ev, supports charging with renewable energy via the j+ pilot.

29th June 2022
EV charger wins award for sustainable product design

The charging stations and software manufacturer Juice Technology has been honoured with an award for especially sustainable design by the European Centre for Architecture, Art, Design and Urbanism and the Chicago Athenaeum, Museum of Architecture and Design, for its JUICE CHARGER me.

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