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7th August 2020
Agricultural robots and drones readiness map

It is often imagined that agriculture is alien to new technologies. This is far from reality. In fact, agriculture has always been a pioneer in the adoption of new technologies, embracing motor/power, modified seed, and agrochemical technologies over many decades to boost productivity, and today, agricultural robots and drones are no different.

4th August 2020
What the future of fuel cell EVs looks like...

Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles (FCEVs) and Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs) are considered by the most, as two competing technologies. Although both technologies power an electric motor, they have different properties and each of them is well suited for some uses more than others.

31st July 2020
The rise of image recognition in medical diagnostics

Deep learning has revolutionised image recognition and analysis, making unprecedented performance leaps between 2010-2014. These rapid advancements enabled the development of automated, accurate, accessible, and cost effective medical diagnostics.

29th July 2020
Solid-state batteries to create $6bn market by 2030

Solid-state batteries keep on attracting tremendous attention and investment with the maturing technologies and closeness to mass production. Even with the influence of COVID-19, the potential market size is expected to grow to over $6bn by 2030, according to IDTechEx's report 'Solid-State and Polymer Batteries 2020-2030: Technology, Patents, Forecasts, Players'.

28th July 2020
IDTechEx trends: skin analysis technologies

Skin analysis technologies, devices that diagnose skin health and appearance, are facing a time of transformation. Routinely used in the laboratory for research of skin conditions and development of products, skin analysis technologies are now being brought to the homes of consumers. 

27th July 2020
Will COVID-19 accelerate the shift towards EVs?

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced shoppers online, driving huge demand for home delivery. Moreover, growth has the potential to resume beyond the pandemic: in addition to consumer goods, the genie is out the bottle for home grocery delivery, which many consumers, having experienced it for the first time, will want to continue.

Artificial Intelligence
24th July 2020
ML will be ubiquitous across chemical companies

In the future, all materials scientists and chemists will have access to Machine Learning (ML) tools to enhance their R&D. Seamlessly integrating these underlying operations will not happen quickly, but overlooking the developments in materials informatics will lead to a loss of any competitive advantage.

23rd July 2020
Digital health: Gaining momentum from a global pandemic

Digital health has been widely anticipated to change the face of healthcare for many years. Substantial growth in investment, M&A, and IPO activity in the space have brought increasing confidence that the time for digital health has come. 

23rd July 2020
Automotive radar: Golden era of innovation and growth

Automotive radar uptake in vehicles will continue its increase, driven both by an increase in the number of adopting cars and by the radar content per vehicle. Both trends are driven by the increasing adoption of ADAS and will be sustained and strengthened in the longer term by the emergence of highly automated or autonomous driving.

21st July 2020
Electronics as smart materials bypass traditional industry

In this webinar IDTechEx Chairman, Dr Peter Harrop, describes a large new opportunity for added value materials suppliers. Electronics and electrics are moving from components-in-a-box to user 'edit-able' composites, stretchable film and even paint. 

Alternative Energy
21st July 2020
Rock star of photovoltaics is CIGS

Estimates vary but we are certainly in $100bn, 100GW territory with the booming photovoltaic market. The new IDTechEx report, 'Electronics Reshaped 2020-2040' reveals solar market growth by new capabilities opening previously impossible applications. Well-rehearsed is how silicon is in the lead with massive Chinese investment likely to see single-crystal silicon usurp polycrystalline silicon as its newly affordable extra electricity output attrac...

20th July 2020
Could genome editing revolutionise agriculture?

In this webinar, Technology Analyst Dr Michael Dent will present an overview of IDTechEx's recent research into the crop biotechnology industry, focusing on the potential of genome editing to revolutionise the field.

Alternative Energy
17th July 2020
Energy harvesting microwatt-gigawatt: new directions

Materials suppliers need to appraise opportunities at all power levels of energy harvesting. Those developing, making and using harvesters providing microwatts to GW need to see the big picture and how they can expand into it.

16th July 2020
Where are the opportunities in 5G?

The market for 5G is expected to be over $72bn by 2030, with large scale roll-out of infrastructures and rapid adoption of 5G devices and services. Many characteristic benefits promised by 5G will operate at high frequency (above 26GHz), i.e. mmWave 5G. Such high frequency requires new materials and different device design.

8th July 2020
Electronics as paint can be dangerous

You do not give a car battery to your children. It is dangerous. The same caution must be exercised as energy harvesting and storage arrives as electronics as paint. For example, a precursor of this is the InfinityPV adhesive solar tape you cut to any length, this determining voltage and power output.

6th July 2020
Emerging photovoltaics: materials opportunity in new market

The new IDTechEx report: 'Materials Opportunities in Emerging Photovoltaics 2020-2040', is based on interviews by multi-lingual, PhD level IDTechEx analysts across the world and 20 years tracking the research and applications. They predict $38bn in 2040 without colliding with the silicon-in-glass 'power station' business. There will be many opportunities for premium pricing of its new specialist materials.

3rd July 2020
The fastest growing sector of robotic surgery

IDTechEx reports that the robotic surgery market will reach over $12bn by 2030. Within this industry, catheter navigation is an emerging, but lesser-known application, that is rapidly gaining traction. IDTechEx's findings are detailed in the recently published report 'Innovations in Robotic Surgery 2020-2030: Technologies, Players & Markets'. 

29th June 2020
Battery electric city buses: a $25bn market in 2030

The bus market is at a crossroads. The pressing need for cities around the world to improve air quality, alongside commitments by many governments to address climate change, are powering plans to deliver zero on-road emission battery electric city bus solutions. Over the next decade these efforts will see major cities increasingly refuse to purchase anything but zero-emission buses, as they deliver on promised zero-emission zones to protect the h...

29th June 2020
Thermal management for 5G

The 5G market is expanding rapidly, with the first installations already being demonstrated. The increasing deployment of 5G will generate innovation and growth opportunities in thermal management. The shift to higher frequencies, and the accompanied higher signal loss, necessitates the densification of network installations, hence, utilising many more small-sized (pico or femto) stations. This acts to multiply the potential market for 5G infrast...

23rd June 2020
AI-powered agricultural robots: a revolution in ultra-precision?

The developments in agricultural robots, machine vision, and AI will drive a deep and far-reaching transformation of the way farming is carried out. Yes, today the fleet sizes and the total area covered by new robots are still vanishingly small compared to the global agricultural industry. However, this should not lull the players into a false sense of security because the ground is slowly but surely shifting. Robotics and AI are enabling a revol...

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