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15th January 2020
SMA connectors offer ruggedised solution for harsh environments

Amphenol RF has introduced additional SMA connectors to the existing Amphenol Rugged Connector (ARC) series. This product series is specifically designed to offer superior performance in harsh conditions which makes them well suited for outdoor applications where extreme weather conditions may be a consideration.

16th December 2019
New range of connectors released for smart agriculture applications

QuickBuild RF, a partnership between Amphenol RF and Amphenol Custom Cable, have announced the introduction of FAKRA connectors into its robust portfolio. FAKRA connectors are the latest addition to the continuously expanding connector offerings contained within the custom RF cable configurator which launched earlier this year.

29th August 2019
Create custom microwave solutions with SMA panel mount receptacles

Amphenol RF has introduced a line of fully customisable SMA Panel Mount Receptacles. These connectors offer excellent VSWR performance up to 18GHz. Various flange sizes are available, including two and four hole flange configurations.

21st August 2019
Enhance 5G networks with wireless solutions

Amphenol RF has introduced the Wireless Infrastructure Solutions Guide, a digital short-form catalogue designed to streamline the interconnect selection process within the wireless vertical. This comprehensive guide provides customers with an overview of the next generation of mobile networks, 5G, and a breakdown of the core applications.

15th August 2019
Connect further with new BNC to AMC cable assemblies

Amphenol RF has introduced the expansion of its cable assembly line. This new series features the BNC connector to compact AMC micro connector designed with the widely used RG-178 cable. This assembly combines the quick connect and disconnect versatility of the bayonet coupling mechanism with the most commonly used micro RF connector on the market.

14th August 2019
Connectors provide versatility to broadcast industry

Amphenol RF has introduced the latest expansion of its12G product line, MCX connectors designed specifically for 4K/Ultra-HD broadcast applications. This expansion features both PCB and cable mount configurations designed with the reliable push-on coupling mechanism.

3rd July 2019
Upgrade your lab with precision test cables

Amphenol RF has announced the expansion of the ATC-PS series of amplitude and phase stable test cables. These pre-configured assemblies are now available in SMA and N-Type configurations and are designed for high-performance applications which require minimal insertion and return loss.

24th June 2019
Enable in-vehicle infotainment with HSD cable assemblies

Amphenol RF has introduced fixed length HSD cable assemblies into its existing high speed data product line. The HSD series is geared toward automotive designs that require fast data transmission utilising LVDS, IEEE 1394 and USB protocols. The reliable push-on connection and colour coded, keyed bodies prevent mismating, making this a solution for automotive applications.

17th May 2019
Expanded line of SMA connectors optimised for low loss cable

Additional redesigned SMA connectors have been introduced by Amphenol RF, optimised for use with Low Loss 100 and 100A cable. Low Loss cables provide enhanced shielding with a bonded foil construction ensuring 100% coverage. These connectors feature a nominal impedance of 50 ohms and offer low return loss from DC to 12.4GHz.

15th May 2019
Design custom RF cable assemblies with online configurator

It has been announced that Amphenol RF and Amphenol Custom Cable have launched QuickBuild RF, an online custom RF cable assembly configurator. Customers now have the ability to develop a cable assembly, selecting from an ever-growing assortment of RF connectors and cable options.

30th April 2019
Assemblies designed for harsh environments offer ruggedised solution

It has been announced that Amphenol RF’s existing line of ARC connectors has been joined by the introduction of ruggedised fixed length cable assembly lines. The ARC line is a series of coaxial connectors and RF cable assemblies engineered specifically for superior performance in harsh conditions, and available in standard and reverse polarity.

26th April 2019
Online tool for sourcing custom RF cable assemblies

It has been announced that Amphenol RF has entered into a partnership with Amphenol Custom Cable for the upcoming launch of an innovative online quick-turn cable configuration tool, QuickBuild RF. QuickBuild RF will allow customers to configure cable assemblies from a wide assortment of radio frequency (RF) connectors and standard cables at any length, delivered in less than one week with no minimum order quantity.

12th April 2019
Growing need for RF technology in smart agriculture applications

The Smart Agriculture Solutions Guide has been introduced by Amphenol RF, a digital short-form catalogue designed to streamline the interconnect selection process within the Smart Ag vertical. This guide provides customers with an overview of the emerging IoT market, Smart Agriculture, also known as Precision Farming, and a breakdown of the core applications, alongside valuable product information required for developing the infrastructure necess...

1st April 2019
Low PIM N-Type connectors reach extended frequency

The expansion of the popular N-Type connector product series has been announced by Amphenol RF. The latest N-Type connectors are designed to reach an extended frequency range of 18GHz. The reliable medium-sized connector features the familiar threaded coupling mechanism and provides engineers with a durable, weatherproof interconnect solution with excellent low PIM performance.

6th February 2019
Save time and resources with SMA quick connect adapter

  Amphenol RF is offering the SMA Quick-Connect adapter, a straight jack to straight plug configuration, as part of its broad portfolio of coaxial adapters. This precision machined 50Ω adapter allows for quick and easy mating with all existing threaded SMA jack and plug connectors.

4th February 2019
Think smaller with the new AMC4 connector series

  Amphenol RF has announced that it is introducing the small form factor AMC4 connector series. This micro-miniature product series features the popular push-on coupling design and is suitable for IoT applications which require space efficient, economical designs.

4th February 2019
SMP bullet adapters for more options for blind mate applications

The expansion of the SMP product line, a high-frequency, subminiature board-to-board solution, has been announced by Amphenol RF, to include several new bullet adapters and a straight cable plug. This connector series is designed for blind mate applications with a variety of board spacing and package size requirements.

24th January 2019
Connector series enhances 5G wireless technology

The new 2.2/5 connector series has been introduced by Amphenol RF. This interface is a compact version of the previously released 4.3/10 connector series with a footprint that is 53% smaller. This connector series is lightweight and can accommodate thick, low loss cables up to a half inch. The robust design makes these connectors suited for both indoor and outdoor use.

22nd January 2019
New 12G adapters and cable-mount connectors announced

  Amphenol RF is introducing the latest expansion of its 12G product line designed specifically for 4K/Ultra-HD broadcast applications. This expansion features additional adapter configurations and cable mount connectors for Canare L-5.5CUHD and Belden 4694P, 4731R, and 4731P cables.

23rd October 2018
Design Compact IOT Devices With Micro-Miniature AMC4 Connectors

Amphenol RF introduce the small form factor AMC4 connector as part of an SMA cable assembly line.  This assembly features the popular SMA bulkhead jack connector and the newly minted AMC4 plug connector on 1.13mm cable. The SMA to AMC4 cable assembly is ideal for IoT applications which require space efficient, economical designs.

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