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1st March 2024
Smart HMI small control systems for integration

With the uniTFT touch displays from DISPLAY VISIONS you can complete control tasks in no time at all. Graphics and I/O controllers are both already integrated in these smart displays.

12th February 2024
35mW: colour low power display for mobile devices

The newly developed 2.4“ TFT colour display is particularly suitable for mobile use due to its low energy consumption.

30th October 2023
Module integrates display, command input and application logic

DISPLAY VISIONS integrates the input of control commands and the display of measured values or parameters into a singular component.

17th October 2023
4.3-inch wall-mounted touch display module EA PLCS43-DS

The new EA PLCS43-DS from DISPLAY VISIONS supports Edge computing thanks to built-in intelligence.

11th October 2023
Communicative mini PLC controllers

PLC controllers mostly work as “black boxes” in the control cabinet. The various sensors and actuators connected do their jobs with no noise whatsoever. Gaining insight into what’s going on involves a great deal of effort, to a greater or lesser extent.

7th August 2023
Small controller reinvented

There are lots of PLCs and small controllers. What is missing is the ability to display process data elegantly on multiple displays or to make adjustments via these displays. This is where the new PLC product range from DISPLAY VISIONS comes in.

3rd May 2023
IPS displays on Raspberry Pi Zero

DISPLAY VISIONS allow for easy connection of small displays from 1.5" directly to the Raspberry Pi Zero and the Raspberry Pi Zero 2.

17th January 2023
Development tool for small IPS displays

DISPLAY VISIONS is offering a USB demo board for IPS displays from 0.9" to 3.5".

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