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1st March 2021
Electronic components network demand and supply

Just as members of the Electronic Components Supply Network (ecsn) predicted in October last year lead-times currently being quoted by manufacturers of electronic components have stepped out, in some cases exacerbated by escalating prices and delayed shipments: According to the association’s Chairman Adam Fletcher, the pendulum of demand and supply in our industry is currently arcing wildly in the direction of tight supply, and with little ...

News & Analysis
3rd December 2020
ecsn sees low growth and lengthening lead times in 2021

UK component industry association ecsn is forecasting anything between a 0.2% decline to 4% growth for the UK and Ireland components market in the first half of 2021.

20th July 2020
Obituary George Ernest English, 1935 - 2020

The Leadership Group of the Electronic Components Supply Network (ecsn) was saddened to learn of the death of George English, Founder of G. English Electronics (GELEC). George died in the ‘Hospice in the Weald’ (Kent) on 1st July 2020 aged 85 after a short illness. George will be sadly missed by his wife Elizabeth and children Susan, David and Tracy, and his six grandchildren.

21st January 2019
IP and Intelligence

Misappropriating IP, copying ideas and gathering intelligence on organisations, people and nations is as old as time and despite the increasing trade tensions particularly between the US, EU and China it isn’t going to stop anytime soon. It is however perfectly legitimate for organisations to look closely at their competitors’ products and services to understand if they have achieved a competitive advantage in the market and if so, us...

8th October 2018
ecsn: UK distribution sales stay strong in August

Adam Fletcher, chairman of the Electronic Components Supply Network (ecsn), has reported continuing strong revenue growth in August 2018, traditionally one of the quieter months in the year. But at the same time he acknowledged an unusual eight point fall in the B2B (book to bill) ratio.

13th August 2018
Surfing ain’t enough: Engineers have to see, touch and talk

In this article Adam Fletcher, Chairman of the Electronic Components Supply Network (ecsn) acknowledges the importance of the engineering team and explains why letting engineers out of the office or lab occasionally might well assist in the development process.

13th July 2018
Trade war impacts electronic components markets

President Trump has escalated the looming trade dispute with China. On 10th June he announced further import tariffs of ten percent on over 6,000 products, leading some pundits to suggest that an all-out trade war is all but inevitable. In this article Adam Fletcher, Chairman of the Electronic Components Supply Networks (ecsn) provides an insight into the current imposition of ‘tit-for-tat’ tariffs and examines the impact they may hav...

18th June 2018
Restricted MLCC supply focuses on re-design activity

The case sizes of Multi-Layered Ceramic Capacitors (MLCC) available today are seemingly ever shrinking, which coupled with a long term reduction in manufacturing capacity for legacy commodity products and dramatically increasing manufacturer lead times is creating a supply headache for customers in Europe. In this update Adam Fletcher, Chairman of the Electronic Components Supply Network (ecsn) examines the current issues and suggests h...

5th June 2018
European electronic components market trends – Q1 2018

The European electronic components distributor total available market (DTAM) continued to grow in Q1 2018 with members of the International Distributors of Electronics Association (IDEA) reporting Billings growth of seven percent when compared to the same calendar quarter 2017.

1st May 2018
UK/Ireland distributors enjoy March growth spurt

UK & Ireland component distributors posted sales up 27% in March 2018 compared to February and 6% up year on year. According to Adam Fletcher, chairman of the Electronic Components Supply Network, the Sales by Month “three month moving average” for all electronic components remains in-line with historical trends, suggesting continued growth into the first half of 2018.

22nd February 2018
European electronic components market trends - Q4 2017

Data provided by IDEA (International Distributors of Electronics Association) has confirmed that the European DTAM (Distributor Total Available Market) for Electronic Components grew by a little over 12% in 2017. Although Billings declined by six percent in the last quarter of the year compared to Q3 2017, this performance remains broadly in-line with the historical trend.

15th December 2017
Engineering change notification - the lower cost solution

Over the next few months the engineering departments of many systems companies are likely to see an increase in requests from their procurement teams to approve alternatives to some of the electronic components they designed into their existing products. From his perspective as Chairman of professional community the Electronic Components Supply Network (ecsn), Adam Fletcher examines why this is happening and suggests that engineering change notif...

21st November 2017
European electronic components market trends - Q3 2017

The European electronic components markets saw continued growth in Q3 2017, bucking the historical trend of third quarter decline. Further analysis of the data provided IDEA (International Distributors of Electronics Association) indicates that the pace of growth in Europe slowed down in Q3 2017 but the decline was not nearly as quick as in recent history.  

31st October 2017
European electronic components market trends - Q2 2017

The growth in the European electronic components markets continued into the second quarter of 2017, prompting average manufacturer lead times to further extend as growth outpaced forecast demand. Further analysis of the data available to the International Distributors of Electronics Association (IDEA) and here provided by ECSN indicates that the growth in Europe began to slow as we entered the second half of the year, which is in line with histor...

23rd October 2017
Brexit and the ecsn

As Brexit negotiations grind on, it is perhaps an opportune time to ponder how the electronic components supply network might be affected when the UK eventually exits the single market. In this article ecsn Chairman, Adam Fletcher reviews the key points and the likely impact but points out that ecsn remains apolitical and neutral in its stance to the entire process. Any perceived bias is therefore merely that of the writer and should not be viewe...

15th September 2017
Components search for design engineers

The electronics design engineer of today invariably turns to online electronic components search tools for help in researching electronic components to use in a new equipment design or product revision. In this article Adam Fletcher, Chairman of the Electronic Components Supply Network (ecsn) reviews a new search engine dedicated to manufacturer authorised distributors that promises to provide engineers with invaluable additional information to a...

21st August 2017
Components markets growing faster than forecast

According to Adam Fletcher, Chairman of professional community the Electronic Components Supply Network (ecsn), the faster than forecast growth experienced by the Electronic Components Markets in the UK and Ireland in the first half of the year is likely to extend into 2H '17. This trend is being reflected throughout the global electronic components supply network leading some commentators to forecast product shortages, but Fletcher said: "C...

20th July 2017
An engineer's perspective on semiconductor industry consolidation

The merger and acquisition activity we're seeing in the semiconductor market today is significantly greater than we've seen at any point in history, and a wide range of organisations are therefore likely to feel the impact. Adam Fletcher, Chairman of the Electronic Components Supply Network (ecsn), explains.

12th June 2017
Trade secrets and the ECSN

Adam Fletcher, Chairman of the Electronic Components Supply Network (ecsn), reviews new legislation and considers it’s likely impact on the electronic components industry where there is currently significant merger and acquisition activity and therefore increased risk of information ‘leakage’. 

3rd March 2016
Curing a legislative headache

Those of us who thought slavery was an unsavoury historical remnant would do well to think again following the enactment of the government’s new Modern Slavery Act 2015, which has significant implications for the UK electronic components supply network. ecsn Chairman Adam Fletcher explains.

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