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High-performance heat sinks for high-power electronic systems

11th April 2024
Sheryl Miles

Applications that require speed and power also generate waste heat. This is where application-optimised cooling solutions from CTX come into play: the heat sink specialist offers project-specific solutions for efficient cooling of high-power electronic components.

Trade visitors can learn about the extensive range of heat sinks from the Nettetal-based company at PCIM Europe from 11–13 June 2024 in the Nuremberg Exhibition Centre, Hall 9, Booth 222.

Modern high-performance electronic components require ever more power – which also affects the cooling requirements. To ensure high specific power density in their cooling solutions, CTX Thermal Solutions uses skived fin and liquid-cooled heat sinks.

High-performance heat sinks with skived fins

Skiving is a process in which the cooling fins are carved from a single aluminium or copper block – without the thermal resistance that is inherent in soldering, adhesive, or press-fit connections. This produces high-density heat sinks with very fine and high fins that are directly connected with the heat sink base. The process also ensures high specific power density.

Skived fin heat sinks exhibit a fineness that is not possible with any other process. The ratio between the fin height and thickness is also better than that achieved with extrusion. Compared to aluminium or copper extrusion, carving of heat sinks eliminates the high costs of machining. The skived fin process is therefore also ideal for prototypes and small batch production.

Liquid-cooled heat sinks for cool temperatures

High-power electronic systems generate temperatures that are simply too high for conventional cooling solutions. For such applications, CTX offers liquid-cooled heat sinks. These custom-tailored systems are the elite class among cooling solutions. Mounted directly at the hot spot, they quickly dissipate more heat than any other cooling system.

The compact aluminium or copper liquid-cooled heat sinks are time-proven products. They dissipate heat from the electronic component up to 25% more effectively than active cooling systems. Depending on the application, water, glycol, oil, alcohol, or – in special cases – gases are used as the coolant. CTX uses various processes for production of their efficient liquid-cooled heat sinks: extrusion, die-casting, or friction stir welding.

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