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15th October 2012
Intel Server Board S2600IP Product Overview

Animated product overview of the Intel Server Board S2600IP. The Intel Server Board S2600IP4 provides unsurpassed I/O capacity by exposing all 80 lanes of PCI Gen3 available in the chipset to offer eight single-width or four double-width card support in addition to a full range of SAS RAID and Intel I/O Expansion Module options.

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11th October 2012
Inside IT: Evaluating Ultrabook Devices for the Enterprise

IT Best Practices: Episode 35 -- The variety of ways we connect and compute is very different from even a few years ago. And it's changing all the time. More devices are making their way into the enterprise, allowing employees to be more mobile and more productive.

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9th October 2012
Intelligent Vehicles Multi-Task On Wind River Hypervisor Technology

From critical tasks such as rear-view camera, traction control and RFID readers to entertainment features like playing movies and downloading applications straight to your car, intelligent vehicles are to making life safer and easier for you.

14th September 2012
Intel Labs Tunes into a Wireless Future

In his keynote today at the Intel Developer Forum, Intel Chief Technology Officer Justin Rattner said, In the future, if it computes, it connects. From the simplest embedded sensors to the most advanced cloud datacenters, we're looking at techniques to allow all of them to connect without wires.

7th September 2012
Streamlined Digital Signage Development and Deployment from Intel

Retailers and advertisers are increasingly turning to digital signage to explore new ways to attract and engage consumers. However, evaluating digital signage solutions involves a costly, time-intensive process of collecting and integrating software and licenses before ever beginning content creation.

6th September 2012
Intel's Two New Software Development Suites Produce Fast, Scalable and Reliable Applications

Intel has today unveiled two new development suites: Intel Parallel Studio XE 2013 and Intel Cluster Studio XE 2013. The integrated suites include optimized compilers, libraries and analysis tools to help enable developers to efficiently extract improved application performance on current and next-generation processors including Intel Xeon Phi coprocessors. These new suites also help developers deliver improved application performance with less e...

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5th July 2012
Research@Intel 2012 Automobility Research

Research@Intel 2012: The car of tomorrow will be an active participant in a connected world, creating its own data stream and interpreting environments through ongoing interactions with people, services, infrastructures and other vehicles.

19th June 2012
Latest Intel Xeon Processors E5 Product Family Achieves Fastest Adoption of New Technology on Top500 List

The Intel Xeon processor E5-2600 product family reached a new supercomputing milestone as the fastest adopted new processing technology to power 44 systems, including 3 Petascale-class supercomputers on the 39th edition of the Top500 list announced today.

25th May 2012
Intel invests in UK institute to create Global Centre for Research in Sustainable Connected Cities

Intel has announced the launch of the Intel Collaborative Research Institute for Sustainable Connected Cities in partnership with two of the world’s leading universities, Imperial College London and University College London. The new London-based institute will be Intel’s first research centre and global hub dedicated to exploring how technology can support and sustain the social and economic development of cities worldwide.

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13th March 2012
Green Data Center Management: Power Efficiency Solutions with Dell, Intel, and Joulex

Go green in your cloud data center by enabling policy-based power management with Intel Data Center Manager, Intel Node Manager on Dell PowerEdge C-series servers, and Joulex.

7th March 2012
New Intel Server Technology: Powering the Cloud to Handle 15 Billion Connected Devices

Addressing the incredible growth of data traffic in the cloud, Intel Corporation announced the record-breaking Intel Xeon processor E5-2600 product family. These new processors deliver leadership performance, best data center performance per watt1,4, breakthrough I/O innovation and trusted hardware security features to enable IT to scale. These processors are not only at the heart of servers and workstations, but will also power the next generati...

5th March 2012
Intel Invests in Product Development and Research to Spur Innovation in the Connected Car

Intel Corporation today announced several automotive investments and initiatives designed to spur innovation and product development that will enable new and innovative connected car experiences. The investments include the new Automotive Innovation and Product Development Center located in Karlsruhe (Germany), expansion of Intel Labs Interaction and Experience Research (IXR) in automotive, an academic outreach program, and the establishment of t...

15th November 2011
Intel Celebrates 40 Years of Digital Revolution

On this day 40 years ago, Intel Corporation introduced the world’s first commercially available microprocessor – the Intel 4004 – triggering the start of the digital revolution. While most people have never seen a microprocessor, devices that contain them have become so integrated into daily life that they have become virtually indispensable.

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4th November 2011
Wireless Innovation

Hear from Intel and the Wi-Fi Alliance about incredible experiences unleashed with wireless innovation.

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9th August 2011
Inside an Intel FAB

An in-depth look inside an Intel FAB (Fabrication Facility) - Technicians in a clean room where 300mm silicon wafers are etched with the circuit patterns of hundreds of computer chips (microprocessors) - each chip has multiple-cores, or brains.

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