LED binning provides uniformity in both colour and brightness

26th October 2007
ES Admin
In addition to optoelectronic components CML Innovative Technologies provides its customers with a wide range of test and calibration services related to LEDs from the world’s first private sector and fully accredited laboratory in Bad Dürkheim (Germany).
The state-of-the-art laboratory offers sorting of 3mm (T1) and 5mm (T1 3/4) LEDs and IREDs for optimized homogeneity. Cost-effective and fully customized to specific customer needs, CML-IT’s LED binning can achieve uniformity for LEDs in both colour and brightness and improve the appearance of customer end-products. Key target markets are LEDs used for displays and signs, white LED applications like reading lights, ambient lighting and advertising boards as well as detection applications like machines and automats, smoke detectors and machine vision.

CML-IT’s LED binning is suitable for batches of 1,000 pieces up to more than one million pieces. The following sorting parameters are available: averaged LED intensity ILED B (photometric [cd] and radiometric [W/sr]), dominant wavelength, colour coordinates (x, y), peak-wavelength, centroid wavelength, forward voltage UF and forward current IF.

CML-IT’s LED intensity and LED luminance standards are used for calibration purposes by: world-renowned LED manufacturers, leading suppliers of LED-measurement equipment, research institutes and major industries; including the automotive sector.

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