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20th March 2020
Shortage of alcohol-based fluxes due to coronavirus

The spreading coronavirus is impacting on the production of alcohol-based fluxes for electronics manufacturing. Rising prices and even sold out stocks are the latest developments. Water-based or hybrid fluxes, with low alcohol additions, are moving into focus as a market-independent alternative for use in electronics production.

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29th October 2019
Flux cover protects component connections

The productronica 2019 exhibition in Munich (November 12-15) will provide the platform for Emil Otto to debut its Flux Cover PFS-001 developed for the surface protection of component connections.

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19th October 2017
Hybrid flux for wave and selective soldering

Emil Otto GmbH  has introduced an alcohol-water-based flux which is also obtainable as a granulate-based concentrate.The hybrid EO-Y-004 flux was developed for use in wave and selective soldering and exhibits a solids content of 3.5% to 3.7%. That it has been developed for use in wave and selective soldering makes it suitable for a broad range of applications.

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26th April 2017
Alcohol-based fluxes from Emil Otto

These are multi-fluxes, which can be used for various soldering tasks. Manual and dip soldering are used at many companies in addition to the wave and selective soldering process. Emil Otto GmbH's alcohol-based fluxes are designed for this broad application spectrum.

1st February 2017
Emil Otto plans new fluxes by SMT 2017

During 2016, Emil Otto GmbH added ESD products, SMD adhesives, and cleaning rolls for automatic stencil printers to its product portfolio. According to the company, it plans an entire series of new fluxes by SMT 2017.

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19th April 2016
Multi-flux products to be launched at SMT 2016

Hand- and dip-soldering are used at many companies in addition to the wave- and selective-soldering process. Emil Otto GmbH will introduce specific fluxes for each of these applications with the properties in the assortment aligned with the applications.

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12th April 2016
Water-based flux for selective soldering

Water-based fluxes are still considered 'problematic' in many areas – which is wrong according to Emil Otto. As well as being equivalent to alcohol-based fluxes from a soldering perspective, they are environmentally friendly because they are free of VOCs. Emil Otto GmbH has developed a water-based flux for selective soldering as part of its Green Line series and it will be introduced at SMT Hybrid Packaging 2016.    

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2nd December 2015
Company has success at productronica 2015

For the first time Emil Otto GmbH took part in this year's international productronica trade fair in Munich. In addition to its standard products, the company from the Rheingau presented to the specialist audience the product group of combi-soldering fluxes for wave and selective soldering as well as the SMD adhesives of its Belgian partner, Roartis for the first time.

17th September 2015
Ecological fluxes for electronics production

Sustainability and awareness of ecological responsibility are part of a modern company philosophy these days. This involves not just efficient use of resources but also the use of environmentally compatible products. Environmentally friendly alternatives are therefore sought especially with chemical products.

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