Temperature to frequency conversion using GreenPAK

2nd July 2020
Alex Lynn

Temperature sensors are one of the most important kinds of physical sensors. Many different processes, including those we encounter in everyday life, are regulated by temperature. Its measurement allows indirect determination of other physical parameters, such as matter flow rate, fluid level, and others. GreenPAK can make analogue signal conversion more effective. 

Typically, sensors convert the measured physical value into an analogue signal, and temperature sensors are no exception here. For processing by the CPU or computer, the analogue temperature signal must be converted into a digital form. For such a conversion expensive analogue-to-digital converters (ADCs) are commonly used.

There is a simplified technique for direct conversion of the analogue signal from a temperature sensor into a digital signal with proportional frequency using GreenPAK. Subsequently, the frequency of a digital signal that varies depending on temperature can then be more easily measured with fairly high accuracy and then converted to the required units of measurement.

Such direct transformation is interesting in the first place by the fact that there is no need for the use of expensive analogue-to-digital converters. Also, digital signal transmission is more reliable than analogue.

The use of thermistors in conjunction with GreenPAK allows predictable measurements without the use of expensive analogue-to-digital converters and avoiding the requirement to measure the analogue signals. GreenPAK is the ideal solution for the development of this type of customisable sensor.

GreenPAK contains a large number of functional elements and circuit blocks necessary for the implementation of various circuit solutions, and this greatly reduces the number of external components of the final application circuit. Low power consumption, small chip size, and low cost are additional benefits for choosing GreenPAK as the main controller for many circuit designs.

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