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11th May 2015
If updating wasn't so easy, would we be willing to change?

Upgrades are a normal part of all aspects of life. Everything from phones, computers and hardware to software, cars and even partners can fall victim to the upgrade cycle. Should they be deemed to be in need of a refresh, there is always a simple way of doing it; whether that's clicking a button, buying online or hanging out in trendy bars...

16th April 2015
Top 5 things that go wrong with...

European Automation has published a set of infographics detailing the top five things that go wrong with electric motors, inverters, PLCs and HMIs. The four infographics are designed as a quick and easy summary. Many of the problems featured in the infographics can be prevented if companies and staff remain alert.

8th April 2015
Efficiency clarifications

There is some debate as to who originally invented the incandescent light bulb. Some say Thomas Edison whilst others say Sir Joseph Swan. There are also those who claim both of these great minds were merely tweaking existing devices. What is certain is that the incandescent light bulb is going the way of anyone that staked a claim on its invention.

31st March 2015
Are we ready for a cableless future?

Did you know that until the 1960s, Boeing aircraft manufacturers used ferrets to carry cables to inaccessible areas? The animals were eventually retired because of a tendency to give up their task... or fall asleep. Here Darren Halford, Group Sales Manager, European Automation, discusses the role of the humble cable in today's industrial applications.

27th March 2015
The problem with HMIs

The key to reaching technology Nirvana is to understand how devices work and why they sometimes fail. Here, Jonathan Wilkins, Marketing Manager of industrial automation parts supplier European Automation explains why HMIs sometimes fail to meet expectations.

20th March 2015
The most connected man in the world

Chris Dancy was named 'the most connected man in the world' in a recent article by European Automation. Dancy has around 700 systems running at the same time, some of which are attached to his body, monitoring his functions.

20th March 2015
55% rise in electronic systems to create a £120bn industry

European Automation has published a slideshare detailing the latest developments of the Electronic Systems Challenges and Opportunities (ESCO) report. The ESCO council, outlined the main objectives to be met by 2020, including a targeted 55% rise in electronic systems to create a £120bn industry, representing 7.1% of British GDP.

26th February 2015
The top five problems with HMIs

A study from 2007 showed that 75% of office workers admit to resorting to physical violence against their computer; the other 25% probably only employed verbal abuse. Here, Jonathan Wilkins, Marketing Manager, European Automation, addresses this disturbing statistic while discussing the top five problems commonly faced when using HMIs.

19th February 2015
The top five problems with PLCs

By Jonathan Wilkins The PLC has become a stalwart of the automation industry and can be found in countless automated manufacturing processes across the world. PLCs find a home wherever there is a need to control devices, such as pneumatic machines, robots, traffic lights, hydraulic machines and packaging lines. Such heavy duty, essential machine-kit ought to be problem and troubleshooting free, no?

2nd February 2015
Report advises in preparation for industry energy efficiency standards

Industrial automation components supplier European Automation has compiled a special report containing helpful information and advice for manufacturers who want to become more energy efficient. The report, downloadable from EA's website, analyses two industry standards that will continue to impact UK manufacturing in 2015: the EU’s Ecodesign directive and the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS).

26th January 2015
Buzzword guide explains commonly-used cloud computing terms

To explain terms commonly used to describe cloud computing, European Automation has released a buzzword guide for the automation industry. Like many rapidly developing sectors, the automation industry is prone to using buzzwords to describe innovative processes. Terms such as ‘Industry 4.0’, ‘disruptive technology’ and the ‘Internet of Things’ are examples of these words.

15th January 2015
Industry 4.0 is an evolution, not a revolution

By Jonathan Wilkins I hereby crown Industry 4.0 this year’s automation industry buzzword. Launched by Siemens at the Hanover Messe two years ago, the concept refers to the computerisation of traditional industries like manufacturing and predicts a transition to intelligent factories. The final report on Industry 4.0 was released at the Hannover event in April this year.

8th December 2014
Report investigates potential applications for RFID

Potential applications for RFID in industry have been analysed in depth by European Automation in its latest report, which looks at how the technology can be used in sectors including retail, logistics and manufacturing. The report is available for download on European Automation’s website, in the special reports section.

11th November 2014
Industrial automation’s deep learning curve

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been a bottomless source of inspiration since the early days of science fiction. The critical acclaim of the most recent film on the topic - entitled Her - is proof that the subject is still particularly fascinating. Perhaps the strangest thing about this, supposedly futuristic, film is just how familiar it seems. We live among machines that are becoming increasingly intelligent – often able to see, speak or...

6th October 2014
Intelligent Robots, should we be scared?

In 1942 science fiction writer, Isaac Asimov bestowed upon the world The Three Laws of Robotics in his collection of short stories I, Robot. This was the basis for a reasonably successful film by the same name that you might have seen. By Mark Proctor

31st July 2014
Where there’s manufacturing, there’s a way

Recent years have been some of the most economically challenging since the industrial revolution; in the last five years the British economy contracted by 7% and so as we enter a new financial year many companies will be breathing a sigh of relief. By Jonathan Wilkins, Marketing Manager, European Automation.

30th May 2013
Survey reveals burning automation industry issues

European Automation has released the results of a pan-European survey on the state of the international automation industry. The key maintenance issues for manufacturers it reveals are quality of automation spares and the responsiveness of the component supplier.

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