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Artificial Intelligence
11th May 2023
Why AI should be at the top of the national agenda

Artificial Intelligence has come a long way since the success of DeepMind over Go world champion Lee Sedol in 2016; the world is beginning to change according to the new possibilities afforded by AI.

9th May 2023
Competing in-mould electronics manufacturing methodologies

Smooth, functional surfaces that provide touch sensing, often with backlighting, are becoming increasingly common.

7th April 2023
Electric scooters to continue skyrocketing in popularity

Asia accounts for more than 90% of all global two-wheeler sales, and it is unusual for a family not to own one in some countries.

29th March 2023
IDTechEx asks if electronics manufacturing can join the digital age

Asked whether electronics is a ‘digital technology’, almost everyone would reply in the affirmative. However, while printed circuit boards (PCBs) enable digital technologies, the manufacturing processes used to produce them are still largely analogue.

10th March 2023
Embedding electronic functionality: IDTechEx asks if it’s worthwhile

Integrating multiple functionalities within a single entity promises simpler, more efficient devices without compromising capability. Smartphones are a great example, with maps, diaries, phones, cameras, games consoles, and more integrated into a single, compact device.

7th March 2023
How can Tesla shift away from rare earths, asks IDTechEx

At Tesla’s Investor Day in March 2023, it announced that its next generation of electric motors would contain no rare earth materials. Given Tesla’s huge presence in the EV (electric vehicle) market, this could prove a significant transition for the design and sustainability of electric motors.

1st March 2023
800V EVs charge into the mainstream using SiC power electronics

The demand for electric vehicle (EV) power electronics will increase dramatically in the next 10 years, primarily driven by rapid growth in the BEV car market, where IDTechEx predicts a 15% CAGR globally over the next decade.

22nd February 2023
IDTechEx discusses in-Mold electronics: The future of smart surfaces

Surfaces, be they in kitchen appliances, automotive interiors, medical devices, or even furniture, are becoming increasingly smart.

14th February 2023
A view of the rapidly growing Australian BESS market, reports IDTechEx

Australia is at the forefront of great battery energy storage system (BESS) development, with front-of-the-meter (FTM) installations expected to continue growing rapidly in the coming decade while supplemented by steady behind-the-meter (BTM) installations. IDTechEx estimates a CAGR for an annual installed capacity of 42% for 2023 – 2033. The Victorian Big Battery, installed in 2021, is one of the largest battery systems to be installed glo...

2nd February 2023
IDTechEx discusses making sustainable electronics tangible

Enhancing ‘sustainability’ is a widely held aspiration within the electronics industry – realising this transition is considerably more difficult, IDTechEx explores.

Eco Innovation
31st January 2023
Energy storage: a global enabler for world energy transition

The energy crisis and decarbonisation requirements speed up the process of finding alternative solutions, and energy storage plays an important role in applications such as electric vehicle applications and renewable energy.

18th January 2023
Printed electronics enables R2R, additive and digital electronics manufacturing

Can electronics manufacturing be reconfigured for our digital, environmentally conscious age? IDTechEx’s new report, ‘Manufacturing Printed Electronics 2023-2033’, explores a wide range of manufacturing innovations that will enable additive, digital, and higher throughput electronics production across many length scales.

Eco Innovation
29th December 2022
The future of sustainable electronics manufacturing

A new wave of electronics manufacturing is on the horizon, aiming to satisfy the increasing demand for sustainability and mitigate the impact of volatile energy prices.

13th December 2022
Material informatics for conductive ink development

How can advanced functional materials such as conductive inks be developed more quickly?

Eco Innovation
6th December 2022
Decarbonising the electronics industry with sustainable manufacturing

A new wave of electronics manufacturing is on the horizon, driven forward by volatile energy prices and increasing demand for sustainability.

23rd November 2022
What does 2023 hold for printed/flexible electronics?

With applications ranging from energy harvesting to sensing, and applicability to sectors being as varied as healthcare and automotive, printed/flexible electronics are set to change our expectations of what electronics can provide and where they can be utilised.

22nd November 2022
IDTechEx investigates building the house of the future

Smart homes have started with add-on appliances like Google home, smart fridges, or ring doorbells. These plug-in features are helpful to personalise a house to the needs of the inhabitants but can be clunky, with outlets used up and unsightly wiring across walls and floors. Coming next is built-in technology, ubiquitous throughout the building and, eventually, the neighbourhood.

Eco Innovation
15th November 2022
Innovation within sustainable electronics manufacturing

In the aftermath of COP27, sustainability is once again at the forefront of global discussion. Debates surrounding emissions reductions, water security, and renewable energy are at centre-stage with many politicians, businesses, investors, and think tanks enthusiastic to bring about meaningful change.

19th October 2022
IDTechEx reports on US Sanctions on Chinese semiconductors

According to IDTechEx, on 7th of October 2022, the US announced a series of targeted updates to its export regulations concerning semiconductors and associated technologies in China.

9th August 2022
Advanced semiconductor packaging paves way to data-centric future

If the future were to be categorised in one word, it would be "data-centric". For decades, IC vendors have designed chips that have all functions integrated on the same die; however, scaling monolithic IC becomes more difficult and costly as the industry sees the slowdown of Moore's law.

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