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9th August 2022
Advanced semiconductor packaging paves way to data-centric future

If the future were to be categorised in one word, it would be "data-centric". For decades, IC vendors have designed chips that have all functions integrated on the same die; however, scaling monolithic IC becomes more difficult and costly as the industry sees the slowdown of Moore's law.

News & Analysis
11th July 2022
IDTechEx reports: the biggest opportunities for haptics

IDTechEx announces its report into the market growth of haptic feedback technology and its many areas of research and development.

27th April 2022
Evaluating the sustainability of 3D electronics

As electronics are becoming increasingly ubiquitous, there is a clear trend toward greater integration. Rather than simply making space for a rigid 2D circuit board (PCB) within the product, electronic functionality will be either mounted conformally onto surfaces or incorporated within the structural materials.

3D Printing
5th April 2022
3D electronics enables greater integration

3D electronics is an emerging manufacturing approach that enables electronics to be integrated within or onto the surface of objects.

3rd March 2022
IDTechEx discusses how semiconductor shortage affects RFID industry

COVID-19 is a double sword. COVID pushes businesses to adopt technologies quicker to improve production as well as management efficiency, in order to survive.

News & Analysis
6th January 2022
IDTechEx covers the momentum in wearables in 2021

The last 10 years, wearables have progressed from a niche curiosity on the fringes of the consumer electronics sector, to being a key strategic element for many of the largest technology companies in the world. 

Artificial Intelligence
25th November 2021
Making the metaverse: hardware hurdles

The metaverse promises a step-change in how society communicates but, without the hardware technology, will ultimately remain a pipe dream.

Aerospace & Defence
30th September 2021
Potatoes on Mars - space technology rocketing upwards

Space. The final frontier, the first step in a journey (a new beginning), or a horrifying void matched only by your deep fear of the ocean? Whatever your feelings on space, technology has been steadily pushing forwards to take exploration further, faster, and foodier than ever before.

News & Analysis
23rd September 2021
IDTechEx releases report on its 5G market outlook

IDTechEx has released its most recent version of the 5G market research report: ‘5G Technology, Market and Forecasts 2022-2032’, which explores the key technical, industrial, and regional aspects of the 5G market.

22nd September 2021
The future of the agricultural robotics industry

IDTechEx has released 'Agricultural Robotics Market 2022-2032', a market research report exploring the technical and market factors that are shaping the emerging industry around agricultural robotics. The agricultural robotics industry has grown quickly in recent years, spurred on by advances in robotics technology and AI, and may be set to help alleviate some of the labour issues that are currently threatening global agriculture.

Alternative Energy
22nd September 2021
World Energy Storage Day: Fixing flaws in Li-ion batteries

Energy storage is a key enabler for the ongoing electrification of carbon-intensive sectors, namely the automotive and energy industries. Developments in energy storage are driven by the increased uptake of EVs and the balancing of renewable electricity grids to provide power during low solar and wind periods. IDTechEx have developed a portfolio of energy storage research to help clients make strategic business decisions and capitalise from these...

15th September 2021
Seven-fold growth in ceramic 3D printing market by 2032

Ceramic 3D printing is an emerging segment within the 3D printing industry that began its commercial journey in the past 10 years, making it a relative newcomer compared with polymer and metal 3D printing. However, increasing entrants into the field in the past few years, from major ceramics companies to small 3D printing startups, illustrates that interest in ceramic additive manufacturing is picking up.

9th September 2021
World Electric Vehicle Day: are EVs taking over?

World Electric Vehicle Day is here, presenting a great occasion to take a retrospective look at the past decade of innovation and disruption.

Aerospace & Defence
26th August 2021
Crossover to electric aircraft progressing

Electraflyer has announced that it has passed crossover, meaning it now sells more battery-electric aircraft than polluting ones. Pipistrel sold over 100 battery-electric aircraft last year as they take over from its traditional offerings. Bye Aerospace does not even make conventional aircraft. With its Tesla-style approach, its order book exceeds 720 battery-electric aircraft evenly split between two and four-seaters.

24th August 2021
Trends to track for Li-ion batteries in EVs

Overall, worldwide electric car sales were stronger than expected in 2020. Additionally, investment continued to pour into electric vehicles (EVs) and Li-ion batteries with 2020 seeing an additional 200GWh of planned capacity announcements in Europe, and this figure continues to grow on a regular basis in 2021.  

23rd August 2021
The multi-billion business useful for 6G communications

Metamaterials are added-value materials. The IDTechEx report, 'Metamaterial and Metasurface Markets Electromagnetic 2022-2042' helps you prosper by making and deploying them everywhere. Who should you partner with, emulate or buy? Metamaterials are structures with repetitive patterning controlling radiation and other inputs in a previously impossible fashion. 

17th August 2021
EV fires: a disaster for automakers, but an opportunity for material suppliers

GM's first recall of the Bolt in 2020 was a significant milestone in the electric vehicle (EV) industry. Approximately 69,000 cars produced between 2017-2019 were recalled for potential battery fires. The 'solution' was a software update limiting the battery capacity to 90% and an inspection of the battery. In 2021, two more Bolt's have caught fire, both of which had the recall. Continued investigation between GM and LG Chem has determined the ca...

6th August 2021
Electrically conductive adhesives set to impact the electronics industry

IDTechEx have recently launched 'Electrically Conductive Adhesives (ECAs) 2022-2032', a market research report detailing the technology of ECAs, a form of conductive joining technology. Electrically Conductive Adhesives (ECAs) are a growing competitor to lead-free solders and silver sintering technologies, and currently see use in several electronics applications, such as automotive electronics, consumer electronics, and display applications.

5th August 2021
The challenges of the world's largest electric vehicle market

China’s electric two-wheeler market is the largest electric vehicle market in the world. Some 29.66 million were produced in 2020 (with sales typically at over 98% of production). Today, however, the market is no longer seeing the explosive growth of the past, the IDTechEx report ‘Electric Two-wheelers 2021-2041’ finds.

Alternative Energy
5th August 2021
Electrification will take mines beyond mining

Imagine mines with so much electricity production and storage that they do far more downstream processing. As reserves deplete, many will even transition to being zero-emission power stations and electricity storage for local communities and industry or even national grids. The cost of making-good becomes income from reinvention. That is the untold story of mining electrification, beyond the vital safety, greening, and cost reduction of electrics...

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