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Established in April 1989, Future Horizons provides semiconductor consulting, market research reports and business support services for use in opportunity analysis, business planning and new market development. Its industry information and semiconductor training seminars and Forums are widely considered to be the best of their kind. Emphasis is placed on the world-wide microelectronics and electronics industry, and the European market environment.

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News & Analysis
17th January 2024
Wary Penn forecasts 16% IC market growth in 2024

“The global semiconductor market will grow 16% in 2024”, said Malcolm Penn at the Future Horizons’ annual semiconductor forecast meeting.

News & Analysis
13th September 2023
Penn slashes 2023 semiconductor market forecast to -10%

Malcolm Penn, CEO of market researcher Future Horizons has dramatically slashed his forecast of a 22% decline in the 2023 global semiconductor market to 10%.

News & Analysis
11th May 2023
Penn stays with gloomy 2023 semiconductor market outlook

Malcolm Penn isn’t backing off. In January the CEO of Future Horizons forecast a 23% downturn in 2023 global semiconductor sales, and he sees no reason to change it drastically, despite other forecasters opting for a single figure percentage slide.

News & Analysis
13th September 2022
Penn pegs 22 % fall for global chip market in 2023

The global chip market will crash 22 % in 2023 says Malcolm Penn, CEO of Future Horizons.

News & Analysis
19th January 2022
Penn predicts semiconductor market slowdown is coming

First the good news, Malcolm Penn, is forecasting the global semiconductor market will grow 10 % to $609 billion in 2022.

News & Analysis
19th January 2021
Semiconductor market to grow 18% in 2021, says Penn

The global semiconductor market will grow 18% to $520.6 billion in 2021, says Malcom Penn CEO of Future Horizons.

News & Analysis
16th September 2020
Penn: Global semiconductor market to grow 12% in 2021

The global semiconductor market will grow 12% to $480bn, says Malcolm Penn (pictured), Founder and CEO of Future Horizons.

16th January 2020
Penn forecasts double digit semis growth in 2020

Malcolm Penn is forecasting a 10% hike in the global semiconductor market rationalising an upturn is certain, it is just a matter of how much. As Penn , the CEO of Future Horizons reveals, “There is plenty of historic evidence that the market could show double-digit growth.”

Events News
11th January 2019
Forum addresses 2019 semiconductor market prospects

If you are viewing 2019 with some trepidation, given the raft of global uncertainties engulfing at least three of the world's continents, from tariffs to Brexit; trade wars to equity corrections, welcome to the club.

Events News
5th January 2018
Semiconductor Forecast runs rule over 2018 prospects

IFS2018 - Future Horizons' SC Industry Outlook & Forecast takes place on January 16 at the Holiday Inn, Kensington Forum in London. The presentation runs from 10.15 and finishes at 16.00 with a break for lunch. The forecast, presented by veteran semiconductor market watcher Malcolm Penn, CEO of Future Horizons, gives a close look at the prospects for the semiconductor industry in 2018, encompassing the technology and applications trends that ...

15th December 2017
Happy 70th birthday to the transistor

This coming Saturday, 16 December, celebrates the 70th anniversary of the invention of the transistor. It was the result of research at Bell Labs, New Jersey, USA by William Shockley, John Bardeen and Walter Brattain and was first shown to the world a week later on 23 December 1947, writes Malcolm Penn, CEO of market research company Future Horizons.

Events News
16th September 2015
London seminar sizes up 2015/2016 semiconductor market

The major semiconductor market forecast event of the year will take place in London next week. The IFS2015-MT Industry Update Seminar staged by Future Horizons will be held on Thursday September 24 at The Holiday Inn Kensington Forum in London. Hosted and presented by Future Horizons CEO Malcolm Penn the seminar will look at how 2015 is shaping up for the global semiconductor market and look ahead with a market forecast for 2016.

Events News
14th January 2015
Chip industry outlook to be discussed at London event

Last October the WSTS/SIA issued a hugely pessimistic forecast for just 3.4 percent semiconductor market growth for 2015. Share panic set in when Microchip issued a profit and sales warning accredited to a "broad-based industry downturn and correction" based on its weak September sales, especially in China.

18th April 2011
Triple Industry Hit Troubles Supply Chain: Global Semiconductor Report

It was all going so well at the beginning of March, says Future Horizons Chairman & CEO Malcolm Penn, when January’s WSTS results were released. The oil and North African issues were being taken in their stride. Then, less than two weeks later, the earthquake and tsunami disaster struck Japan and by the close of the month, the Gaddafi Libyan regime was under western international air strike siege.

13th September 2010
Why The Continuing Industry Paranoia?

June’s market numbers were horribly boring says Malcolm Penn, Chairman & CEO of Future Horizons on publication of The Global Semiconductor Monthly Report. “12:12 semiconductor industry growth continued to slow, exactly as we said it would,” he adds, “from last month’s 45.4 to ‘only’ 38.5%, quarterly month on month numbers showed the same ‘boom, boom, bust’ unit growth dynamics and ASPs continued to recover.

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