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8th February 2008
TFT displays from GPEG International feature excellent readability in high ambient light conditions

A combination of a high-brightness pure white LED backlight, low-reflection surface treatment and natural colour enhancement results in a display that produces bright, fully saturated colours with a high contrast ratio and wide viewing angle. These TFT displays are available in a wide range of sizes from 1.5~12.1 inches in both 4:3 and 16:9 formats and feature long life power efficient LED backlights with up to 500 nits brightness.

4th January 2008
GPEG and Digital Displays Ltd, join forces to create leading Display Solution provider

GPEG International Ltd, a key display technology provider based in London announced today the acquisition of specialist display supplier, Digital Displays Ltd from Digital Connections Europe Ltd, based in Biggin Hill, Kent.

26th September 2007
High resolution full colour Active Matrix OLED displays

Digital Displays has released the first in a series of Active Matrix OLED (AMOLED) displays into mass production. AMOLED technology provides improved manufacturing yields for higher-resolution and larger size OLEDs.

7th September 2007
Full Colour 1.7in OLED module from Digital Displays.

The latest OLED module in Digital Displays new line up of OLED products is the DDL-128160-177, a full colour module with a resolution of 128 x 160 dots and an active area of 35.01 x 28.01 mm. The display provides up to 262K colours and operates at 3.0V.

7th September 2007
OLED modules from Digital Displays include replacements for recently announced discontinued units

A complete new OLED line up from Digital Displays includes replacements for recently announced discontinued modules. The first two modules available are 2.7 inch and 2.4 inch 128x64 resolution displays with a choice of yellow or green pixel colours.

7th September 2007
OLED modules replace discontinued products

A complete OLED line up from Digital Displays includes replacements for recently announced discontinued modules. The first two modules available are 2.7 inch and 2.4 inch 128x64 resolution displays with a choice of yellow or green pixel colours.

4th July 2007
50k hour lifetime white LED backlight for 5.7 inch VGA TFT from Digital Displays

Digital Displays and OSD announces an upgraded 5.7” diagonal 640xRGBx480 (VGA) TFT-LCD that now includes a 50k hour lifetime white LED backlight to their already extensive line-up, This module is intended for the industrial control & mobile computing market. However, it is also well suited for many other applications that require a high quality TFT display with a long service life.

19th May 2007
Pressure distinguishable touch panel

Digital Displays has announced what it says is the the World’s first pressure distinguishable touch panel, the “Pensor”. Using the unique “Pensor” 4 wire resistive touch panel with complementary controller board and OS driver software, the user's palm and the “touch pen” can touch the surface of the touch panel simultaneously. Unlike existing systems the “Pensor” only senses the pressure of the pen, it will not sense the touch...

10th May 2007
3.5in TFT display can be read inside and outdoors

Digital Displays has launched it's latest TFT display that incorporates TMR technology for enhanced outdoor viewability. Transmissive Micro-Reflectivity enhancement film provides the 3.5 inch 320x240 (QVGA) display with excellent viewability under all lighting conditions, both indoor, outdoor and in sunlight. The display also features a bright, 300 nit LED backlight, 300:1 contrast ratio and is available with a built-in touch screen.

13th April 2007
5.7 inch QVGA TFT display features built-in Interface Controller

Digital Displays has announced it’s latest TFT display that features a built-in VGA and analogue RGB interface controller. This QVGA (320x240) TFT display has a high brightness 300 nit white LED backlight and boasts a contrast ratio of 400:1.

27th March 2007
2.7in diagonal 128x64 pixel PLED module with 55k hours lifetime

Available from Digital Displays with either green or yellow pixels, the new OSD2401-M04-1 offers extended operational lifetimes of up to 55k hours with 75 cd/m2 brightness for the Yellow version at 25 degrees C.

23rd March 2007
Digital Displays and OSD introduce 2.8in QVGA TFT with multimedia touch screen

Digital Displays has introduced announce a QVGA 2.8in TFT with a multimedia touch screen, featuring a digital RGB 18-bit TTL interface. This TFT display offers a vibrant 200 nit brightness including the installation of the touch panel and a 200:1 contrast ratio. The high resolution and size of this module are perfect for portable multimedia devices, and the addition of OSD’s standard multimedia touch screen which features content icons common...

22nd February 2007
7in TFT features high brightness and enhanced colour imaging

Digital Displays has recently released a new 800xRGBx480 (WVGA) resolution TFT-LCD display. This display features a digital RGB TTL interface and LED backlight. The panel provides a high, 400 nit brightness with a 500:1 contrast ratio. In addition to the LED backlight, this display features Kodak 's 'Brightness Enhancement Film' (BEF) technology for vibrant and true colour images.

15th February 2007
Digital Displays has released a new 20x4 character format double FSTN LCD display

This display features a standard Samsung/Hitachi character display interface, and provides a great viewing performance.

18th January 2007
Digital Displays TFT offer High Brightness and Widescreen

Digital Displays introduces the OSD043TN14, a 4.3 inch diagonal, 16:9 aspect ratio a-Si TFT display. This is a normally white, transmissive display with white LED backlight. It is also available with optional integrated 4-wire resistive touchscreen.

23rd November 2006
Digital Displays agrees to work with One Stop Displays

Digital Displays announces that it has entered into agreement with One Stop Displays (OSD) to offer the OSD line of OLED display modules to the UK market.

22nd November 2006
QVGA TFT has high brightness LED backlight

Digital Displays introduces another innovative active matrix TFT-LCD for hand-held consumer and industrial applications. From supply partner One Stop Displays the OSD0345CA6T1 is a 3.45 diagonal transmissive QVGA TFT with White LED backlight and integrated resistive touchscreen.

12th November 2006
Low reflection high visibility 8.4in TFT from Digital Displays

Display solutions supplier, Digital Displays, has introduced an 8.4in VGA 640 x 480 pixel TFT that features 'low reflection' technology for enhanced viewing in high ambient light conditions.

6th September 2006
Compact Chip-on-Glass LCD module

New from Digital Displays and display manufacturing partner Displaytech HK is the 32128A compact chip on glass module. Measuring just 41.30mm x 19.70mm the module has a viewing area of 36.10mm x 8.30mm and a resolution of 32 x 128 pixels.

6th March 2006
Chip on Glass LCD Module has Large Viewing Area Despite Small Size

A new 128240B compact chip on glass LCD module from Digital Displays features a viewing area of 92.00 x 53.00 mm contained within it’s overall dimensions of 98.70 x 67.70mm.

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