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7th August 2013
Heavy-duty rocker switches from C&K Components

C&K Components has today announced a new heavy-duty rocker switch, the SW Series, featuring an extended operating life beyond 6,000 cycles. Available in single pole single throw, single pole double throw and double pole single throw versions, the SW Series rocker switches are rated up to 16A and are available in a wide variety of designs.

6th August 2013
The smaller the better

With demand for ever-smaller portable devices, developments in the design and manufacture of miniature switches can really drive down the physical volume of consumer devices. Jerome Smolinski, Senior Product Manager at C&K Components, explores more in this ES Design magazine article.

25th July 2013
C&K announce miniature IP65-rated waterproof rocker switches

C&K Components has today announced several new series of IP65-rated waterproof miniature rocker switches. The D Series, DA Series and DM Series of miniature IP65-rated rocker switches feature a splash proof rubber boot option for waterproofing. Suited for applications including appliances, computers & peripherals, medical instrumentation, and electric tools, the new switches are available in multiple versions and styles.

25th June 2013
C&K Components Expands M2M Smart Card Connector Offering

C&K Components has developed two new smart card connectors that feature a built-in card detection switch for machine-to-machine applications. The CCM03-3511 Series smart card connectors provide an increased contact force to withstand shock and high vibration, while the CCM03-3512 features extended soldering pads to withstand a second reflow upside down.

19th June 2013
C&K Components’ Microminiature SMT Side Actuated Switch Provides Strong Shear Resistance, Extended Operating Life

C&K Components has developed a new SMT side actuated switch series that increases operating life while reducing the footprint. The microminiature PTS 840 Series switch is available with front PIP leads that deliver strong shear resistance and higher reliability than other technologies. Combining small size, an extended life span of up to 100,000 cycles, and an optional ESD pin, the robust PTS 840 Series switch is ideal for inclusion in a vari...

21st May 2013
C&K’s New PTS 810 Series Switches Enable Visual Differentiation and Variable Operating Forces

C&K Components has developed a new series of microminiature SMT top-actuated switches. Designated the PTS 810 Series, the microminiature switch has a 4.2 x 3.2mm footprint, 2.5mm height, and is ideal for control panels, nomad devices, remote controls, and keyless entry systems.

3rd May 2013
C&K Develops Versatile, Microminiature SMT Detect Switches That Enable Long-Term Ruggedized Performance

C&K Components has developed a new series of microminiature IP64-sealed SMT detect switches. The low-profile JCH Series switches come in a 4.7 x 4.2mm form factor with body height of 2.2mm and an actuator height of 3.8mm.

25th April 2013
C&K's New Ultra Low-Profile SMT Top Actuated Switch Features Unique Symbol Line Identification System

C&K Components has developed the new PTS 530 Series ultra low-profile top actuated SMT switch that is ideal for consumer electronic applications. Utilizing C&K's unique symbol line identification system, design engineers can quickly and easily identify actuation force ratings, particularly valuable for designs that incorporate multiple switches.

4th April 2013
TDA Series features bifurcated contact for increased electrical reliability and consistent performance

C&K Components has expanded its surface-mount DIP switch series to include an ultra-miniature 1-position version for hand-held and portable electronic devices. Featuring a bifurcated contact for increased electrical reliability and consistent performance, the half-pitch TDA Series DIP switches are process-sealed for surface-mount soldering and washable-processing.

20th March 2013
Vertical And Right Angle Illuminated Tactile Switches From C&K Components

C&K Components has developed a series of vertical and right angle illuminated tactile switches for a wide range of applications. Designated the Illuminated Tactile Switch Series, the switches are available in many different single LED colours and bi-colour options that are independent from the switching function.

20th March 2013
Switches Designed Into Modules And Assemblies To Meet Customer Requirements

C&K Components delivers advanced value-added services including designing and manufacturing modules and assemblies that meet customer-specific application requirements. C&K can quickly and efficiently integrate switches and electronics, from simple to complex circuitry, into attractive and functional packages that assemble neatly into customers’ finished products.

20th March 2013
Rugged Illuminated SMT Tactile Switch For Sensitive Applications

C&K Components has developed a new series of illuminated tact switches that combines consistent light output with excellent tactile feel and clear audible haptic confirmation. The K8 Series illuminated tactile switch offers several unique features and design elements, including a constant illumination cone. The LED is mounted on the actuator, which enables, in terms of actuation axis, a constant distance between the LED and the key top surfac...

12th February 2013
C&K Components Announce Rugged Half Pitch TDP Series DIP Switch

C&K Components announce that it has developed a side-actuated DIP switch that combines miniaturization and high-reliability for logic switching within computers and industrial controls. The half pitch TDP Series DIP switch features a dual bifurcated wiping action that ensures reliable contact. When mounted horizontally, the side-actuation mechanism provides visual confirmation of the on/off status, ideal for logic switching grids where multip...

30th November 2012
Latching Pushbutton Switch with Tactile Feedback from C&K Components

C&K Components has today announced that it has developed a new single-pole single-throw, latching version of its NP Series industrial sealed pushbuttons. An innovative internal construction allows designers the feel of a momentary switch that has latching functionality.

27th November 2012
C&K unveil the DS Series Door Interlock Switch enabling a variety of integration options

C&K Components has developed a rugged snap-mount pushbutton switch for door interlock systems. The DS Series interlock switch provides latching or momentary actions to deliver a variety of integration options, including typical applications as a detection switch or a circuit interrupt in harsh environments.

17th October 2012
C&K’s SDP002 Micro Mini Pendulum Switch Enables More Efficient ATCA Board Control and SMT Process Compatibility

C&K Component's has developed a surface mount micro miniature pendulum detect switch for consumer electronic and harsh environment industrial applications. A rugged combination of stainless steel base metal with silver-over-nickel plating and phosphor bronze-based contacts/terminals contributes to the robust SDP002 detect switch’s long lifespan and RoHS compliance.

5th September 2012
Momentary Power Pushbutton Switch for White Good Applications

C&K Components has developed a momentary power pushbutton switch that can handle 240V line power directly as a main switch. The PWR Series pushbutton switch features redundant double-break contacts for dishwashers and other white good applications. The RoHS-compliant and IP65-sealed switches provide excellent tactile feel, similar to a tact switch or a rubber dome switch.

9th July 2012
Sealed Tactile Switch From C&K Componenets comes With Customizable Actuation and Button Height

C&K has expanded its popular KSC Series sealed tactile switch offering to include a version with customizable actuation and button height. The surface mountable KSC9 Series switch delivers a specific actuator with a groove for button clipping and compatibility.

6th June 2012
C&K Components Develops Full SMD Side Actuated Version of IP67-Sealed Tactile Switch Series

C&K Components has expanded its KSC Series IP67-sealed tactile switch series to include a full surface mounted side-actuated version. The KSC4V2 Series tact switches feature a unique design that allows for easy side or rocker key integration, permitting haptic adaptability, as well as ensuring the switches meet specific tactile feedback and sound (click) requirements.

24th May 2012
Fast locking D-sub connector system provides easy integration in harsh environment applications...

C&K Components has designed a D-sub connector that features a fast locking system for space applications. The highly reliable fast locking D-sub connector is the only device on the market that meets ESA qualification standards.

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