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2nd May 2018
Could solar graffiti be the next big thing?

French energy group, Engie recently launched the international advertising campaign 'Engie Harmony'. The campaign's first project is called 'Solar Graffiti' and features an installation on a sports field near Mexico City that combines the graffiti art of the local Street Artists N3O with Heliatek's solar films to power innovative and sustainable lighting.

3rd July 2017
Solar films installed on research centre building

Solar films manufactured by German company Heliatek have been installed on ENGIE Laborelec's building in Linkebeek. The HeliaFilm organic films have been incorporated into the façade and windows and will enable the testing of new solar technology systems. The energy sector is in rapid transition, meaning that in the future energy will no longer be generated and consumed in the way that it is today. Against this backdrop, in 2016 the E...

2nd September 2016
Second phase of BIOPV Pilot Project implemented in Singapore

In Singapore the second phase of Heliatek's large pilot installation of its award-winning has been successfully completed. Now being rigorously tested under the tropical weather conditions of Singapore is HeliaFilm, to provide new urban fit energy solutions for the ever growing cities of Asia.

28th June 2016
Organic solar film shines at biogas plant

A modern biogas plant has recently been made operational in Bergheim-Paffendorf, Germany. As well as producing bio-methane, the large façade of the fermenters will be used for a pilot installation of an organic solar film by Heliatek.

23rd June 2016
Large BIOPV project on African continent

 With its partner Kandil Steel, Heliatek has implemented its first Building integrated Organic Photovoltaic (BIOPV) pilot project in Africa. HeliaFilm, Heliatek's organic solar film, is at the core of this installation in Egypt, which represents a first test project for further steel applications by Kandil Steel.

8th February 2016
Heliatek sets Organic Photovoltaic world record efficiency of 13.2%

Heliatek R&D teams reached a record conversion efficiency of 13.2% for an OPV multi-junction cell, setting a new world record for the direct conversion of sunlight into electricity using organic photovoltaic cells. The measurement was independently confirmed by Fraunhofer CSP.

15th September 2015
First phase of HeliaFilm PV installation completed in Singapore

The first phase of Heliatek's pilot project in Singapore has been successfully completed. 30m2 of Heliafilm with an average cell efficiency of 7% have been installed within a few hours on the Seletar walkway. HeliaFilm is fitting on the walkway roof perfectly despite its uneven-shaped aluminium top structure.

28th May 2015
Solar wall is another step towards self-sustaining buildings

Europe´s first solar concrete wall has been inaugurated at RECKLI's headquarters in Herne, Germany. The facade, designed by RECKLI, uses solar film from Heliatek (HeliaFilm) and represents a novel approach to BIOPV - Building Integrated Organic PV. The result of a joint development project, the wall demonstrates the next step towards a sustainable, net-zero energy building.

5th May 2015
PV film adorns exhibition's Belgian pavilion

Heliatek's organic solar film, HeliaFilm, will be a part of the Universal Exhibition in Milan, which opens in May 2015 under the motto Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life. AGC Glass Europe, Heliatek's long-term partner in the field of glass products, will showcase the Building Integrated Organic PhotoVoltaic (BIOPV) solution as part of the Belgian pavilion.

9th March 2015
Building PV project aims to shed light on future energy mix

Heliatek has announced that its partner, vTrium Energy, will be implementing the world's most powerful and Asia's largest BIOPV (Building Integrated Organic Photovoltaic) project. Heliatek's organic solar film, HeliaFilm, will be the core part of this installation in Singapore, which provides a test-bed platform for sustainable technologies.

15th January 2015
Solar film installed on a PVC-based membrane air dome

Together with PARANET Germany, Heliatek has been successfully installed its solar film, HeliaFilm, on a PVC-based membrane air dome in Berlin, Germany. PARANET produces air domes for sport, events or emergency accommodations supporting humanitarian aid missions. The size of the air domes varies from 18x18 meters up to 200x100 meters.

17th December 2014
Solar films enable green building solution

Heliatek has successfully delivered the first Building Integrated OPV (BIOPV) solar films to China. The HeliaFilms were installed at the premises of Reckli China, a long-term strategic business partner of Heliatek. In PuDong, Shanghai, the films were integrated to concrete façade elements provided by Reckli, becoming the world's first BIOPV concrete façade installation.

30th October 2014
Organic PV integrated into Heliatek HQ

  Heliatek has announced what the company claims is the largest BIOPV (Building Integrated Organic PhotoVoltaics) installation of its kind. Installed in Heliatek's Dresden headquarters, the HeliaFilms were laminated into glass by AGC Glass Europe.

1st July 2014
Solar film to be displayed at Intersolar North America

Following appearances at LOPEC and Intersolar Europe, Heliatek will demonstrate opaque and transparent types of HeliaFilm at SEMICON West/Intersolar North America. Suited to BiPV and automotive applications, HeliaFilm boasts a high energy output, ultra-light and thin film and is available in opaque or semi-transparent colours.

24th March 2014
Record set in the efficiency of transparent solar cells

A new record in the efficiency of transparent solar cells has been achieved by Heliatek GmbH. The company claims to have achieved transparency levels up to 40% with an efficiency of over 7%. The company already holds the world record of 12% cell efficiency for opaque (non-transparent) organic solar cells.  

1st October 2013
Heliatek & AGC develop PV windows and glass facades

Heliatek has signed a joint development agreement with AGC Glass Europe, already active in traditional BIPV. The agreement is focused on researching and developing the integration of glass and Solar Films, and targeting the delivery of integrated solutions for the glass envelope of buildings.

22nd January 2013
Heliatek Achieves World Record 12% Efficiency For Organic Solar Cell

Heliatek announce a record breaking 12.0% cell efficiency for its organic solar cells. This world record, established in cooperation with the University of Ulm and TU Dresden, was measured by the accredited testing facility SGS. The measurement campaign at SGS also validated the superior low light and high temperature performances of organic photovoltaics compared to traditional solar technologies.

21st August 2012
Trial Production of Solar Film Technology at Heliatek visited by Ministers

Federal Environment Minister Peter Altmaier, along with Saxony's Prime Minister, Stanislaw Tillich, visited Heliatek GmbH in Dresden on August 17, 2012. Heliatek's innovative products will support the energy transformation towards sustainability in new ways never thought possible before.

27th April 2012
Heliatek sets new world record efficiency of 10.7 % for its organic tandem solar cell

Heliatek GmbH continues to set new world records for organic solar cells. The company has commissioned SGS, an accredited and independent testing facility, with a measurement campaign of its latest organic photovoltaic (OPV) cells. The result of this campaign is a new world record for OPV with 10.7 % cell efficiency on 1.1 cm2. It also confirms the superior low light and high temperature performances of OPV compared to traditional solar technolog...

4th April 2012
Heliatek wins Materials Award for its breakthrough solar cell technology at IDTechEx Printed Electronics

Heliatek GmbH has won the Materials Award at the IDTechEx Printed Electronics EUROPE 2012 in Berlin. This is the latest in a succession of awards for Heliatek's innovative organic solar film technology that promises to deliver a lighter, greener and more versatile alternative to traditional solar panels.

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