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22nd October 2018
Arm DesignStart program accelerates Linux-based design

While the breadth of IoT provides endless possibilities for advanced software development, it also holds challenges for designers. In a rapidly changing and competitive market, designers need to differentiate their products and deliver enhanced designs at the lowest cost in the fastest time possible. Phil Burr, director, portfolio product management, Arm, explains.

2nd October 2018
Design possibilities expanded with free Cortex-M processors

As technology continues to pick up pace and push boundaries, the need for flexibility in product designs grows, contributing to a predicted 74% volume growth of the field programmable gate array (FPGA) / Programmable Logic Devices (PLD) market between 2016 to 2022.  By Phil Burr, director, Portfolio Product Management, Arm

20th September 2018
Bluetooth low energy software stack to unleash IoT innovation

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) is quickly becoming the Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity protocol of choice for a variety of use cases, including smart lighting, smart cities and asset tracking, where low-cost, power consumption and small footprint are fundamental requirements.  Author: Zach Shelby, Vice President of Developers, IoT Services Group, Arm.

6th August 2018
Setting the stage for IoT transformation

The Internet of Things (IoT) will give businesses superpowers. Whether it’s an energy provider drawing data from its infrastructure to sense failures; a sensor-equipped building anticipating and then proactively dealing with occupants’ needs; or a retailer using data streams from its stores and warehouses to streamline operations, IoT systems can be transformational.  By Dipesh Patel, president, IoT Services Group, Arm

28th June 2018
Bringing new levels of security for constrained IoT devices

Imagine a future of one trillion connected devices around the globe - in our cars, homes, hospitals, workplaces, streets. Well, everywhere. How do we ensure that even the most tiny, low power devices authenticate users, ensure personal information is encrypted and maintain enough battery life to do all of that efficiently and securely?

14th June 2018
Expanding IoT connectivity and device management capabilities

The drive to give companies the opportunity to derive real business value from IoT data is one of many factors which has fuelled Arm’s vision of a trillion connected devices by 2035. They believe that the benefits of leveraging this data are often obvious: greater efficiencies, faster time to market, cost savings and new revenue streams, and that embracing these benefits ultimately comes down to ensuring the data is trusted, secure and quic...

28th March 2018
Securing IoT applications with Mbed TLS

Attacks on IoT products have increased in recent years as a result of vulnerabilities relating to communication security, among others, being compromised.

27th March 2017
Latest education kit enhances embedded computing

The ninth and latest Education Kit from the ARM University Program has been introduced. The Embedded Linux Education Kit provides full courseware on developing embedded Linux products, including Linux kernel configuration and custom peripheral driver development, using low cost, powerful ARM-based single board computers.

21st March 2017
The future of debug and trace has arrived

In an increasingly connected world characterised by faster product-development cycles, companies continuously seek new ways to get to market sooner and to improve products throughout their life span - from production and manufacture to remote access in the field.To address this requirement, ARM has introduced ARM CoreSight SoC-600, a next-gen debug and trace solution. This new technology offers debug and trace over functional interfaces such as U...

10th March 2017
Improving autonomous driving system safety

At one level or another, we’re all excited about smarter, more autonomous cars. Some of us want completely autonomous vehicles right now; others just want their cars do take over the drudge work, especially in traffic or cities on the daily commute. It’s coming. Expanding innovations in Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and autonomous driving are transforming the way we drive our cars and, frankly, how we think about buying ne...

23rd February 2017
Report finds that companies are embracing IoT

  According to Simon Segars, CEO, ARM, the Economist Intelligence Unit’s (EIU) Internet of Things (IoT) Business Index 2017 is the most credible research produced so far charting global industry progress in the IoT.

22nd February 2017
Strategic corporate partnership aims to accelerate 5G roll-out

A collaboration between ARM and other strategic and private backers, have made a significant investment in Blu Wireless Technology, a supplier of semiconductor and system IP for millimetre wave (mmWave) and high bandwidth wireless communications markets.

21st February 2017
ARM invests in the future of IoT connectivity

The billions of connected devices making up the IoT will serve a huge range of application needs. From single-sensor devices regulating and monitoring factory production flows to intelligence stitched into a city’s arteries to tune streetlights to the presence of people, vehicle traffic and weather conditions. Despite the incredible range of use cases there are two non-negotiable elements that must be architected into the system’s hea...

10th February 2017
HOPU-ARM Innovation Fund officially launched

  ARM and HOPU Investments have launched the HOPU-ARM Innovation Fund with investments from a leading Chinese sovereign wealth fund and international and domestic Chinese investment institutions and companies. The fund combines the technical prowess of ARM’s global ecosystem of partners and HOPU’s investment expertise.

15th November 2016
Integrating medical devices for accountable care

  To promote the use of new medical devices in the emerging accountable healthcare sector, semiconductor IP company, ARM, has collaborated with US TrustedCare, a digital health company based in Austin, Texas.

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7th November 2016
Bringing virtual spaces to mainstream mobile

Virtual Reality is one of the key emerging technology trends shaping the performance and efficiency requirements of the next generation of mobile devices.

31st October 2016
Processing units enhance VR and 4K streaming experiences

Two products have been launched by ARM which are designed to address Generation Z and mainstream demands for more immersive and interactive visual content on mobile devices. The two products are; the Mali-V61 Video Processing Unit (VPU) for real-time 4K120 video performance and the Mali-G51 Graphics Processing Unit (GPU).

4th October 2016
Cache-coherent network-on-chip IP maximises performance

The Gemini 3.0 cache-coherent network-on-chip IP has been released by NetSpeed Systems, and maximises the performance of heterogeneous multicore system-on-chip (SoC) designs for cloud computing, automotive, mobile and IoT applications. Many of today’s applications build in human-like comprehension and decision-making capabilities.

26th September 2016
ARM system IP boosts SoC performance from edge to cloud

On-chip interconnect technology delivering the scalability, performance and efficiency demanded across multiple markets including 5G networks, data centre infrastructure, HPC, automotive and industrial systems has been released by ARM. The ARM CoreLink CMN-600 Coherent Mesh Network interconnect and CoreLink DMC-620 Dynamic Memory Controller enable the latest ARM-based SoCs to offer unmatched data throughput and the lowest edge to cloud latency in...

26th September 2016
Open source NFV project delivers third platform release

The OPNFV Project, an open source project that facilitates the development and evolution of Network Functions Virtualisation (NFV) components across various open source ecosystems through integration, deployment, and testing has announced the availability of OPNFV Colorado, the project’s third platform release.

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