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20th January 2021
The impact of COVID-19 on 3D printed materials markets

The global pandemic is wreaking havoc with markets worldwide and 3D printing is no exception.

18th January 2021
US and East Asia grab $23bn transparent electronics opportunity

The new IDTechEx report, 'Transparent Electronics Materials, Applications, Markets 2021-2041', describes a market increasing fivefold from 2021-2031. By 2041 it will be over $23bn. Including translucent in the term transparent electronics, IDTechEx sees electrically-darkened windows growing steadily in demand, but the main action being elsewhere.

15th January 2021
The Electric Vehicle boom in India

India's transport system is a diverse mixture of two-wheelers, three-wheelers, cars and public transport, presenting massive potential and opportunity for electrification across a variety of sectors from one of the world's largest and fast-growing economies.

14th January 2021
Drones: the key technology for the next decade

Drones are the key technology of the coming two decades. They are used in many different aspects of industry, and commercial use of this technology has never been higher. In its new market research report, 'Drone Market and Industries 2021-2041', IDTechEx predicts that the drone market will reach over $22bn by 2041, attributed in part to this wide range of use cases. This article aims to provide you with an essential understanding and insight int...

13th January 2021
Opportunities for sensors in wearables in 2021

Wearable sensors are a key component for the value proposition behind many wearable devices. The latest report on the topic from IDTechEx estimates that the industry was worth $2.5bn in 2020, and anticipates growth to over $8bn per year in the next decade. This growth comes partially from anticipated future growth in wearables as a whole, but also expects for sensors to capture an increasing proportion of the total value in the sector.

13th January 2021
Is Amazon Zoox a mistake?

Too small. Too unpleasant for passengers. Zoox, bought by Amazon, makes what it calls a robotaxi, but it looks like a robot shuttle and is a bad compromise of both. As the IDTechEx reports on each explained, a robotaxi is usually an adapted car.

11th January 2021
Smart building opportunities for printed sensors

Smart buildings promise automated control of the buildings' operations, along with integrated technology for human-machine interactions. Such functionality requires multiple sensors, to which printed/flexible electronics are very well suited due to their low weight and thin-film form factor. By Dr Matthew Dyson, Technology Analyst, IDTechEx

4th January 2021
Printed sensors required for wearable skin patches

Wearable technology with sensing functionality, such as wearable skin patches, is emerging as a highly promising application for printed/flexible electronics. Deployed either as skin patch or embedded within an e-textile, these devices enable parameters such as heart rate and temperature to be recorded in real-time and then transmitted wirelessly.

4th January 2021
Transparent electronics: $20bn market comes into sight

The new IDTechEx report, 'Transparent Electronics Materials, Applications, Markets 2021-2041' describes a market that will be well above $20bn in 2041 with a substantial possible upside. The rapidly expanding business of transparent electronics includes transparent electrics and optronics. For example, the new LG and Xiaomi micro-LED displays will constitute the best see-through billboards with 'bright images floating in the air' in planned smart...

4th January 2021
IDTechEx highlights 2020: energy storage research

Energy storage technologies have undergone several years of sustained growth stemming from progress in markets such as consumer devices and the quest for decarbonisation kick-starting growth in electric vehicle (EV) and stationary energy storage demand.

28th December 2020
5 significant Electric Vehicle opportunities in 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused 2020 to become the pivotal year as the automotive industry goes through a once in a hundred-year transformation. Overall, we expect global car sales in 2020 to crash by roughly 20%, yet plug-in electric cars (battery-electric and plug-in hybrid) to grow by north of 21%, showing the remarkable resiliency of electric vehicles against the backdrop of economic downturn.

21st December 2020
Massive opportunities for electric two-wheelers

Electric two-wheelers, including electric motorcycles and electric scooters, sell in huge numbers which dwarf any other electric vehicle segment. This is mainly driven by Asia, where the mobility mode offers a cheap, fast and clean way to travel through urban centres.

18th December 2020
Smart cities: a $400bn opportunity for advanced materials

This webinar explains how, of the trillions of dollars being spent on smart cities, the advanced materials part is rising to hundreds of billions yearly. Newly multipurpose buildings make food and surplus energy. Learn how multifunctional infrastructure, equipment and materials are making possible independence in city energy, food and water with zero emissions, greater security and empowerment of the disadvantaged.

17th December 2020
Transparent electronics on high drive to $20bn

This webinar shares some of the research for the brand new IDTechEx report, 'Transparent Electronics Materials, Applications, Markets 2021-2041' - due to be released this month.

16th December 2020
Advances in Agtech: an IDTechEx perspective for 2020

2020 has been a challenging year for the food and agriculture industries. Store closures, food processing plant shutdowns, restrictions on worker movements and unpredictable consumer behaviour stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic have exposed supply chain instabilities and shaken global food production to its core.

16th December 2020
5G in 2020: highlights from IDTechEx

The COVID-19 pandemic is the black swan to disrupt the rollout of 5G. Although the pandemic has had little adverse impact on Telecoms so far, the resulting global economic crisis is likely to reduce the telecoms' investment in 5G infrastructure and harm the willingness of customers to adapt to 5G devices and applications.

15th December 2020
The implications of regulations on Li-ion sustainability

The European Commission (EC) has proposed stricter regulations regarding the Li-ion sustainability of batteries. The previous Battery Directive dated back to 2006, when safe recycling and disposal of Pb-acid and Ni-Cd batteries were the primary concern and the Li-ion market was still in its infancy.

14th December 2020
Smart city materials $400bn market

Smart cities are now much more ambitious. That means new materials are their biggest enabler, with information and computer technology dropping to an important support role. The major new IDTechEx report, 'Smart Cities Emerging Materials Markets 2021-2041' explains.

11th December 2020
The window of opportunity for plug-in hybrids is closing

Plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) are an interim product. PHEV cars are particularly valuable to traditional automotive companies buying time as they figure out how to make desirable battery-electric cars the end game. Manufacturers continue to launch many PHEVs but these are more complicated than alternatives, and large recalls are occurring.

11th December 2020
Vehicle batteries: abandon pack, module or both?

There is a race to 1,000km battery-electric vehicles (BEV) and beyond. For aircraft, that means safety and intercontinental travel from the longer possible battery durations. Meanwhile, the premature launch of vertical take-off air taxis will end in tears because they currently have a mere one-hour battery duration. Longer range vehicle batteries on the road means no more vehicles stopping to charge.

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