Small controller reinvented

7th August 2023
Harry Fowle

There are lots of PLCs and small controllers. What is missing is the ability to display process data elegantly on multiple displays or to make adjustments via these displays. This is where the new PLC product range from DISPLAY VISIONS comes in.

The focus of this small controller is clearly on the brilliant IPS displays and automatic networking of them. The controller itself is designed as a top hat rail PLC and comes with a high-quality 2.8" IPS display including a touch panel. All the key parameters can be clearly displayed here on site. As a central unit, DISPLAY VISIONS calls it ‘Core.’

The really exciting part is the up to 50 so-called ‘Satellite Displays,’ which communicate directly with the core – via RS-485, LAN or WiFi/WLAN. All process parameters are automatically synchronised with one another. This means that e.g. one display can visualise the most important data in any desired location for monitoring, while another display in turn permits inputs for various parameters. A third display can be used, for example, just to switch one process on and off, compactly in the form of a 1.5" display. A wide range of requirements such as service, supervision or show are therefore taken into account in the various locations.

The core on the top hat rail offers a 2.8" colour display with capacitive touch. Display sizes of 1.5", 2", 2.8", 3.5", 4.3", 5", 7" and 10.1" are available as satellites. The displays are all very brilliant and provide an all-round viewing angle of approximately 160°. At almost 1,000 cd/m², they are super bright and therefore even suitable for use in sunlight. Of course, it is possible to freely adjust the brightness as well as the screen content with the help of a Windows tool.

The 4.3" display is the first size to get a wall-mounted or fitted housing with a mounting mechanism, followed by 7" and further housings. All other sizes can be integrated directly into devices and machines.

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