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30th June 2021
Power density PSUs with zero voltage switching technology

Dialog Semiconductor has announced the availability of its innovative digital Zero Voltage Switching (ZVS) chipset to enable 100W and beyond High Power Density (HPD) Power Supply Units (PSUs) that are 30-50% smaller than conventional high power PSUs.

22nd June 2021
Dialog’s WiFi networking SoC earns top results for power efficiency

Dialog Semiconductor has announced that its DA16200 SoC has scored 815 on the EEMBC IoTMark-WiFi benchmark. The DA16200’s achievement solidifies Dialog’s position as a leader in the ultra-low-power WiFi networking SoC market.

12th May 2021
Dialog selected as SiFive preferred power management partner

Dialog Semiconductor has announced that it has extended its partnership with SiFive, a fabless semiconductor company. Dialog is SiFive’s preferred power management partner for its HiFive Unmatched, a PC form-factor RISC-V Linux Development Platform for the SiFive Freedom U740 RISC-V SoC.

4th May 2021
Dialog Semiconductor adds AI and data analytics partners to SmartServer Ecosystem

Dialog Semiconductor has announced an expansion of its SmartServer IoT Partner Program to include businesses that offer data analytics platforms with Artificial Intelligence (AI)-led outcomes that transform industrial operations.

30th April 2021
Low power flash devices in Dialog Semi’s IoT portfolio

Dialog Semiconductor has announced the launch of the AT25EU family of SPI NOR Flash devices, to support the development of power-conscious, size-constrained connected devices. The AT25EU focuses on achieving the lowest power consumption and the fastest operation in order to achieve the lowest energy.

15th April 2021
One wire communication between two SLG46811

Many devices within the same design can communicate using different protocols (SPI, I2C, etc.). As is to be expected, most of these protocols require several dedicated lines for communication. However, there are many different applications in which the number of available wires is strictly limited and often times only one wire is available to send the data. By Oleh Sapiha, Senior Applications Engineer, Dialog Semiconductor

Mixed Signal/Analog
16th March 2021
Multi-channel input capability added to GreenPAK Device

Dialog Semiconductor has announced the expansion of their popular GreenPAK solution suite with the SLG46811, the market’s smallest GreenPAK device to include an I2C communication interface.

1st December 2020
Dialog Semi selected as the supplier for advanced communication custom ICs

Dialog Semiconductor has announced that AST & Science, LLC (“AST SpaceMobile”) a satellite company that is disruptively transforming satellite broadband access, has selected Dialog to develop four custom mixed-signal & RF ASICs for their SpaceMobile network.

25th November 2020
GreenPAK in PV panels are power point trackers

The PV panels are special power supplies that deliver green and renewable power. PV panels have non-constant power based on many parameters (sun irradiation and angle, shadow percentage, temperature, and hotspot effect issue). The solar panel contains a matrix of solar cells that converts the sun irradiation to power.

19th November 2020
SmartServer IoT partner ecosystem for edge solutions in smart buildings

Dialog Semiconductor has announced its SmartServer IoT Partner Program. The program gives Systems Integrators and OEM Solutions Providers access to Dialog’s SmartServer IoT edge server and open software suite, including freely available integration tools and APIs, certified training, and premium support.

29th October 2020
Dialog Semi partners with Alps Alpine for automotive haptic applications

Dialog Semiconductor has announced automotive qualification for its DA7280 high-definition haptic driver. As a result, Alps Alpine, manufacturer of electronic components and vehicle on-board information equipment, has chosen the DA7280 to be used in conjunction with the Alps Alpine Heavy, the latest in the company’s family of HAPTIC Reactor Linear Resonant Actuators (LRAs).

20th October 2020
Dialog Semi licenses its Non-Volatile Resistive RAM Tech to GLOBALFOUNDRIES

Dialog Semiconductor and GLOBALFOUNDRIES (GF) have announced that they have entered into an agreement in which Dialog licenses its Conductive Bridging RAM (CBRAM) technology to GLOBALFOUNDRIES. The resistive ram (ReRAM)-based technology was pioneered by Adesto Technologies which was recently acquired by Dialog Semiconductor in 2020. 

16th September 2020
Dialog Semi selected as power management partner for next-gen automotive platforms

Dialog Semiconductor and Telechips, Automotive System on Chip (SoC) supplier for In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) and cockpit solutions, has announced that Dialog will become Telechips’ preferred power management partner for their new Dolphin+QD (TCC8059), Dolphin 3E (TCC8053) / Dolphin 3M (TCC8050) and Dolphin 3H (TCC8060) platforms.

31st August 2020
Automotive PMIC offering with family of high current DC-DC converters

Dialog Semiconductor has announced the DA913X-A product family, a new line of highly efficient, high current, automotive-grade, step-down DC-DC (Buck) converters.

17th August 2020
PMIC solutions introduced for automotive computing

Dialog Semiconductor has announced that it is expanding its collaboration with Renesas Electronics, a supplier of advanced semiconductor solutions, by introducing its Power Management IC (PMIC) solutions for the R-Car M3 and R-Car E3 automotive computing platforms.

13th August 2020
FusionHD NOR flash memory compatible with BLE MCUs

Dialog Semiconductor has announced that its FusionHD NOR flash memories, which came to Dialog through its recent acquisition of Adesto Technologies, are fully compatible and qualified for use with Dialog’s SmartBond DA1469x family of Bluetooth low energy (BLE) microcontrollers (MCUs).

13th August 2020
EcoXiP Octal xSPI NVM for RZ/A2M microprocessor

Dialog Semiconductor has announced that its EcoXiP octal xSPI non-volatile memory (NVM) which was added to Dialog’s portfolio through its recent acquisition of Adesto Technologies, is now optimised to be used with Renesas’ RZ/A2M Arm-based microprocessors (MPUs).

21st July 2020
Collaboration to deliver smallest PoL DC/DC converters

Dialog Semiconductor has announced a collaboration with TDK Corporation to include Dialog’s GreenPAK technology with TDK’s latest series of µPOL power DC/DC converters solutions to create the world’s first single-integrated system power sequencing solution.

2nd July 2020
Temperature to frequency conversion using GreenPAK

Temperature sensors are one of the most important kinds of physical sensors. Many different processes, including those we encounter in everyday life, are regulated by temperature. Its measurement allows indirect determination of other physical parameters, such as matter flow rate, fluid level, and others. GreenPAK can make analogue signal conversion more effective. 

10th June 2020
Battery-powered overdrive pedal for guitar effects

Analog or digital processing of music signals can provide new effects. Active overdrive effects recreate the overdriven clipping effects of those early valve amps. The GreenPAK SLG88104V Rail to Rail I/O 375nA Quad OpAmp, with its low power and low voltage advancements, can be critical to overdrive circuits.

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