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Beckhoff to digitally unveil latest automation tech

9th September 2020
Alex Lynn

Between September 14th and 18th, Beckhoff Automation will run Automation Update, a series of five online conferences about the current developments and trends in automation technology. The events will provide insight to the latest solutions to industrial challenges and highlight the newest automation technology from Beckhoff. Registration for the event is open here.

Over the years, the world of automation technology has seen numerous developments and transformations thanks to Beckhoff’s products, including TwinCAT technology, EtherCAT G high performance data cabling or the XPlanar planar motor system. However, it’s vital that engineers, machine builders and plant managers are all aware of the features of these technologies and how to implement them correctly to automate operations efficiently and without mistakes.

To provide as many answers as possible, Beckhoff Automation has moved its annual Automation Update event into a digital format, with one web conference every day from September 14th to 18th. Each Conference will start at 7:30am (UK Time) and will end around 08:15am.

“These five online web conferences are an opportunity to discover new technologies for the entire Beckhoff community in the UK and further afield,” said Stephen Hayes, Managing Director of Beckhoff Automation UK. “Although the move to an online format has been done to ensure safety during the ongoing pandemic, it also makes the information more accessible to engineers and managers that would ordinarily be unable to attend.

“In the last couple of months, we have seen the launch of new Beckhoff products here in the UK. These products, from the new ultra-compact industrial PCs to the new TwinCAT Vision software have been transforming the concept of automation in plants.

“These web conferences are not just going to allow engineers, machine builders or plant managers from all over the world to gain new skills, but to have no doubts about how and why Beckhoff is leading automation technology, and how this technology can help them.”

The first web conference on September 14th, hosted by Dr Josef Papenfort and Michael Bush, product manager at TwinCAT, will explore TwinCAT Vision, the latest TwinCAT integration launched by Beckhoff, in practice. This is followed up the following day with Roland van Mark, product manager Industrial PC, and Dr Josef Papenfort, who will talk about TwinCAT cloud-based engineering combined with IP65 IPC hardware.

The next conferences are about safety. In the third conference on September 16, Dr Fabian Assion and Christian Jürgenhake, product manager I/O systems, will talk about the latest I/O news about the safe use of terminals. On September 17, Dr Martin Früchtl, product Manager for TwinSAFE, will explore the news of TwinSAFE software and hardware.

The conferences will conclude on September 18th where Christian Mische, product manager for drive technology will first talk about the new AL8000 dynamic linear motors, and Uwe Prüßmeier, product manager XTS, will explore the new powerful applications of the XPlanar system.

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