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Aerospace & Defence
25th October 2017
Reduced flange connector targets military markets

Designed for reduced spaces in military and aviation applications, Amphenol Socapex's 38999 Reduced Flange receptacle combines space and weight savings with the performance of a MIL-DTL-38999 Series III connector. Its design reduces the footprint surface by 41%. It is also 20% lighter than a standard MIL-DTL-38999 Series III connector. The connector is suitable in situations where a maximum number of MIL-DTL-38999 Series III connectors need ...

22nd August 2017
Test cables deliver high performance, phase stable results

  Amphenol RF has introduced the ATC-PS series of amplitude and phase stable test cables. These pre-configured SMA assemblies are designed for high performance applications which require minimal insertion and return loss.

18th July 2017
Connectors designed for high volume automotive applications

A new generation of the popular FAKRA connector series has been introduced by Amphenol RF. The upgraded SMB connector design includes stamped and formed construction for fully automated cable termination. They also feature removable connector housings, for field replacement if necessary, and are mechanically keyed and colour coded to prevent mismating on the production line. The latest FAKRA product offerings are compatible with all previous...

6th July 2017
Low loss N-Type connectors improve performance

Amphenol RF has introduced a range of redesigned N-Type connectors optimised for use with Low Loss 400 cables. Low Loss cables provide enhanced shielding with a bonded foil construction ensuring 100% coverage. The connectors feature a nominal impedance of 50 ohms and offer low return loss from DC to 6 GHz. The new Type N connectors are available in straight jack, bulkhead jack, straight plug and right angle plug configurations.

13th June 2017
Test probe assemblies boast hand formable cables

Amphenol RF has added a range of SMA test probe assemblies to its line of pre-configured coaxial cable assemblies. This new configuration features high-performance 0.047 and 0.085-inch diameter hand formable semi-rigid cables. The cable assemblies feature a gold plated, precision machined brass body, a gold-plated beryllium copper contact, and PTFE insulator.

7th June 2017
12G optimised cable assemblies offer digital signage

  Amphenol RF is offering a comprehensive line of 12G products with the release of several connector options and the introduction of 12G optimised cable assemblies. These products are aimed to support the rapidly growing need for faster processing and more space-conscious broadcast solutions.

1st June 2017
Compact cable assemblies for high-performance applications

Targeted for high-performance applications, Amphenol RF has introduced fixed length 50Ω HD-BNC cable assemblies as a pre-configured solution. These lightweight, compact cable assemblies deliver a space conscious option for designers and engineers, at what it claims to be a footprint of 51% smaller than traditional BNC connectors, and allows for four times the density.

12th May 2017
Cable assemblies suitable for small, high frequency applications

Fixed length SMPM cable assemblies have been introduced by Amphenol RF as a suitable pre-configured solution for high frequency applications with 50Ω impedance requirements. The cable assemblies offer performance up to 20GHz and are designed for high reliability requirements including military and aerospace applications. Amphenol RF’s SMPM pre-configured cable assemblies feature high performance SMPM plug connectors, which a...

23rd November 2016
Simplify antenna connections with fixed length cable

A line of N-type to AMC fixed length cable assemblies have been introduced by Amphenol RF. The assemblies are suitable for use in indoor and outdoor wireless applications including automated meter reading and outdoor access points. The fixed length cable assemblies feature high quality Amphenol RF N-type bulkhead jacks and AMC right angle plugs terminated to RG-178 cable. 

14th October 2016
Connectors operate in high frequency applications

A SMPM line of high performance products has been announced by Amphenol RF. SMPM interconnects offer high performance in a sub-miniature package, with versatile connectivity options. SMPM cable connectors are available in straight and right-angle configurations, for 1.19 and 2.18mm diameter semi-rigid and conformable cables, as well as RG-178 flexible coax.

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