Charging at work makes the transition to e-mobility easier

21st September 2022
Sheryl Miles

The lack of charging options is still an obstacle in the transition to electric driving: drivers will not be willing to give up their combustion vehicles without the certainty of reliable charging infrastructure.

This does not necessarily mean they need a recharging station at home. Charging stations are needed everywhere people spend most of their time: at the supermarket, at the gym, and, most importantly, at work.

The issue of the availability of charging stations at work is an important factor in the transition to e-mobility as it enables people, who do not have the possibility of charging at home, to switch to an electric car.

The workplace is where we spend most of our time, and an electric car can be recharged wherever it can be parked for an extended period.

For the user, it makes no difference whether this happens during the day (at work) or at night (at home) and being able to recharge comfortably during working hours, means there is no need to recharge at home.

According to a study by the Fraunhofer Institute (commissioned by the German environmental association Naturschutzbund Deutschland) recharging at work can help save even more C02, especially if the energy is generated from renewable source.

In the future, much of the energy will be generated on-site for mobility. It is therefore more important than ever that charging stations are equipped with the necessary interfaces so that they can then be compatible with a photovoltaic system. 

To meet this need, Juice Technology has developed the Juice Charger me 3.

The wall charger has a charging capacity of up to 22kW, which is the ideal infrastructure for businesses that are engaged in an electrical transition.


  • Connectivity: Three standardised interfaces ensure communication with the home energy management system. This allows for the integration of the photovoltaic system (or a renewable energy system) into the home energy management as well as external load management control.
  • Simple: The wall charger has been designed to make the charging process an easy and intuitive experience for everyone. It comes completely preconfigured and ready for immediate use. The architecture of the casing, with an interior box, reduces the installation time to less than three minutes – whether the feed line is mounted on-wall, in-wall, or the charger is mounted on a column in the case of wall mounting.
  • Safety: the charging station offers full resistance to dust and water (IP67 protection class).


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