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2nd December 2015
Flow sensor/switch is redundant with separate outputs

The breakthrough dual output AS-FS Flow Switch from FCI Aerospace features a next-gen, zero maintenance design that is flight qualified and suitable for a wide range of liquid or air/gas measurement requirements in commercial and military mission-critical rotorcraft and fixed-wing aircraft applications.

10th July 2015
Crimp-to-wire connector is suitable for high vibration

FCI is proud to announce the latest Minitek MicroSpace 1.27/1.5mm crimp-to-wire connector. The unique design of the connector enables contact pitch compatibility with the LV214 Severity-2 standard. The connector is suitable when high vibration endurance is required. The design features primary and secondary contact retention, poka-yoke polarisation and a visual mismatch prevention system that eliminates application errors. A terminal po...

12th May 2015
RotaConnect family features Wire-to-Board solution

FCI has announced the extension of the RotaConnect family with a Wire-to-Board (WtB) solution. The WtB connector mates horizontally with the existing board-to-board version, which is hermaphroditic and surface mount soldered to the PCB. The 3.00mm pitch RotaConnect WtB features a dual beam spring contact design, delivering high-performance and reliability.

11th March 2015
Eliminate potential damage from hot-plug conditions

  A 100A hot-swap cable connector, which accepts up to a 25mm2 (4 AWG) wire, has been released by FCI. The Pwr TwinBlade connector includes engagement sensing contacts to indicate when the power contacts are connected, eliminating potential damage from hot-plug conditions.

23rd January 2015
10Gb/s optical transceiver uses 50-70% less power

  A pluggable optical SFP+ SR transceiver, which performs at 10Gb/s while using 50-70% less power, has been released by FCI. Compliant with 10Gb Ethernet and Fibre Channel signal transmission protocols, the device is compatible with the SFF-8431 industry standard. 

22nd January 2015
Active optical cable performs at 10Gb/s using 50% less power

An SFP+ Active Optical Cable (AOC), which performs at 10Gb/s while using 50% less power, has been released by FCI. Compliant with 10Gb Ethernet and Fibre Channel signal transmission protocols, the device is compatible with the SFF-8431 industry standard as well as SFP+ hardware ports. 

22nd December 2014
Connector is suitable for data rates up to 10Gb/s

To meet the demand for connectors with improved signal integrity and bandwidth performance, FCI has released the Millipacs High Speed (HS) connector. Compatible with the IEC 61076-4-101 series 2mm HM vertical header, the HS right angle receptacle connector is suitable for data rates up to 10Gb/s. Together, the Millipacs HS receptacle and standard 2mm HM header deliver lower cross-talk performance at high frequencies.

18th December 2014
Interface your HDD & storage system backplane

Allowing the HDD to interface with the backplane in enterprise storage systems, the 12G Single Connect Attachment-2 (SCA-2) connector system has been introduced by FCI. Improved impedance, insertion and return loss, and crosstalk is enabled by the system’s connector design and its PCB footprint, making it operational for 4, 8 and 12G applications. The SCA-2 receptacle connector is also footprint compatible with existing applications.

7th November 2014
Lighting suite supports a range of current & voltage ratings

Featuring wire-to-board, wire-to-wire, wire-to-panel and board-to-board configurations, a suite of solutions for lighting applications has been released by FCI. The suite is suitable for lighting applications such as retrofit lamps, indoor/outdoor fixtures, signage, speciailty lighting and lighting controls.

3rd October 2014
Connector offers improved electrical performance & reliability

Rated for up to 200A/contact per UL & CSA criteria, the BarKlip I/O connector has been released by FCI. According to the company, the connector provides improved electrical performance and long-term reliability compared with competing designs. The floating panel mount connector has an installed height of less than 34mm, making it suitable for use in 1U rack-mounted equipment commonly found in data centres and hyperscale computing architecture...

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29th July 2014
FCI to showcase I/O solutions at 2014 Flash Memory Summit

FCI has announced that it will showcase a range of IT storage connectors and high-speed I/O solutions at the Flash Memory Summit 2014. This event brings together manufacturers and designs for products within the consumer electronics, IT and industrial markets. Products the company will showcase include its 288-position DDR4 DIMM sockets, SAS and PCIe storage drive interface connectors and PCIe M.2 connector.

23rd April 2014
Mezzanine connectors deliver 200A per inch current density

Providing an economical solution for transmitting power and low-speed signals between two parallel circuit boards, FCI's HPCE product family has been extended with the introduction of HPCE Mezzanine connectors. Offering a wide variety of spacing options, the connectors have been designed for applications requiring variable heights.

15th April 2014
Power connector completes long-term reliability tests

The  PwrBlade+ power connector, from FCI, has completed its long-term reliability tests when cross-mated with the TE Connectivity Multi-Beam XLE connector series. All tests were performed by Contech Research, a leading independent reliability test lab.

4th April 2014
FCI signs up to HDP User Group

FCI has enrolled with the HDP User Group (High Density Packaging User Group International Inc.), a non-profit trade organization offering memberships to companies in the business of manufacturing products that utilize high-density electronic packages.

30th January 2014
Connectors feature 10 fully independent cantilevered beams

Rated at up to 170A per UL & CSA criteria, FCI's BarKlip right angle bus bar connectors are specifically designed for applications requiring a direct pluggable connection to an uninsulated bus bar. FCI claims that the connectors offer improved electrical performance and long-term reliability compared with alternative designs.

30th January 2014
Connectors feature beam-on-beam contact interface

Delivering 25Gb/s electrical performance and a migration path to 40Gb/s, the ExaMAX high speed backplane connector family has been announced by FCI. The ExaMAX family has been expanded to accommodate multiple mechanical packaging configurations including traditional mother-daughter board, orthogonal, coplanar, mezzanine, and high speed I/O cabling.

30th January 2014
Connector offers 30% reduction in contact resistance

Offering 30% reduction in contact resistance, the FCI PwrBlade ULTRA delivers an increased current carrying capacity in a smaller form factor.

17th December 2013
Connector portfolio expanded with 80 & 90 position offerings

Facilitating high speed performance of up to 5Gb, the range of MezzoStak Mezzanine connectors from FCI has been expanded to include 80 and 90 position offerings. The new variations feature stub-less contact interface, supporting PCIeGen2 compatibility, and this, coupled with the 5Gb speed, enable the connectors to support communications and networking applications with higher signal transmission.

19th September 2013
FCI Demonstrates Latest Range of High-Speed Cable Solutions for Optical Signals at ECOC 2013

FCI will feature its latest range of optical cable solutions designed to support high-speed signal transmissions at this year’s European Conference on Optical Communications (ECOC). ECOC 2013 provides leading industry players in the optical communications sphere, such as FCI, a platform to exchange ideas and solutions to establish the next generation of network equipment.

24th October 2012
FCI Adds CXP Connection Option to the XLerateT Series of Active Optical Cables to Deliver 12-Channel, 150Gb/s Speed

FCI has developed a CXP-to-CXP 12X connection option to complement its line of XLerateT -12X Series active optical cable assemblies. The twelve-channel cable assemblies support signal transmission rates up to 12.5Gb/s per channel, delivering an aggregate bandwidth of 150Gb/s and a throughput up to 55Gb/s per linear centimeter of panel length.

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