PV film adorns exhibition's Belgian pavilion

5th May 2015
Barney Scott

Heliatek's organic solar film, HeliaFilm, will be a part of the Universal Exhibition in Milan, which opens in May 2015 under the motto Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life. AGC Glass Europe, Heliatek's long-term partner in the field of glass products, will showcase the Building Integrated Organic PhotoVoltaic (BIOPV) solution as part of the Belgian pavilion.

In response to the general theme of the Expo, the first part of the pavilion symbolically represents the very elongated shape of the traditional Belgian farm.The roof is covered with AGC laminated photovoltaic glass, which filters the light while supplying electricity for the pavilion.This glass incorporates, alongside other technologies, HeliaFilm, which converts sunlight into electricity. The combination of glass and active films is a joint product development by AGC Glass Europe and Heliatek. By using HeliaFilm for the Expo, AGC displays what an innovative, high-end glass product could look like.

"This project is an important step forward in the development cooperation of AGC Glass Europe and Heliatek," emphasised Thomas Bickl, Vice President of Sales & Product Development, Heliatek. "It not only represents a milestone after the successful start of the first pilot project last year on the building façade of our headquarters, but also the mutual commitments that we both have in this common project."

"In this way, AGC Glass Europe demonstrates its constant pursuit for innovation and that its range of advanced glass solutions is the core of sustainable architectural solutions," stated Mr. Frédéric Bonnefoy, Product Manager at AGC Glass Europe.

The Expo Milano 2015 is being held from 1st May to 31st October 2015.  As a partner in the Belgian pavilion at the Universal Exhibition in Milan, AGC Glass Europe is supplying high-performance glass for the building with improved thermal insulation, solar protection and energy generation. As well as marking the Belgian identity of the pavilion, the AGC glass embodies the themes of environmental sustainability and technological innovation that underlie its design.

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