Beckhoff offers support to COVID-19 frontline businesses

1st June 2020
Alex Lynn

Automation technology specialist Beckhoff Automation UK is lending its support to the battle against COVID-19 by prioritising deliveries to customers involved with fighting the spread of the disease.

This includes critical businesses producing medical equipment and supplies, as well as logistics companies and manufacturing businesses that have shifted production to supplies such as protective equipment or sanitisation products.

Beckhoff will be able to minimise waits for companies undertaking critical roles in the global pandemic by prioritising orders from these businesses. This will ensure that Beckhoff products, whether they are motion control systems for packaging vital products or PC-based control systems for production lines, are delivered as quickly as possible. This will help key businesses to operate more effectively during the ongoing situation, with fewer concerns in relation to their supply chain.

“Availability in global supply chains has become a significant concern for almost every business in light of COVID-19,” said Stephen Hayes, Managing Director of Beckhoff Automation UK. “Many companies have stepped in to support global supply of key products to alleviate some of the pressure, and we want to do our part to ensure availability for the critical companies that require our products.

“As such, we’re introducing a priority system on our orders, so that we can deliver products first and foremost to companies combating coronavirus. Businesses that fall into this category can let us know when requesting a quote or placing an order, so we can prioritise accordingly.

“While we will be prioritising critical businesses during this time, we will continue to work closely with all our customers to ensure their needs are met. We don’t foresee issues with order fulfilment or delivery, so all customers will receive the support they look to Beckhoff to provide.”

The order prioritisation will be complemented by ongoing access to technical support and guidance from Beckhoff UK’s team of automation specialists. The company is set up to operate at normal capacity and offer continued advice, with a weekly series of ‘virtual visit’ webinars running online to provide additional support to businesses.

“For any business affected by COVID-19, our team is on-hand to provide advice and guidance for Beckhoff products and automation systems, whether you’re a food processing business, a packaging company or an automotive manufacturer. We want to ensure everything runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible,” continued Hayes. “This ranges from customer support to cabinet construction and programming — anything that helps businesses get up and running as quickly as possible.

“The core value of automation technology lies in its ability to improve availability and efficiency, which is precisely what we’re helping key businesses achieve during this time. Globally, Beckhoff has been working closely with companies to expand production capacity and flexibility to meet the demands presented by the coronavirus outbreak, especially in countries such as Germany, the US and the Czech Republic. We want to help UK companies in the same way.”

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