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16th December 2008
Double LED strip light unit from CML-IT is an ideal fluorescent replacement

CML Innovative Technologies (CML-IT) has introduced a new 1 metre long double LED strip light unit complete with mounting base, screw holes and lens. The 50W Glow-Line™ LED strip light unit only needs to be connected up to a 24VDC power source and comes in a cool white and warm white version. Colour changing versions for special lighting effects are also available upon request.

3rd December 2008
LED strip light from CML-IT is an ideal fluorescent replacement

CML Innovative Technologies (CML-IT) has introduced an 18inch (450mm) LED strip light complete with mounting base, screw holes and lens. Designed as a fluorescent replacement for general illumination, signage, retail lighting and furniture lighting applications, the Light-Line LED strip light benefits from very low power consumption, is highly vibration resistant and offers a very long service life of approximately 50000h (compared with 10000 to ...

19th November 2008
LED spotlights from CML-IT replace traditional halogen lights

An ideal replacement for MR16 halogen lights, new Coolspot LED spotlights from CML Innovative Technologies (CML-IT) have been designed for reading lights, retail lighting and general lighting applications. Available in four different versions (3W cool and warm white; 5W cool and warm white), the devices are highly vibration resistant and offer a long service life of approximately 50000h (compared to 2000h for MR16 halogen lights).

2nd October 2008
LED featuring six terminals and three chips from CML-IT

Now available from CML Innovative Technologies (CML-IT) is a medium power LED from Samsung featuring six terminals. The 5252 series LED benefits from three chips which can be connected in series or parallel, making the LED useable in a multitude of different applications. Instead of assembling three LEDs you now only need one LED, saving costs and assembly time.

15th July 2008
LEDs from CML-IT provide uniform brightness regardless of supply voltage

Now available from CML Innovative Technologies (CML -IT) is a new range of based LEDs providing uniform brightness regardless of lens colour, AC/DC power supply and supply voltage. Customers using multiple colour lens indicators now only require one part number, considerably reducing their inventory.

9th April 2008
CML-IT signs distribution deal with Samsung Electro-Mechanics

CML Innovative Technologies (CML-IT) has signed a distribution agreement with Samsung Electro-Mechanics to distribute its medium and high power ranges of LED products. Samsung’s mid and high power illumination LEDs are available in six different package sizes and in several shades, including cool white, warm white, and an RGB version.

3rd April 2008
LED modules come with online ‘designer’s pack’

The range of LED modules from CML Innovative Technologies is now available with an online ‘designer’s pack’ including application notes and technical data sheets on how to incorporate drivers, heatsinking etc. The ‘designer’s pack’ also includes full technical sales information and data sheets of the forthcoming LEDules2 series.

3rd December 2007
LEDs become easier to use for railway applications

Historically LEDs have been perceived as difficult to use, requiring a range of power supplies, drivers, resistors, soldered connections, making them tricky to market in railway applications. CML-IT’s new Connect&Glo program is designed to make solid state lighting easy, and is changing this perception. The company is offering a system of linking LED lighting units that anyone can connect together, just as easily as ordinary light bulbs.

26th October 2007
LED binning provides uniformity in both colour and brightness

In addition to optoelectronic components CML Innovative Technologies provides its customers with a wide range of test and calibration services related to LEDs from the world’s first private sector and fully accredited laboratory in Bad Dürkheim (Germany).

21st August 2007
Range of LEDules goes ‘green’

CML Innovative Technologies is now manufacturing its range of LED light engines (LEDules) in Europe. By moving production from Costa Rica to their plants in Bamberg (Germany) and Hranice (Czech Republic), CML-IT puts in place their new ‘green’ policy of local manufacture to market and significantly reduces air miles for shipping and therefore the carbon footprint of their LED devices. Another benefit are reduced lead times, making the move to...

25th April 2007
Miniature incandescent lamps with matching sockets

A comprehensive range of miniature incandescent lamps including advanced Xenon filled types and matching drop-in replacement sockets is available from CML Innovative Technologies (CML-IT). Delivering a cost-effective solution with high luminous output, traditional incandescent lamps still have a valid role in many applications such as automotive, gaming, aviation and transport, where cost restrictions don’t warrant the use of still higher-price...

6th March 2007
CML-IT names Farnell its 2006 European distributor of the year

CML Innovative Technologies (CML-IT) names Farnell its European distributor of the year 2006 in recognition of their extremely successful opto-electronics campaign. Farnell introduced a record number of CML-IT solid state lighting products to its product portfolio in 2006.

1st December 2006
LEDs in through hole and SMT format from CML

CML Innovative Technologies (CML-IT) offers discrete LEDs in both through hole and SMT format devices in all standard industry sizes including 3mm, 5mm, 0603, 0805, 1206, PLCC as well as many others.

28th November 2006
Optical light pipes from CML produce bright, even indication

New Bright Pipes, optical light pipes from CML Innovative Technologies (CML-IT) produce bright, even indication based on optical ray tracing. Ideal for transferring light from a PCB to a front panel, the devices conveniently and economically conduct light from SMT LEDs through angles and distances to a viewable front lens surface.

21st November 2006
LED light engines from CML simplify the use of LED technology

New Power LED light engines from CML-Innovative Technologies (CML-IT) make moving to LED technology easy. SSL light engines can include all the elements required to implement an LED-based lighting product – LED, lens, driver circuitry, heatsinking and packaging – meaning that all designers need do to benefit from this low power, long life technology is to connect up to the appropriate power source.

1st September 2006
Flexible light guides distribute light evenly over different specified lengths

Available from CML Innovative Technologies (CML-IT) is a series of flexible light guides formulated with a patented light dispersion polymer which is uniformly distributed through the optic core. A great replacement for neon lamps and intrinsically safe, CML-IT’s 754xSS series flexible light guides are available in diameters of 5.5, 6.5, 10, 12 and 14mm and can be manufactured with different concentrations of dispersion polymer, allowing light ...

19th August 2006
Light guides deliver even, linear light pattern

Recent developments in LEDs and acrylic optical structures have made it possible to deliver durable and cost-competitive rigid light guides able to provide even, linear light patterns like fluorescent and neon tubes. CML-IT’s rugged and cost-effective 7530 series of rigid light guides (RLGs) is available in diameters of 6.5, 10 and 14mm and has been designed for use in a wide range of applications.

18th May 2006
Power LEDs in a range of colours

CML Innovative Technologies has introduced a range of RoHS compliant Power LEDs available in 1, 2.5 and 5W versions and a range of colours - pure and warm white, blue, green, red, cyan and yellow & RGB.

18th April 2006
Low cost LED replacement for 6S6 lamps

CML Innovative Technologies has announced an LED replacement for traditional 6S6 lamps currently used in theme parks as decorative lamps and for illuminating entrance portals to attractions.

7th April 2006
Solid State Lighting That is Easy to Use

CML Innovative Technologies' new Connect&Glo program is designed to make solid state lighting easy to work with. The company is offering a system of linking LED lighting units that anyone can connect together, just as easily as ordinary light bulbs.

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