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9th September 2020
Beckhoff to digitally unveil latest automation tech

Between September 14th and 18th, Beckhoff Automation will run Automation Update, a series of five online conferences about the current developments and trends in automation technology. The events will provide insight to the latest solutions to industrial challenges and highlight the newest automation technology from Beckhoff. Registration for the event is open here.

4th June 2020
Beckhoff virtual visits webinars keep industry connected

To support industry in remaining connected and productive during the ongoing COVID-19 situation, automation technology specialist Beckhoff Automation UK is running a series of ‘virtual visits’ webinars.

1st June 2020
Beckhoff offers support to COVID-19 frontline businesses

Automation technology specialist Beckhoff Automation UK is lending its support to the battle against COVID-19 by prioritising deliveries to customers involved with fighting the spread of the disease.

2nd April 2020
F1 Racing: I/O at 200 miles per hour

It’s not controversial to suppose that Formula One (F1) is a sport of extremes. The drivers are the best, the cars are the fastest and the races the most intense. Another aspect that pushes boundaries is the data collection, handling and manipulation infrastructure that enables car condition monitoring, race timing and much more.

24th January 2019
Are robots really going to steal our jobs?

It’s a brave new world. Industrial automation and robotics are wiping out jobs across the board, swathes of people are roaming the streets unemployed and food is being rationed by an artificial intelligence, which decides how much to give them based on its perceived view of their value to society. Or at least that’s what popular culture and national news media would have us believe. By Stephen Hayes, managing director of Beckhoff Aut...

Component Management
26th June 2015
Motor modules enhance production line flexibility

Beckhoff has added modules to its eXtended Transport System (XTS), increasing flexibility. The straight and curved motor modules (180°) are supplemented by variants with a radius of 22.5°, making new track geometries possible, such as full circles, inside or outside curves, or squares with rounded corners. The range of applications can now be further extended, for example, by a flexible rotary indexing table and individual track layouts.

26th June 2015
I/O plug-in modules save distribution board space

Beckhoff has announced its EJ series of EtherCAT plug-in modules, offering proven I/O technology coupled with the necessary process reliability in an ultra-compact form factor. The EtherCAT plug-in modules are electronically based on the well-known EtherCAT I/O system and their design allows them to be directly attached to a circuit board.

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