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News & Analysis
20th May 2021
SEMIFIVE teams with Arm to accelerate custom SoC designs

Silicon design solutions provider SEMIFIVE has joined the Arm ecosystem to accelerate the deployment of application-optimised custom SoC designs built on Arm technology.

News & Analysis
23rd October 2020
Arm, Mentor accelerate verification

Mentor has announced a partnership with Arm to help integrated circuit (IC) designers optimise and streamline the functional verification of their Arm-based designs.

29th September 2020
Arm unveils next-generation autonomous systems IP

Arm has unveiled a suite of devices aimed at autonomous systems in automotive and industrial applications.

News & Analysis
15th September 2020
Jobs and strategy concerns follow ARM acquisition

Oh, the irony. Just days after the government announced its intention to spend millions of pounds on technology start-ups in the hope they grow into another Amazon, Intel or well, ARM, one of the UK’s greatest technology companies has been sold to US chip maker NVidia.

News & Analysis
21st August 2020
ARM, DARPA forge technology agreement

Arm has signed a three-year partnership agreement with the U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), establishing an access framework to all commercially available Arm technology.

News & Analysis
22nd June 2020
ARM adds power to supercomputer elbow

An ARM-powered supercomputer, the Fugaku, a system jointly developed by RIKEN and Fujitsu was awarded the number one spot of the TOP500 list at the International Supercomputing Conference (ISC).

12th June 2020
Arm technology has a key role in the transformation of powertrain solutions

Arm technology is enabling the real-time, efficient, safe compute needed for current and future powertrain systems. Learn about future trends and explore our recommended products for a variety of applications across your automotive powertrain, including battery management systems, on-board chargers and traction motor controllers. Learn more.

1st June 2020
Webinar: software analysis of complex Cortex-M applications

In complex embedded applications, it is often very difficult to find the root cause of reduced performance or incorrect program operation. Several software stacks and RTOS kernels have already hooks for event annotations, which helps to identify incorrect usage faster.

6th May 2020
Free Access to Arm IP for Silicon Startups

In today’s challenging business landscape, enabling innovation is critical - now more than ever, startups with brilliant ideas need the fastest, most trusted route to success and scale. Highlights of the Flexible Access for Startups program: $0 easy access to the world's leading SoC design portfolio, $0 license fee for the production of prototypes and $0 cost tools, training, and support to ...

5th May 2020
Silicon startups get zero-cost access to ARM IP portfolio

Arm Flexible Access for Startups is an extension of its already highly successful Flexible Access program.

16th April 2020
Arm enables IoT proliferation through Pelion platform

According to the 2020 Economist IoT Business Index study, nearly one-third of external IoT projects remain in the early implementation phase. While this is a vast improvement compared to previous years (only 14% in 2017), there is still much work to be done. To address this, Arm is focusing its efforts onthe Pelion platform to provide the underlying IoT connectivity and management technologies, enabling our partners to quickly make...

11th March 2020
IoT fortunes rising fast: The Economist Intelligence Unit Index 2020

The longest-running business study into the Internet of Things shows significant IoT investment is likely to tip global deployments over into global maturity this year. Over seven years, The Economist Intelligence Unit’s (EIU) IoT Business Index survey has established itself as the most authoritative in-depth study of IoT growth.

11th February 2020
Remote SIM provisioning over NB-IoT

There is no doubt that the IoT is revolutionising industry, and businesses are rapidly recognising the revenue opportunities that can be realised via connected, intelligent devices. Over the last few years the IoT ecosystem has evolved and matured to the point where it is now a very attractive proposition for companies looking to invest.

11th July 2019
Evolving automotive infotainment with Arm

Vehicle cockpits are now being designed by automakers with an increasing number of advanced features influenced by the wide array of new technologies used by consumers daily. There are also new advanced safety features that are being added, which are essential to achieve the goal of autonomous vehicles. The cockpit of the future cockpit requires advanced processing capabilities to meet consumer demands for connectivity, safety, and futu...

22nd May 2019
Analytics solution to maximise smart spaces

Commercial building property managers are under pressure to maximise value per square foot and deliver optimal experiences for their occupants. The Internet of Things (IoT) can help solve these challenges by providing better insights and predictability for space usage including room occupancy, resource trends and traffic patterns.  By Dave Weidner, senior director, ISG Market Development, Arm

15th April 2019
Processing power in automotive with ARM

This video is an introduction to Arm processing power in automotive.

Cyber Security
27th February 2019
Security certification for IoT announced at embedded world

To support widespread deployment of secure IoT solutions based on its Platform Security Architecture (PSA) framework, Arm and its independent security testing lab partners Brightsight, CAICT, Riscure and UL, along with consultants Prove&Run, have announced PSA Certified. At this week’s embedded world exhibition, Electronic Specifier Editor, Joe Bush, caught up with David Maidment, Director, Secure Devices Ecosystem at Arm, to find out m...

Artificial Intelligence
19th February 2019
Supercharging AI at the intelligent edge

Recently, the chip designer Arm has announced its Helium technology, the new lightweight M-Profile vector extensions (MVE) for the Armv8.1-M architecture. This new technology promises to deliver enhanced machine learning and signal processing for the smallest embedded devices.

Events News
11th February 2019
Benefit from creating your custom SoC

On the 6th February ARM, a specialist in SoCs and ASICs, hosted a seminar for technology companies which took place in Hannover, Germany. The purpose of the event was to show how customers can benefit from customisation of the SoCs they use, together with ARM and its approved partners. Silicon customisation helps to make existing architectures even more power efficient. 

18th December 2018
Strengthening autonomous trust on the road

According to recent data from AAA, 73% of American drivers are too afraid to ride in fully self-driving vehicles and 63% of US adults feel less safe sharing the road with self-driving vehicles while walking or cycling.  By Lakshmi Mandyam, VP automotive, Arm

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