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1st February 2016
Do Androids dream of industrial sheep?

When Google bought a small mobile software company in 2005, there was no way of knowing how prosperous the acquisition would be. Although the mammoth technology company has a habit of hoovering up exciting start-ups that tend to go on to become prestigious success, there have been a few not so awe-inspiring purchases - namely Motorola and dMarc Broadcasting.

22nd January 2016
Protecting your production line

Back in June 2010, malware computer programme Stuxnet hit the headlines as the first computer worm to target modern supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) and programmable logic controller (PLC) systems. Industrial Control System (ICS) users became aware of how software hackers and malware could affect operation. Back then, you'd be forgiven for thinking that as a regular ICS or SCADA user, you had nothing to worry about. Five years on,...

7th January 2016
Top three emerging eco technologies

According to scientists and the internet, the Earth is 4.543bn years old. In comparison, humans have been around for a modest 200,000 years. The consensus is that we would like to continue our existence for as long as possible and anything that can be done to extend the life of our home planet should be trialled and tested. Here, Mark Proctor, Managing Director of European Automation, unveils his top five emerging environmental technologies to lo...

22nd December 2015
How cloud computing is changing industrial automation

Traditionally, the manufacturing industry has been slow to embrace new technological platforms, but in recent years the introduction and success of cloud computing has meant this technology is becoming vital for manufacturers. Jonathan Wilkins, Marketing Director of industrial automation supplier European Automation, examines how cloud computing is disrupting industrial automation.

14th December 2015
Congratulations, it's a VSD

If we were to personify the variable speed drive (VSD), it would have to be the underrated middle child in the family. Motors would be the problematic first born - the result of parenting inexperience - and PLCs represent the youngest child, the know-it-all. Although often overlooked, the VSD is the apple of our energy efficiency eye. Here, Jonathan Wilkins, Marketing Director, European Automation, discusses the milestones in the history of the v...

11th December 2015
Benefits of modern manufacturing clusters

First noted in the United Kingdom in the early 1900s, highly concentrated, localised industries, otherwise known as industry clusters, gave some of England’s towns the iconic nicknames they go by today. Stoke-on-Trent is widely referred to as ‘The Potteries’ due to its historic pottery industry and ‘The Black Country’, an area of the West Midlands, gained its title due to the excessive smoke and pollution caused by s...

3rd December 2015
30 seconds to industrial automation take off

You may have noticed the increasing number of space and sci-fi film releases over the past few years. From the renowned Apollo films to the 2014 release, Gravity, everyone has a favourite that they can watch over and over. I try not to judge, but if you haven't heard of Interstellar by now you must have spent the last year hiding under a rock. Personally, I didn’t notice any industrial automation parts floating in the background, but if the...

24th November 2015
I'll drink to that

Historically, manufacturing has been limited to the things we could physically see and touch. However, over the last few decades advances in science and technology have smashed these limitations. Now, consumer goods are lighter than ever, sportswear and equipment is more aerodynamic and flexible and advanced packaging enables food and drinks stay fresher for longer. Even your evening lager will now keep itself carbonated right through to the end ...

26th October 2015
Why automation is good news for humans & industry

Back in April 2015, Japan's oldest department store chain Mitsukoshi implemented a robot receptionist into its foyer with the purpose of greeting shoppers. The Android, with lifelike skin and almost natural looking movements, was created by Toshiba. The multi-national conglomerate is now aiming to take it up a notch by developing a robot that can gradually more of what a human does. After being unveiled at a Japanese tech fair last year, the robo...

19th October 2015
Can technology maintain its current pace of growth?

With its depth of only 6.7mm, the iPhone 6 holds more processing power than was used by NASA at the time of the 1969 moon landing and over four times that of the Mars Curiosity Rover. Here, Jonathan Wilkins, Marketing Director, European Automation, analyses the rate of technological progress and discusses the validity of Moore’s Law.

8th October 2015
Going wireless

In this day and age it’s almost impossible to find a place in the world without a wireless internet connection. In fact, in 2010, Ncell (a Nepalese Telecommunications company) provided Mount Everest’s peak with 3G data connection, perfect for posting that 8,848 metre high selfie. The North Pole, the International Space Centre and even the Moon are amongst some of the world’s most surprising WiFi hotspots.

24th August 2015
A lesson in communication

European Automation has published a special industry report about the importance of the M2M communication protocol OPC Unified Architecture (OPC UA) in achieving Industry 4.0 goals. A comprehensive look at the benefits, achievements and future prospects of the industrial communication protocol, the report is available for download on European Automation’s website in the special reports section.

5th August 2015
Man or machine?

Since manufacturers introduced the first robot arms onto assembly lines in the early 1960s, the fear that they will take human jobs has slowly spread. And it's true; many jobs have already been delegated to robots, including assembly, farming, surgery and even vacuuming. Here European Automation's Darren Halford continues the discussion.

28th July 2015
Why do manufacturers use obsolete eco technology?

There's a reason why things like vinyl records, books and vintage cars are still around, despite the availability of alternatives which are more modern and - some would have you believe - better. It's not just because retro is cool, it's because they still have something to offer. It's the same reason why manufacturers around the world still use Eco Obsolete Technology (EOT) instead of switching to the latest upgrades.

23rd July 2015
The benefits of remote data access

Industrial automation parts supplier European Automation has published a one page guide to Remote Data Access (RDA), highlighting the freeing benefits of the compliant technology and drawing attention to the requisite security measures. The short guide is available for download on European Automation’s website, in the industry guide section.

22nd July 2015
The trials & tribulation of sourcing obsolete automation parts

Do you remember that time your car wouldn’t start because the battery died at the very moment you were about to set off on holiday? Or when the washing machine belt broke that day you really needed a clean shirt? It’s never pleasant when everyday technologies fail, but when equipment breaks down in an industrial production environment, the results can be ruinous.

2nd July 2015
How to make the most of RFID

More robust than barcodes and with a longer range, RFID tags have been underutilised in the manufacturing world so far. However, as companies begin to see the practical benefits of the technology, RFID implementation has increased. European Automation has now created a handy bitesize guide for using RFID in a manufacturing environment.

11th June 2015
Data analytics can really help manufacturers grow

Big data; a hugely popular buzzword and an even grander concept! Everyone has had something to say about it. However, a new movement threatens to topple this Goliath from its tech celebrity status. It’s the David of industrial computing, small data! Jonathan Wilkins, Marketing Manager, European Automation, discusses how data analytics can really help manufacturers grow and become more efficient.

4th June 2015
ROBOCHOP - the future of manufacturing?

At this year’s CeBIT, the main event was CODE_n15’s demonstration of Industry 4.0 using its ROBOCHOP industrial six-axis robots. Internet users from around the world accessed the four robots via the ROBOCHOP website, where a 3D web app allowed them to create small cubist designs. The devices then sculptured the polystyrene cube designs with a hot-wire cutting tool with coaxial cooling.

15th May 2015
Automation industry report on information security

The close of 2014 bought with it a spate of high profile cyber attacks. In light of the current cyber climate, European Automation has published an industry report about information security and its growing importance. The comprehensive report looks at where threats come from, how they can be avoided and the need of raising the conversation about information security to board level.

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