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Component Management
28th May 2024
Effective cooling of hot spots with liquid-cooled heat sinks

Liquid-cooled heat sinks are used in applications where passive or fan-based cooling solutions are insufficient, but effective cooling is indispensable.

News & Analysis
11th April 2024
High-performance heat sinks for high-power electronic systems

Applications that require speed and power also generate waste heat. This is where application-optimised cooling solutions from CTX come into play: the heat sink specialist offers project-specific solutions for efficient cooling of high-power electronic components.

Events News
28th February 2024
CTX at the embedded world 2024

Embedded systems and industrial computers have one thing in common: The more powerful they are, the more heat they generate. CTX's sophisticated cooling solutions ensure the efficient cooling of these systems. 

16th August 2023
CTX clips and springs for reliable mounting of heat sinks

The demand for power electronics and thus for heat sinks is constantly growing.

26th July 2023
Application-specific SMD heat sinks from CTX

CTX expands its line of SMD heat sinks. In addition to standard SMD heat sinks for all common D-PAK modules, the leading supplier of custom cooling solutions now also offers extruded and cold extruded aluminum SMD heat sinks that are designed and produced for the exact thermal requirements.

31st May 2023
Economical die-cast housings in application-specific geometries

Die-casting enables the production of electronics housings in application-specific sizes and shapes and offers an economical manufacturing solution even for small-batch production, despite the tooling costs involved.

9th March 2023
Standard and custom profile heat sinks from CTX

Extruded profile heat sinks from CTX are the classic high-performance heat sinks.

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