8th February 2006
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Providing multiple connections including a 16-bit x-ISA bus with interfaces for COM, PRN, IDE and GPIO, the new Mity-SoC Module from ICOP Technology (UK) makes application design even easier with the integration of a DM&P 6117D CPU, 2/4MB of onboard DRAM, BIOS and the multi I/O.
In a footprint of just 65x45mm, the Mity-SoC module uses a 386SX-40MHz CPU and the system has 512KB of onboard Flash with optional X-DOS pre-install. The watchdog timer is software programmable from 3.0µs to 512 seconds.

Requiring 5V single voltage operation, the Mity-SoC module has an operating temperature of -20 deg C to +70 deg C.

Designers can also benefit from the complete development kit of a Mity-SoC Development Board and Mity-SoC VGA/LCD Development Kit for the Mity-SoC module. Customers can also make use of referential circuit diagrams.

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