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3rd July 2018
Waveform for 5G low-power wide-area IoT networks

Leti, a research institute of CEA Tech, has announced that field trials of its new Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) technology, a waveform tailored for Internet of Things (IoT) applications, showed significant performance gains in coverage, data-rate flexibility and power consumption compared to leading LPWA technologies. Leti’s LPWA approach includes its patented Turbo-FSK waveform, a flexible approach to the physical layer.

15th June 2018
International microfluidics group launched to write new standards

  It has been announced by Leti, a research institute of CEA Tech, that new ISO standards on microfluidics will be developed under Leti’s initiative and guidelines.

Events News
11th June 2018
How microelectronics is fuelling innovation

Leti has announced its annual flagship event, Leti Innovation Days, 4th to 5th July in Grenoble. This year, the institute will address how microelectronics, Leti’s core activities, are empowering technological revolutions within industry, changing our daily lives in ways that will shape tomorrow’s global, post-modern society – in other words, how humans interact, commute, consume and much more.

Quantum Tech
21st March 2018
A path to creating building blocks of quantum processors

CEA-Leti has announced a breakthrough towards large-scale fabrication of quantum bits, or qubits, the elementary bricks of future quantum processors. They demonstrated on a 300 mm pre-industrial platform a new level of isotopic purification in a film deposited by chemical vapor deposition (CVD). This enables creating qubits in thin layers of silicon using a very high purity silicon isotope, 28Si, which produces a crystalline quality comparable to...

16th February 2018
Brain-inspired tech brings data processing to IoT devices

A forward-looking call to action for the microelectronics industry has been issued by CEA-Leti’s chief scientist to create a radically new, digital-communication architecture for the Internet of Things in which “a great deal of analytics processing occurs at the edge and at the end devices instead of in the Cloud.”

16th February 2018
5G system prototype unveiled at 2018 Winter Games

A research institute of CEA Tech, Leti, has announced that the European and South Korean project, 5GCHAMPION, will demonstrate the world’s first 5G platform from 20th to 22nd February, during the 2018 Winter Games. The 5GCHAMPION consortium, which includes 21 universities, research institutes and companies from Europe and South Korea, is supported by the European Commission and the Korean Ministry of Science and ICT.

Events News
9th February 2018
Kicking off ISSCC 2018 with an opening day keynote

  Chief Scientist from Leti, Barbara De Salvo will help kick off ISSCC 2018 with an opening day presentation calling for radically new, digital-communication architecture for the Internet of Things in which 'a great deal of analytics processing occurs at the edge and at the end devices instead of in the Cloud'.

1st February 2018
Lens-free point-of-care system diagnoses spinal meningitis

  A research institute at CEA Tech, Leti, has invented a lens-free microscope technology that provides point-of-care diagnosis for spinal meningitis. Outlined in a paper presented at Photonics West, the new technology provides immediate results and eliminates errors in counting white blood cells (leukocytes) in cerebrospinal fluid, which is required to diagnose the infection.

21st December 2017
SoC memory improvements highlighted at IEDM 2017

A research institute of CEA Tech, Leti, demonstrated significant improvements in the field of memory systems at IEDM 2017. These improvements included reconfiguring Static Random-Access Memory (SRAM) into Content-Addressable Memory (CAM), improving non-volatile crossbar memories and using advanced Tunnel Field-Effect Transistors (TFET).

18th December 2017
The solution to stop drones from crashing has arrived

  At the CES 2018 show in Las Vegas, Leti, research institute of CEA Tech, will demonstrate its low power, low cost 3D anti-crash, fusion-sensor solution for drones. Leti’s 360Fusion software, in combination with miniaturised sensors, collects, analyses and transforms millions of incoming 3D distance data items into relevant, actionable information.

11th December 2017
Micro-coolers for CERN particle detectors

In order to pave the way for a revolutionary, new detector technique at the Large Hadron Collider at CERN, Leti has announced it has created a microfluidic circuit for cooling a particle detector.

23rd October 2017
Electric vehicles to boost performance and cut costs

  Research institute of CEA Tech, Leti has announced a new European Horizon 2020 project to develop innovative electric drivetrains for third-generation electric vehicles.

21st July 2017
European FP7 project links the silicon photonic ecosystem

The European FP7 project PLAT4M has now been completed with results that exceeded expectations, according to Leti. Si photonics has long been expected to bring substantial breakthroughs in very high speed data communications, telecommunications and supercomputing. In addition, it is one of the most promising industrial-production candidates because of its potential for large-scale and low-cost production capability in existing CMOS foundries.

29th June 2017
Duo hoping to strengthen microelectronics innovation

Research institute of CEA Tech in Grenoble, France, Leti, and the Berlin-based Fraunhofer Group for Microelectronics, Europe's largest R&D provider of smart systems, will initially focus on extending CMOS and More-than-Moore technologies to enable next-gen components for applications in the Internet of Things, augmented reality, automotive, health, aeronautics and other sectors, as well as systems to support French and German indust...

Events News
23rd June 2017
System transforms distance data into clear information

  Leti has announced that its embedded sensor fusion solution, SigmaFusion, has been embedded in Infineon Technologies’ AURIX TC29x platform. This platform enables automotive developers to control powertrain, body, safety and ADAS applications with one single microcontroller family.

14th June 2017
Imagine a world with stress-free travel!

A wearable stress monitoring device has been developed by Leti that enables customised recommendations to enhance stress-free travel and indicators for improving public transportation safety. Leti scientists will demonstrate this device, and a smartphone-based mobility observer developed in the Horizon 2020 Programme, at the 12th ITS European Conference in Strasbourg, France, 19th-22nd June.

24th May 2017
WVGA microdisplay for AR video on show at Display Week

During Display Week in Los Angeles, 21st to 26th May, Leti will demonstrate what it claims to be the world’s first wide video graphic array (WVGA) GaN microdisplay with 10µ pixel pitch. The 10µ pixel pitch technology will help address the growing demand for augmented reality glasses for consumer and professional users, head-up displays for vehicle drivers and for pico projectors and other compact projectors. This ...

12th May 2017
Project to target inflammatory bowel diseases

Leti has announced a European Union project to develop a nanotherapy targeting the molecules involved in inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD), such as Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis. An estimated 3 million people in Europe, mostly adolescents and young adults, have been diagnosed with inflammatory bowel diseases, which are chronic disorders of the gastrointestinal (GI) tract caused by immune reactions.

5th April 2017
EU and South Korean project to deliver 5G system prototype

Research institute of CEA Tech, Leti, has announced a European and South Korean project, 5G CHAMPION, to deliver what it claims to be the world’s first fully integrated and operational 5G prototype in conjunction with the 2018 Winter Olympics. The team of eight European and 13 Korean partners will develop a new architecture that provides an efficient end-to-end system performance encompassing cutting-edge 5G radio-access, core-network ...

24th March 2017
IoT platform for open source development released

Leti has announced the release of its middleware for the SensiNact IoT platform for open-source development.

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