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26th September 2019
Smart electronic skin patches obstacles

Recent IDTechEx research in their report: Electronic Skin Patches 2019-2029, has revealed significant opportunities in the development and use of electronic skin patches, with over $7.5bn in revenue made from the technology in 2018 and a growth forecast of over $20bn per year over the next decade. However, it also shows that reimbursement and regulatory consideration aren’t necessarily keeping pace. James Hayward, Principal Analyst at ...

25th September 2019
Clearing the way for smart electronic skin patches

Recent IDTechEx research in their report ‘Electronic Skin Patches 2019-2029’, has revealed significant opportunities in the development and use of electronic skin patches, with over $7.5bn in revenue made from the technology in 2018 and a growth forecast of over $20bn per year over the next decade.

16th September 2019
The past, present and future of haptics

This is the second of a three-part series of articles on haptics. Haptics involves the use of technology to stimulate the sense of touch. IDTechEx has been covering the technology behind this important market sector for the last five years, and have just released their latest report: ‘Haptics 2020-2030: Technologies, Markets and Players’. 

12th September 2019
Massive improvements make 48V the future hybrid

The 48V mild-hybrid powertrains from 25 car brands will extend factory and platform life. They rise to a flood in 2020. Most use belt-driven alternator replacements for starter, torque-assist for downsized engine, and primitive regenerative braking. The reduction in carbon dioxide emission keeps things legal as emissions laws tighten. It is quieter and uses less fuel.  By Dr Peter Harrop, Chairman at IDTechEx

11th September 2019
What are the challenges of stretchable electronics?

Stretchable Electronics (SC) is already commercial and comes in many shapes and forms. The panel of images below showcases a number of prototypes and products which utilise a stretchable component and/or material. These pictures have been mainly (not entirely) taken by IDTechEx analysts at events around the world during the past five years.

10th September 2019
Post-vehicle value of retired electric vehicle batteries

The rapid penetration of electric vehicles (EVs) has led to questions on its most expensive component, the battery. What happens to the batteries after eight to ten years of service when they retire from EVs due to capacity fade? Volkswagen announced their ambitious target to build a million EVs by 2025 and has already got a plan for their used EV batteries.

23rd August 2019
Research forecasts $19.7bn market for medical wearables

IDTechEx has announced that their new research report, ‘Remote Patient Monitoring 2019-2029’, forecasts that the medical wearables market will be worth nearly $20bn by 2024. This exponential growth will be driven by demand for continuous health monitoring and point-of-care diagnostics for the management of chronic diseases.

23rd August 2019
Here come 48V full hybrid electric vehicles

The new Hyundai Tucson switches off the engine when coasting or braking at under 30kph. This is a bridge to the 48V full hybrids that IDTechEx foresaw some time ago. IDTechEx correctly predicted that they would come sooner rather than later and not just as cars - thus the title of the new IDTechEx report embracing it all, ‘48V Mild Hybrid and 48V Full Hybrid Vehicles 2020-2030’.

15th August 2019
In-wheel motors for electric vehicles evolving fast

Electric motor drive is key to all electric vehicles (EV) and it is taking new forms. In-wheel motors are successful in two-wheel EVs but they have rarely been seen in larger vehicles due to safety and cost concerns and a fear that unsprung weight gives a rougher ride. Near-wheel motors are a compromise.

13th August 2019
Switching to biobased plastics: Why so slow?

Finding ways to halt our dependence on fossil fuels and plastics is proving extremely difficult. One possible solution is to shift away from petrochemicals towards a biobased feedstock to make plastics, but how realistic is this proposal? IDTechEx uncovers the factors influencing adoption of biobased polymers in their report, ‘Biobased Polymers 2018-2023: A Technology and Market Perspective’.

9th August 2019
Giving the battery second life

The first batch of electric vehicle batteries are reaching their retirement age and the next ten years will see a huge increase in the volume of retired batteries. What will happen to the huge amount of used EV batteries? IDTechEx has recently released the latest report: “Second-life Electric Vehicle Batteries 2020-2030”.

7th August 2019
Death of internal combustion with EV range

Electric aircraft have got there. Cars next. With no road resistance, the best electric aircraft, the Bye Aerospace eFlyer, achieves 1000km with its solar wing option. This range will be the final nail in the coffin of internal combustion cars. It is longer than some of them offer. With gasoline stations shutting down, guess who then gets range anxiety!  By Dr Peter Harrop, Chairman at IDTechEx

5th August 2019
Wearable tech forecasts more growth despite challenges

IDTechEx has released its most comprehensive report covering the wearable technology industry. ‘Wearable Technology Forecasts 2019-2029’ includes historic market data back to 2010 and ten year market forecasts for 48 different types of wearable electronic product. 

31st July 2019
The future of advanced wound care

  Advanced wounds, referring to those that are non-healing for more than four weeks, are on the rise around the world. This is because there are an increasing number of people with poor wound healing ability, including the rising number of elderly people over 65 years of age, and the rising number of people with Type 2 diabetes.

31st July 2019
Medical wearables market forecasts to reach $19.7bn by 2024

IDTechEx have forecast the medical wearables market to be worth $19.7bn by the year 2024 in their latest research. This market will be driven by the demand for continuous health monitoring and point-of-care diagnostics for the management of chronic diseases.

29th July 2019
Electric car tipping point: delight or destroy?

It is nonsense to forecast pure electric cars costing the same as traditional ones, then life continuing much as usual. The up-front price of pure electric PE cars will be dropping below that of internal combustion engine ICE ones around 2025. The fundamentals are now clear. By Dr Peter Harrop, industry expert and Chairman at IDTechEx.

24th July 2019
Electric bus demand surging outside China

In electric vehicles, China is not what it used to be. Electric bike demand collapsed five years ago, and electric bus demand followed two years ago. With electric buses, the reason was entirely a precipitous drop in government financial support of demand and production, the peak being accentuated by pulling forward to grab subsidies while there were available. In 2020 they will be zero but despite this, in 2027 China plans that full electrificat...

22nd July 2019
Forecasting market growth in electronic textiles

The new version of the IDTechEx report ‘E-textiles 2019-2029: Technologies, Markets and Players’ includes brand new data about e-textiles revenue. Many companies have existed for a long time in the industry by making the majority of their revenue from R&D or design contracts rather than necessarily from product revenue.

18th July 2019
Changing a century old paradigm for patients with Type 1 diabetes

Diabetes mellitus, commonly known as diabetes, is a condition characterised by high blood sugar. In a healthy individual, blood sugar is regulated by insulin, a hormone that is produced by the beta cells of the pancreatic islets. When blood sugar levels are not regulated, the individual is at risk of short term health emergencies such as hypo- and hyper glycemia. Long term complications of diabetes include neuropathy, blindness, or even non-heali...

17th July 2019
How laser diodes help devices to see the world

Tiny laser diodes offer 3D sensing functionality for consumer electronics like smartphones and robots like self-driving cars. In this article, the technology consulting firm IDTechEx demonstrate how advances in laser technology and decreases in laser price enable novel applications in optical sensing. 

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