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31st May 2017
Drones and bat sensors to enhance the cricket experience

Bigger bats, pink balls, covered wickets, hawkeye, Twenty20 and DRS. Cricket is a changing game - and is no stranger to technology. On May 30th 2017 at the International Cricket Council (ICC) Champions Trophy, Intel executives took the stage to share innovations that Intel is bringing to the tournament. These include advanced pitch analysis by an Intel drone, a bat swing profile using a bat sensor powered by an Intel Curie module and a cricket VR...

13th March 2017
Cloud-based FPGA service accelerates business applications

  A pilot programme has been announced between Alibaba Cloud (Aliyun) and Intel for a cloud-based FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) acceleration service with the goal of enabling customers to have virtual access to powerful compute resources in the cloud to help them manage business, scientific and enterprise data application workloads more effectively.

9th March 2017
Hackathon to offer the opportunity to create next gen connected devices

  Intel is hosting a two day hackathon on March 11th-12th, 2017 at the IBA Forum in Fürth, Germany. The hackathon will kick-off at 9.00am on Saturday morning.

9th February 2017
Company uses Intel's FPGAs to improve video quality

The need to connect anywhere and anyplace is being driven by mobile workers. Soon they’ll do so over high-quality 4K and, shortly following, 8K connections. To support this change in work environments, business audio visual systems are becoming truly unified, connecting PCs, to video conferencing systems and projectors, to employee 'bring your own' personal electronics.

6th February 2017
Drones danced in the dark at last night's Super Bowl

Lady Gaga kicked off last night’s Super Bowl halftime show by singing from the roof of the NRG Stadium in Houston, Texas. As she performed a rendition of God Bless America and This Land is Your Land, all eyes were drawn to the dancing drones which decorated the sky behind her and ultimately created the image of the American flag.

25th January 2017
Performance breakthrough for deep learning with Intel FPGAs

Intel and ZTE have worked together to reach a new benchmark in deep learning and convolutional neural networks (CNN). The technology is what many companies in Internet search and AI are trying to advance, and includes picture search and matching, as one example. “Perception, such as recognising a face in an image, is one of the essential goals of the ZTE 5G System,” said Duan Xiangyang, vice president of the ZTE Wi...

6th January 2017
Everything you need for autonomous driving

Over the next few years it is guaranteed that we will see more self-driving cars hitting the road, and therefore sophisticated communications systems will rely on a fast, reliable network that’s capable of being a data superhighway. Self-driving or autonomous cars are a hot topic, but the road to autonomous driving is curvy and complicated.

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4th January 2017
CES will see chips and tricks to make cars smarter and safer

Every year the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is abuzz with all the newest technologies aimed at exciting and engaging the consumer. This this includes the latest cars and automotive technology, and there is now a strong demand for our Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs) in the automotive market.

7th October 2016
Supporting the smart and connected revolution

Stratix 10’s Features and Functionality Will Revolutionise the Data Center and Networking Infrastructure Performance as the IoT Brings More Devices Online. By Dan McNamara

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25th August 2016
IDF 2016 keynote highlights

In this collection of keynote highlights, Intel CEO Brian Krzanich show new technologies that are redefining the experience of computing, building a world of visual intelligence, designing cloud for innovation and empowering the next generation of innovators.

17th August 2016
Intel unveils 'Project Alloy'

During the opening keynote of the Intel Developer Forum in San Francisco on Tuesday, August 16, 2016, Intel CEO Brian Krzanich unveiled Project Alloy, an all-in-one VR solution leveraging Intel RealSense technology. Project Alloy will be offered as an open platform in 2017. Alloy delivers a set of immersive experiences thanks to Intel’s RealSense technologies that are optimised for VR usages. These include:

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15th August 2016
Committed to a conflict free supply chain

Intel is committed to create a responsible supply chain in the Democratic Republic of the Congo to ensure minerals that finance violence don’t end up in the devices you use every day.

28th July 2016
An IoT focused UK start-up competition

An online competition has been introduced as part of a collaboration between Intel and London-based Hardware Academy to help IoT developers to bring their ideas to life. The new partnership will look for exciting new IoT projects that are developed and built on Intel technology. 

29th February 2016
Intel accelerates path to 5G

Intel Corporation today announced industry partnerships and products that lay the groundwork for faster, smarter and more efficient 5G wireless networks designed to deliver 'amazing' new experiences throughout daily life. From embedded devices in athletes’ equipment and drones with collision avoidance capabilities, to autonomous vehicles, smart cities and more, connecting 'things' to each other, to people and the cloud is placing unpreceden...

18th February 2016
The power behind the IoT

Much has been written about how the IoT will change the way we live our lives and it‘s been the primary buzzword on the lips of technologists for some time. While issues and concerns have justifiably been raised around security and safety, there’s no doubt that the IoT is here to stay.

20th January 2016
Intel Core vPro processors transform the workplace

Intel has announced the latest iteration of Intel Core vPro processors for the modern workforce. The 6th gen Intel Core vPro processor family addresses the security and productivity demands of large businesses with new innovations in authentication security, enhanced performance and collaboration for 2 in 1s, Ultrabooks, All-in-Ones and the latest desktops.

7th January 2016
Experiences brought to life at CES

Intel Corporation is showcasing the power of technology at this week’s CES show in Las Vegas, to deliver new and amazing experiences in our daily lives. From the digitisation of sports, to advances in health and wellness, to unleashing human creativity through music, art, robotics and invention, the company announced a number of collaborations, products and technologies to make the amazing possible.

16th November 2015
The Alan Turing Institute & Intel to form strategic partnership

The Alan Turing Institute and Intel have agreed to form a long term strategic partnership to deliver a research programme focused on high-performance computing and data analytics. Researchers from both organisations will work together on the programme alongside co-funded research fellows and software engineers.

3rd September 2015
Intel launches 6th Generation Intel Core processor family

Intel has introduced the 6th Generation Intel Core processor family. The launch marks a turning point in people's relationship with computers. The 6th Gen Intel Core processors deliver enhanced performance and new immersive experiences at the lowest power levels ever and also support the broadest range of device designs, from the ultra-mobile compute stick, to 2-in-1s and HD All-in-One desktops, to new mobile workstations.

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19th August 2015
Intel expands developer opportunities

In the opening address at the Intel Developer Forum (IDF), CEO Brian Krzanich highlighted new products, tools and programmes that support the growing personalisation of computing and described the trends creating new opportunities for developers across an unprecedented breadth of technologies.

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