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8th April 2021
The future development of the hydrogen industry

Hydrogen production is getting a considerable amount of interest, particularly in the last year. Because of the large interest, boost by the EU green deal which promotes the adoption of hydrogen technologies to reduce CO2 emissions, IDTechEx has recently investigated the electrolyser market, investigating the technical and market aspects of the different electrolysers systems.

29th March 2021
Cell and Pack Material Trends for EV Batteries

The technology behind Electric Vehicles (EVs) is improving rapidly. Energy density is increasing at the cell- and pack-level with changes to the cathode, anode, pack design and much more. 

Alternative Energy
26th March 2021
Polycarbonate solar vehicle success

Photovoltaics is now a key enabling technology for land solar vehicles and boats. The favourite type is single crystal silicon which is even viable on the sides now. On boats, it used to be protected by an acrylic sheet on either side, making it bendable when being fitted, but that has strength and weathering issues. Now, much stronger, long-life polycarbonate is taking over. For further information, see the IDTechEx report, ‘Solar Vehicles...

26th March 2021
Low cost flexible displays poised for growth

As increasing numbers of devices gain electronic functionality, many new applications will require some sort of display. This growth in functional, wirelessly connected devices is an exciting technological transition that could radically reshape how we interact with previously inanimate objects. The opportunities are especially pronounced for low-cost displays that can be incorporated into cheap and even disposable products.

22nd March 2021
6G communication myths explored

6G Communications will become one of the largest technology investments. It is currently in the healthy first stage and is promising to widely deploy by around 2030. Meanwhile, 5G to ‘Beyond 5G’ awaits.

22nd March 2021
Reconfigurable intelligent surfaces vital to 6G communications

6G communications is planned to be strongly deployed from 2030. The multibillion-dollar investments in its research have begun. IDTechEx has been first with a commercial appraisal that concentrates on the important hardware, '6G Communications Market, Devices, Materials 2021-2041'.

18th March 2021
Create your own materials forecast for electric vehicles

Traction batteries are the key to electric vehicles (EVs) and present very different material requirements to the combustion engines they help replace. Their meteoric rise will lead to much greater demand for several materials markets which otherwise would see only modest growth.

17th March 2021
Electric vertical take-off and landing air taxis

Many of the world's largest aerospace and automotive companies are ramping up their interest in electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing (eVTOL) aircraft, recognising their potential as a disruptive new transport mode. Toyota, for example have invested nearly $400m in eVTOL startup Joby Aviation whilst Hyundai have announced they are spending $1.5bn over five-years on developing urban air mobility operations. 

12th March 2021
Opportunities for additively manufactured electronics

Additively manufactured electronics is an emerging approach that takes printed electronics into the third dimension. Printing both structural material and conductive traces offers benefits that include extensive design freedom, rapid development iterations, and more compact devices.

3rd March 2021
Global overview of EV charging infrastructure

The global fleet of Electric Vehicles (EVs) surpassed 10 million in 2020 in a show of remarkable resiliency to the COVID-19 pandemic which devastated the overall auto market. The conventional wisdom is that, with more consumer price sensitivity amid job losses and recession, sales of EVs not yet at upfront cost parity suffer.

1st March 2021
Antimicrobial tech: stopping invisible enemies through protected surfaces

Microorganisms are everywhere. Invisible to the naked eye, they live on our skin, in our gut, and are abundant in the environment around us. While the majority of microorganisms are benign, there are those that humans want to combat - for example, those with the potential to cause life-threatening diseases.

24th February 2021
Sensors critical to future drone adoption

Drone sensors are critical to wider drone adoption. IDTechEx has forecast that the market for drone sensors will be greater than $2.9bn by 2031, according to their recent market research report ‘Drone Market and Industries 2021-2041’.

Alternative Energy
22nd February 2021
Consider the potential of e-fuels

Growth in global energy consumption has caused CO2 and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions to rise, in turn causing an increase in average global temperatures. The combustion of fossil fuels including coal, oil, and natural gas, has been a key driver behind this, providing the underlying driver for the production and use of non-fossil alternative fuels that can help reduce emissions.

17th February 2021
The road to zero emission commercial vehicles

Whilst electrification of the passenger car market attracts many of the headlines, commercial vehicle markets, spanning delivery vans, medium-duty trucks, heavy-duty trucks, and buses are also evolving at pace.

12th February 2021
CVD graphene for electronic applications in 2021

Given the exciting properties, graphene has always been linked as a revolutionary material for the electronics industry. CVD graphene is cited as the ideal solution in providing a perfect single layer produced in a low cost continuous R2R process, but the manufacturing and commercial reality have proved very different. After a long period of research, and with players regularly exiting and entering the field, we are only now starting to see this ...

12th February 2021
Solar vehicles arrive big time

Solar vehicles and boats are now mainstream, some never plugging in. The technology of the most advanced ones is being licensed to others, a robot shuttle being next up. 

10th February 2021
Innovative materials for printed/flexible electronics

Printed and flexible electronics spans a vast array of applications, ranging from OLED displays to electronic skin patches. This breadth creates a substantial market for sophisticated materials, such as organic semiconductors, stretchable conductive inks, and innovative component attachment materials.

Alternative Energy
9th February 2021
A second chance for organic photovoltaics?

Printing solar panels like newsprint using organic semiconductors is the longstanding aspiration, given the obvious benefits of renewable energy and the potential for low-cost, large-area, energy-efficient production. However, despite attempts by Konarka and others, commercialising organic photovoltaic (OPV) panels has previously proved challenging.

5th February 2021
New 3D printing medical advances analysed

3D printing offers an efficient method to improve current manufacturing limits across economic sectors such as transport, construction, and medical and dental industries allowing rapid prototyping and on-site production and repairs. Progress in 3D printer development has led to faster, larger, and more accurate printers, but these require more functional materials.

3rd February 2021
Alphabet again exits drones: others again jump in

In 2017, after four years of setbacks and crashes, Alphabet shut its project flying solar-powered fixed-wing drones in the upper atmosphere to beam the internet to those cut-off. Facebook then exited its similar project, but the Chinese aerospace industry, Airbus, Boeing, and NASA are progressing them very well.

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