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2nd November 2016
How is hardware driving the IIoT revolution?

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) revolution (or Industry 4.0 as its sometimes called) is already creating smarter factory floors filled with advanced sensor technologies, machine-to machine (M2M) communications, real-time data analytics, and machine learning capabilities. Mike Bolduc, Global Marketing Manager, Industrial and Medical Segments, C&K explains.

7th July 2016
Subminiature slide switch vertically actuated

The JS207 Series subminiature slide switches provide an economical alternative to on-on-mom toggle and rocker switches, and are ideal for headsets, consumer audio and video systems, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, thermostats, and test and measurement equipment.

13th June 2016
Rotary switches deliver 50% reduction in board space

C&K Components has released its smallest diameter rotary switch series, providing design engineers with a switch option that reduces board space by 50%. Available with two to eight positions, the RM series single-pole rotary switches feature an ultra-miniature 9.2mm body diameter and gold-plated contacts for reliable operation.

31st May 2016
Long-life switches suit ultra-compact electronics

C&K Components has introduced one of the most compact, long-lifetime, double-action switches available on the market. The KXT2 series double-action, top-actuated switches feature a miniature 3.7x3.0x1.05mm footprint, an integrated actuator with a large, 1.2mm-diameter surface area and extended 100,000-cycle lifespans.

19th April 2016
C&K Components names John Boucher CEO

C&K Components has announced the appointment of John J. Boucher as chief executive officer. John Boucher brings more than 30 years of diversified experience with leading global companies within the high-tech electronics manufacturing and services segment to C&K.

23rd November 2015
Switches provide customisable switching solutions with gold contacts

C&K Components now offers its popular D Series miniature snap-in power rocker switches with gold contacts. Designed for low voltage, low current applications in a variety of circuits, the industry-standard ½” x ¾” (19x12mm) D Series snap-in power rockers with gold contacts provide more reliable switching performance at lower power ratings than the series’ standard silver contacts, which require higher power to ...

17th November 2014
Tactile switch range features 200,000-use operating cycles

C&K Components has developed a series of surface mount top-actuated tactile switches with a range of actuation forces and extended operating lifecycles. The KSH series tactile switches are RoHS-compliant, single-pole, single-throw, top-actuated surface mount devices with a ‘soft touch’ tactile feel and a range of operating force ratings (1.6, 2.0, 2.5, 3.0 and 3.5N) with a travel distance of 1.3mm.

16th July 2014
Surface mount tactile switches offer small footprint

Offered with a range of actuation forces and extended operating lifecycles, a series of surface mount top-actuated tactile switches has been announced by C&K Components. Housed in a 6.3x6.3x5.0mm package, the KSH series SPST (single-pole, single-throw) top-actuated switches have a "soft touch" tactile feel (according to the manufacturer).

16th April 2014
PCB switches offer range of mounting options

Two medium power switch series, featuring either momentary or locking actuation configurations, has been added to C&K Component's PCB-mounted switch product line. The PVA Series short-stroke key switches are designed for through-hole PCB soldering, and are available in either DPST (double pole, single throw) or DPDT (double pole, double throw) configurations.

28th January 2014
Switches prevent fraud with tamper-proof design

Featuring detect interlock and movement functionality, the MS Series signals an expansion of C&K Component's portfolio of subminiature snap-acting switches. The switches provide customers with customization options to meet smart and industrial meter application requirements.

18th December 2013
MIL-S-83731 qualified switches for military & aerospace

Designed for military, aerospace and other high-reliability applications, the MIL-S-83731 qualified toggle switches from C&K Components are designed to provide reliable long term switching. The switches are rated for logic level up to 5A resistive loads and 2A inductive loads for use in various applications.

3rd December 2013
Economical SPDT pushbutton switches with latching contacts

C&K Components announce the release of the economical PS Series pushbutton switches with a full 4.5 mm of travel. Featuring latching contacts, the new single pull double throw PS Series switches are designed to work in conjunction with standard male commercial pin and socket connectors, 1.57 mm sq (0.062” sq) pins with 4.05 mm (0.16”) spacing.

4th November 2013
Switch series for products with board & height restrictions

C&K Components has today announced the expansion of its family of low-profile, cost-effective miniature slide switches. Now available in both SPDT and SP3T models, the PCM series slide switches are specifically designed for applications with significant board space and height restrictions.

17th October 2013
C&K door interlock switch with circuit interruption

C&K Components have today announced the introduction of the DS Series door interterlock switches. Designed to provide design flexibility by offering latching or momentary actions along with a variety of integration options, the DS Series switches can be used for detection and circuit interruption functions.

7th October 2013
Industry's most compact EN-14604 certified switch

C&K Components has expanded its line of switch products for smoke detectors in support of the new European EN-14604 standard. According to the new regulation, all smoke detectors sold in the European Union must include the CE marking and comply with EN-14604 standards, which require all smoke detectors to be equipped with a test button.

17th September 2013
Miniature slide switches with actuators down to 1mm

C&K Components has today announced a new series of low-profile, cost-effective miniature slide switches, designated the JS Slide Series. The new miniature slide switches are ideal for applications with limited PC board space and height restrictions, including mobile telecommunications, computer peripherals, instrumentation and remote-control equipment.

7th August 2013
Heavy-duty rocker switches from C&K Components

C&K Components has today announced a new heavy-duty rocker switch, the SW Series, featuring an extended operating life beyond 6,000 cycles. Available in single pole single throw, single pole double throw and double pole single throw versions, the SW Series rocker switches are rated up to 16A and are available in a wide variety of designs.

6th August 2013
The smaller the better

With demand for ever-smaller portable devices, developments in the design and manufacture of miniature switches can really drive down the physical volume of consumer devices. Jerome Smolinski, Senior Product Manager at C&K Components, explores more in this ES Design magazine article.

25th July 2013
C&K announce miniature IP65-rated waterproof rocker switches

C&K Components has today announced several new series of IP65-rated waterproof miniature rocker switches. The D Series, DA Series and DM Series of miniature IP65-rated rocker switches feature a splash proof rubber boot option for waterproofing. Suited for applications including appliances, computers & peripherals, medical instrumentation, and electric tools, the new switches are available in multiple versions and styles.

25th June 2013
C&K Components Expands M2M Smart Card Connector Offering

C&K Components has developed two new smart card connectors that feature a built-in card detection switch for machine-to-machine applications. The CCM03-3511 Series smart card connectors provide an increased contact force to withstand shock and high vibration, while the CCM03-3512 features extended soldering pads to withstand a second reflow upside down.

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