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2nd July 2020
Temperature to frequency conversion using GreenPAK

Temperature sensors are one of the most important kinds of physical sensors. Many different processes, including those we encounter in everyday life, are regulated by temperature. Its measurement allows indirect determination of other physical parameters, such as matter flow rate, fluid level, and others. GreenPAK can make analogue signal conversion more effective. 

10th June 2020
Battery-powered overdrive pedal for guitar effects

Analog or digital processing of music signals can provide new effects. Active overdrive effects recreate the overdriven clipping effects of those early valve amps. The GreenPAK SLG88104V Rail to Rail I/O 375nA Quad OpAmp, with its low power and low voltage advancements, can be critical to overdrive circuits.

Mixed Signal/Analog
10th June 2020
High voltage GreenPAK IC for motor drive applications

Dialog Semiconductor has announced the SLG47105, its first motor drive CMIC that delivers the unique benefits of both configurable logic and configurable analogue with high voltage outputs, all encapsulated within a tiny 2x3mm QFN package.

18th May 2020
Bluetooth low energy SoCs to reduce spread of COVID-19

Dialog Semiconductor has announced a new Wireless Ranging (WiRa) Software Development Kit (SDK) that adds highly accurate and reliable distance measurement capabilities to its DA1469x family of Bluetooth Low Energy SoCs.

11th May 2020
Dialog Semiconductor extends IoT connectivity portfolio

Dialog Semiconductor has announced the availability of the DA16200, a highly integrated, ultra low power WiFi networking SoC, and two modules that leverage Dialog’s VirtualZero technology to deliver a breakthrough in battery life for WiFi connected, battery-powered IoT devices.

11th May 2020
DA16600 module points the way for new wave of IoT connectivity

Dialog Semiconductor has announced the DA16600, a module that uniquely combines Dialog’s WiFi and BLE capabilities into a single solution. This two-in-one module is comprised of two SoCs, the newly announced DA16200 and the SmartBond TINY DA14531, to provide low power WiFi and BLE for customers and further broaden Dialog’s IoT connectivity portfolio.

16th April 2020
SmartBond TINY module demystifies IoT development

Dialog Semiconductor has announced the availability of the DA14531 SmartBond TINY module, empowering customers to build the next generation of connected devices.

26th February 2020
First IO-Link IC for Industry 4.0 launched at embedded world

Dialog Semiconductor has announced the latest member of its IO-Link product family, the CCE4503. The addition of this new IO-Link IC both expands the company’s reach into the Industrial IoT (IIoT) market and connects the smallest and most price sensitive IO-Link Device sensors and actuators.

24th February 2020
Acquisition broadens Dialog's presence in the IIoT market

Dialog Semiconductor and Adesto Technologies have announced they have signed a definitive agreement for Dialog to acquire all outstanding shares of Adesto. Adesto accelerates Dialog’s expansion into the growing IIoT market that enables smart buildings and industrial automation (Industry 4.0), seamlessly driving cloud connectivity.

15th January 2020
4 trends that could redefine embedded automotive tech in 2020

The 2020s are shaping up to be a transformative decade for the automotive tech industry, and that all starts this year. In the 2010s, digital user experiences, connected car features via the IoT and the introduction of self-driving vehicles were some of the most significant trends to come onto the automotive scene. By Rohith Pai, Director of Business Development, Dialog Semiconductor

10th December 2019
Dialog Semiconductor wins 2019 GSA award for financial achievements

Dialog Semiconductor was named the Best Financially Managed Semiconductor Company at the 2019 Global Semiconductor Alliance (GSA) Awards. Now in its 24th year, the GSA awards recognise individuals and companies in the semiconductor industry that have demonstrated excellence in vision, innovation, execution and future potential within the industry over the past year.

7th November 2019
Bluetooth SoC and module to connect next billion IoT devices

  Dialog Semiconductor has announced the new DA14531 and the DA14531 module, to simplify Bluetooth product development and enable wider adoption, according to the company it is the world’s smallest and most power-efficient Bluetooth 5.1 SoC.

7th October 2019
Acquisition to add IIoT products to growing portfolio

Dialog Semiconductor has announced it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Creative Chips, a supplier of ICs to the IIoT market. Headquartered in Bingen, Germany, with an additional design centre in Dresden, Creative Chips is a fabless semiconductor company with a growing IC business supplying a broad portfolio of industrial Ethernet and other mixed-signal products to top-tier, blue-chip manufacturers of industrial and buil...

24th September 2019
What are the current trends in wearables?

Answering some questions on the new Samsung Galaxy Fit/DA1469x, Rahul Todi, Senior Product Marketing Engineer, Dialog Semiconductor has offered his expertise. Today, there are numerous fitness/wearable products on the market geared toward improving our wellbeing, or at least giving us more insight into it.

18th September 2019
High frequency sub-PMICs powering latest mobile processors

Dialog Semiconductor has introduced a new power management product family of four new sub-PMICs that offer transient response and in-circuit digital programmability, in a smaller form factor than current market solutions. The new product family of Buck converters, which consists of the DA9217, DA9220, DA9121 and the DA9122, represents Dialog’s first sub-PMIC family with a 4MHz switching frequency that reduces inductor size and hei...

14th August 2019
Technology enhances scalability for driving the automotive future

Dialog Semiconductor has recently announced its Configurable Mixed-Signal IC (CMIC) for the automotive industry, the SLG46620-A. In today’s advanced automotive market, manufacturers are required to implement the latest safety, comfort and self-driving features which demand an ever-growing number of Integrated Circuits (ICs). Current solutions aimed at supporting these functions are limited by discrete implementations and standard ...

24th July 2019
Wireless microcontroller implemented into Samsung Galaxy Fit

Dialog Semiconductor has announced that Samsung has implemented Dialog’s wireless microcontroller unit (MCU) in its latest Galaxy Fit. The Galaxy Fit is a slim and fashionable fitness tracker that enables users to reach their fitness goals with its intuitive tracking features. It tracks a wide range of activities and offers enhanced sleep analysis and stress management technology for users to monitor their wellbeing throughou...

Mixed Signal/Analog
29th May 2019
Family of audio codecs deliver active noise cancellation

Dialog Semiconductor has announced a family of highly integrated audio codec chips that deliver Active Noise Cancellation (ANC), the DA740x product provides optimal audio performance in any environment to the rapidly-growing wireless headphones market. The global market for wireless headphones is forecast to grow at a CAGR of 20% generating revenues of around $34bn by 2024. With ANC rapidly becoming a de facto standard, D...

Mixed Signal/Analog
15th May 2019
Multi-channel LDO regulator provides high PSRR performance

Dialog Semiconductor has announced its latest Configurable Mixed-signal Integrated Circuit (CMIC) device with Low Drop Out (LDO) regulator performance, the SLG51000. According to the company, the SLG51000 features the highest Power Supply Rejection Ratio (PSRR) and lowest output voltage noise of any programmable multi-channel LDO on the market, making it suitable to power advanced camera and sensor systems.

24th April 2019
Nanopower ultra-low ripple buck regulator for connected devices

Two new products have been announced by Dialog Semiconductor, with the DA9232 and the DA9233 Nanopower PMICs. The new additions improve the performance of the DC/DC buck converter from the original DA9230 and DA9231 by producing an even lower ripple, perfect for use with sensitive analog circuitry, such as GPS receivers used in wearables. 

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