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5th December 2023
Applied Materials and CEA-Leti unveil joint lab

Applied Materials and CEA-Leti have announced an expansion of their longstanding collaboration to focus on developing differentiated materials engineering solutions for several specialty semiconductor applications.

7th December 2022
CEA-Leti presents at IEDM 2022

A CEA-Leti tutorial presented at IEDM 2022 highlighted promising advantages that resistive random-access memory (RRAM) technologies hold for implementing novel neuromorphic/in-memory computing systems for massively parallel, low-power and low-latency computation.

1st June 2021
Plastic mmWave system for ultra-low latency

As part of its broad focus on millimeter-wave (mmWave) data transfer applications, CEA-Leti has developed a hybrid, ultra-fast, ultra-low latency technology that guides mmWave radio signals through flexible plastic tubing.

26th May 2021
Autonomous imager for smartphones and automobiles

CEA-Leti has announced autonomous imager technology that activates smartphones and small appliances through face recognition or other specific patterns. Called µWAI (micro-WAY) and sized as small as a €1 coin, the autonomous imager features a novel readout and processing architecture co-designed with an optimised algorithmic pipeline, in which the recognition results from a sequence of elementary algorithms, to provide ultralow-power w...

21st April 2021
Project to mimic processing of biological neural systems

CEA-Leti has announced the launch of an EU project to develop a novel class of algorithms, devices and circuits that reproduce multi-timescale processing of biological neural systems. The results will be used to build neuromorphic computing systems that can process efficiently real-world sensory signals and natural time-series data in real-time and to demonstrate this with a practical laboratory prototype.

12th March 2021
LiDAR systems based on integrated optical phased arrays

Taking a critical step toward developing LiDAR systems for widespread commercial applications, CEA-Leti has developed genetic algorithms to calibrate high-channel-count optical phased arrays (OPAs), as well as an advanced measurement setup enabling wafer-scale OPA characterisation.

24th February 2021
FD-SOI breakthrough boosts operating frequency by 450%

CEA-Leti and Dolphin Design have developed an adaptive back-biasing (ABB) architecture for FD-SOI chips that can be seamlessly integrated in the digital design flow with industrial-grade qualification, overcoming integration drawbacks of existing ABB techniques.

10th February 2021
RISE-6G: dynamically programmable wireless environments

CEA-Leti has announced a EU 6G research project for next-generation wireless connectivity. Called RISE-6G, it will design, prototype and test smart and energy-sustainable technological advances based on reconfigurable intelligent surfaces (RIS) that will enable programmable control and shaping of the wireless propagation environment.

27th January 2021
High-performance gyroscope for automotive applications

CEA-Leti scientists, working with researchers at Politecnico di Milano, have developed the a high-performance gyroscope for operating in severe environments, such as industrial and aeronautic equipment and automobiles. The advancement has proven that it is possible to detect minute rotational movement even among system vibrations.

21st January 2021
Machine-learning breakthrough opens way to the edge

CEA-Leti scientists have demonstrated a machine-learning technique exploiting what have been previously considered as ‘non-ideal’ traits of resistive-RAM (RRAM) devices, overcoming barriers to developing RRAM-based edge-learning systems.

21st December 2020
In-memory computing pathways with 3D architectures

CEA-Leti presented two papers this week at IEDM 2020 that confirm the advantages of combining 3D architectures and resistive-random-access-memories (RRAM) for in-memory computing (IMC), and their applications for Edge-AI and neural networks.

17th June 2020
Architecture for HPC devices using nanosheet fabrication

CEA-Leti has demonstrated a new gate-all-around (GAA) nanosheet fabrication device as an alternative to FinFET technology targeting high-performance (HPC) applications such as smartphones, laptops, and mobile systems with data collection and processing involving low-power and high-speed operation.

12th June 2020
CEA-Leti LiFi using single GaN Blue MicroLED

CEA-Leti has announced its researchers have broken the throughput world record of 5.1 Gbps in visible light communications (VLC) using a single GaN blue micro- light-emitting diode (LED). Their data transmission rate of 7.7 Gbps achieved with a 10µm microLED marks another step toward commercialization and widespread use of LiFi communication.

13th May 2020
Roadmap for 6th gen wireless networks in mmWave bands

As countries around the world begin rolling out 5G wireless networks, CEA-Leti is looking ahead to 6th gen wireless network technologies that will surpass the data-transfer capability of 5G.

Quantum Tech
26th March 2020
Quantum integrated circuit with quantum dot on CMOS Chip

Leti, an institute of CEA, has created a quantum integrated circuit that demonstrates the possibility of integrating conventional electronic devices and elements with quantum dots on a CMOS chip. 

26th February 2020
Energy harvesting ICs for battery-free sensor

In scientists’ quest for ambient-energy sources that can power sensor nodes in remote environments or difficult-to-reach settings where batteries are impractical, CEA-Leti takes a wide view. It is investigating energy harvesting systems ranging from micrometre-and-millimetre scale to centimetre scale or larger.

17th September 2019
Powerful positioning and navigation technology

Leti, a research institute of CEA Tech, and Orolia, a specialist in accuracy and performance for terrestrial, aeronautic and naval transportation positioning, navigation & timing applications, have announced a sensor-data-fusion engine that ensures resilient positioning and navigation even in cases of global navigation satellite system (GNSS) jamming or spoofing.

3rd July 2019
Smart-farm project to lower greenhouse gas emissions

Leti has announced a new European Commission smart-farming project that will deliver real-time data on soil conditions. Deployed via small, private Internet of Things networks, the SARMENTI sensor node will provide farmers with the next generation of a reagent-free sensor platform to monitor in real-time soil nutrient concentration and measure local environmental conditions, especially emission of ammonia and greenhouse gases.

2nd July 2019
Design innovative RF components for 5G networks

Leti, a research institute of CEA Tech, and Radiall, have announced a five-year common lab to design innovative antennas and radio frequency (RF) to meet infrastructure requirements of 5G networks and photonics components for harsh environments.

14th March 2019
New HIV vaccine using lipid nanoparticle delivery technology

Leti, a research institute of CEA Tech, in collaboration with CEA’s Fundamental Research Divisionand INSERM, has developed a new vaccine approach for HIV based on engineered lipid nanoparticles that deliver p24 - a viral protein that is key to an HIV vaccine - and optimise the CpG adjuvant’s effect.

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