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8th December 2016
Panel PCs and HMIs based on latest DM&P Vortex86 processors

ICOP Technology introduces processor configurations and I/O options to extend its three DM&P Vortex86 processor-based HMI and panel PC series which feature screen sizes ranging from small 4.3” mobile phone displays to 15.0” standard touch panel sizes. All the new systems feature the latest x86 compatible DM&P Vortex86 processors that are long-term available and offer legacy support of PCI and ISA interfaces.

23rd July 2015
ETX CoMs are based on a DM&P Vortex86 DX3 processor

An ETX 3.0-compliant dual core computer module with up to 1.0GHz clock frequency, the VDX3-ETX has been introduced by ICOP Technology. The DM&P Vortex86 DX3 processor-based ETX CoM can be deploy into all existing ETX-based applications to substitute older x86 processors that are currently being discontinued, securing the field deployment of ISA and PCI bus-based applications for at least another seven years.

6th May 2015
Off-the-shelf box PC reduces OEM NRE costs

  Designed to reduce OEM's NRE costs by offering all major I/O variants off-the-shelf, the EBOX-3330/ 3332 box PC series has been introduced by ICOP technology. A total of 88 standard systems have been built around the single core low power 933MHz DM&P Vortex86DX2 SoC processor.

13th March 2015
x86 building block system copes with environmental extremes

Rugged computing is a must for IoT, M2M and Big Data applications deployed in extreme environmental conditions, but hardly any embedded hardware is equipped to operate underwater, or in temperatures of -60°C, let alone -100°C. To enable passively cooled hardware to operate in such extreme environments, ICOP Technology has developed the ICE Box.

27th January 2015
x86-based CoMs support QSeven & SMARC standards

In response to rapidly growing demand for small form factor system designs, ICOP Technology has announced its support of both SGET (Standardization Group for Embedded Technologies) CoM standards, Qseven and SMARC. The first two CoMs are based on the x86 ultra low-power DMP Vortex DX2 SoC processors and will be officially launched at Embedded World in Nuremberg (Hall 1, Booth 1-117).

26th November 2014
HMI panel allows for the 'highest' flexibility in the market

  A 4.3” HMI panel has been released by ICOP Technology, expanding its range of 5.7 -15” panel PCs. According to the company, the expansion I/O bus featured within the HMI-043T allows for the highest flexibility and customisability available in the market.

6th January 2010
New Ultra Low Power Tiny processor module from ICOP UK suits headless applications

Drawing less than 320mA, the new VDX-6317-X 800MHz Tiny processor module from ICOP UK provides embedded system designers with a cost effective solution to headless applications where a graphical interface is not required. By designing a board without a graphics chipset, ICOP’s 6317-X offers increased security and reduced cost.

16th September 2009
ICOP’s new Tiny CPU module is based on the Vortex 86DX 800MHz SoC CPU

ICOP UK’s new 6319-F-D which packs a lot of features into a fanless embedded Tiny CPU module. The heart of this ultra-low power module is the Vortex 86DX 800MHz SoC CPU supported by 256MB of DDR2 expandable to 512MB plus 128, 256 or 512MB USB Flash memory and 4MB SPI Flash onboard. Add a 16-bit ISA bus for expansion, and it’s no surprise that this tiny 65mm x 45mm module weighing a mere 30gr is a significant candidate for a wide range of a...

4th August 2009
New PC104 module from ICOP is very well connected

With enough connection and communications interfaces to satisfy the most demanding applications, a new low power PC104 card from ICOP Technology UK also provides ample fanless processor speed to get the job done.

17th February 2009
ISA Slotcard from ICOP Technology

Based on the latest Vortex86DX CPU, the new VDX-6324 from ICOP UK is an embedded ISA slot card providing 800MHz of fanless processing power and an enviable list of features.

30th August 2006
Embedded PC can handle demanding Industrial Applications

Providing 533MHz of processing power from the Via Mark CoreFusion CPU, the new Vega86-6247 from ICOP Technology is designed to handle the most demanding of industrial applications and interfaces with a wide choice of displays.

28th July 2006

The latest 386-SX module from ICOP Technology UK incorporates LED status indicators for NET activity, NET link and Power in addition to many other features.

25th May 2006
Flat Panel PC

A new 6.4 in open frame panel pc module from ICOP Technology UK is fitted with a Vortex86-6071 embedded PC/104 computer as standard, but customers can select from any other ICOP PC/104 module to suit their specific applications.

28th April 2006
Micro-based module had loads of memory

The Mity Mite is the latest addition to Icop Technology UK’s growing range of microprocessor based modules. Powered by a 386SX-40MHz System-on-Chip CPU, the Mity Mite provides 4MB of onboard EDO RAM supported by 512KB of onboard Flash with X-DOS pre-install.

26th April 2006
Catalogue majors on Vega86 family

Among the 114 pages of information in the new 2006 catalogue from ICOP Technology UK, the main focus is on the recently launched Vega86 family. Powered by a VIA Mark CoreFusion processor and suitable for applications where temperature fluctuations, shock and vibration are likely to be encountered, the different types of CPU modules, which include PC/104, Half-Size, 3.5” and EBX, Vega86 will be of interest to all designers.

Test & Measurement
15th March 2006
New computer is big on performance and low on price

Costing less than £200 for minimum quantities, the new EBX format Vega86-6240 from ICOP Technology UK has a range of features which you would normally expect to be be found in a far more expensive computer.

8th February 2006

Providing multiple connections including a 16-bit x-ISA bus with interfaces for COM, PRN, IDE and GPIO, the new Mity-SoC Module from ICOP Technology (UK) makes application design even easier with the integration of a DM&P 6117D CPU, 2/4MB of onboard DRAM, BIOS and the multi I/O.

8th February 2006
Powerful embedded PC/104 computing for all

Priced to make powerful embedded PC/104 computing available to the majority of industrial budgets and requirements, the new VEGA86-6270 from ICOP Technology UK is available with or with a passive thermal management system.

8th February 2006

Providing box header connectors for IDE, LCD, FDD, printer, RS232 (5) and USB, plus other connections for VGA, RS485, Ethernet and keyboard/mouse, the new Vortex86 6047-4S from Icop Technology UK covers the majority of industrial embedded requirements.

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