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3rd November 2021
Fakra to SMA cable assemblies increases flexibility

Amphenol RF expands portfolio with new FAKRA to SMA cable assemblies designed for applications with increased flexibility requirements. 

21st October 2021
Amphenol RF expands portfolio with TNC and RP-TNC

Amphenol RF is pleased to expand our connectivity options to include standard and waterproof IP‐rated cable assemblies with TNC and RP‐TNC configurations.

20th September 2021
Sealed SMA connectors suit outdoor applications

IP67-sealed SMA connectors by Amphenol RF accept RG-58 cables and can be used for outdoor use.

3rd August 2021
Ultraflex cable assemblies offer new design opportunities

Amphenol RF is pleased to offer a full line of high-performance BNC cable assemblies which utilise flexible, low loss times LMR-UF cables. 

30th July 2021
Waterproof IP67 cable assemblies add tamper resistance

Amphenol RF has expanded its waterproof IP‐rated and tamper‐resistant cable assemblies with TNC and RP-TNC configurations. These cable assemblies are designed using 1.13 mm micro coax cable and feature the ultraminiature AMC4 connector on one end.

16th July 2021
Waterproof sealed SMA interconnect protects systems

Amphenol RF is proud to announce the expansion of our IP-rated waterproof sealed solutions with additional IP67 SMA connector options. These lightweight 50ohm connectors are engineered for flexible and semi-rigid cable types and designed to withstand harsh environments.

15th July 2021
Flexibility with new 50ohm SMB cable assembly options

Amphenol RF has introduced additional SMB cable assemblies into our wide portfolio of pre-configured RF assemblies. These 50ohm cable assemblies feature a plug-to-plug configuration and are available in both RG-58 and RG-174 versions. They offer reliable electrical performance up to 4GHz, or the limits of the cable type, and are suited for designs where there are space constraints.

28th June 2021
High-frequency MCX cable assemblies for 4k

Amphenol RF has expanded its 12G MCX product series to include cable assemblies designed on Belden 4855R. This 75 ohm assembly is available in a right-angle plug to right-angle plug configuration in a wide range of standard lengths from six inches to three metres.

25th June 2021
MMCX cables add flexibility micro-miniature interface

Amphenol RF has announced the expansion of its high-performance MMCX product series to include additional cable assembly options. These 50ohm assemblies are available with plug to plug configurations on RG-174 in an extensive range of standard lengths from six inches to three meters.

18th May 2021
Flexible cable offerings support industrial connectivity

Amphenol RF has announced the expansion of its TNC product series with high-performance cable assemblies on a variety of popular flexible cable types. These 50 ohm assemblies are available in plug to plug configurations with an extensive range of standard lengths from six inches to four meters.

10th May 2021
Automotive test capabilities with low loss SMA connectors

Amphenol RF has announced the expansion of its SMA product series with 50 ohm connectors optimised for low loss TFC-302LL cable. This lightweight, compact and vibration proof interface is available in bulkhead jack, straight jack, straight plug and right angle plug configurations.

26th April 2021
HD-EFI product expands with thread-in configurations

Amphenol RF has announced the expansion of the HD-EFI product line, designed to satisfy the need for a compact RF interconnect solution. The latest addition to the HD-EFI series consists of panel mount receptacle jacks, a common component in wireless infrastructure filters.

30th March 2021
Tamper-resistant cable assemblies available

Amphenol RF has announced that it can now offer waterproof IP-rated and tamper-resistant cable assemblies designed using 1.13mm micro coax cable. These cable assemblies are available across three popular connector series – SMA, TNC and RP-TNC – and feature the ultraminiature AMC connector on one end.

10th March 2021
On-demand 3D CAD model catalogue

Amphenol RF is excited to provide on-demand 3D CAD models via the B2B community powered by Cadenas PARTSolutions. With over than 800 part numbers now available and more coming, this tool provides engineers with a convenient resource to design RF products directly in their system.

8th March 2021
Pre-configured BNC cable assemblies provide flexibility

Amphenol RF has announced the expansion of our popular BNC cable assembly series. This series features the high-performance BNC connector designed for a variety of popular flexible, semi-rigid and conformable cables.

2nd March 2021
High speed contact for harsh environments

Amphenol Industrial Operations has announced that it now offers the high speed contact that can be implemented in Amphenol’s GT series connectors and used in hazardous environments. Quadrax contacts offer more reliable rail mass transit (RMT) application requirements on inter-vehicle connections and database applications than multi-pole connectors without individual shielding. 

25th February 2021
FAKRA to AMC4 cable assemblies for compact options

Amphenol RF has introduced the FAKRA to AMC4 cable assembly product series. This preconfigured assembly combines the automotive industry standard FAKRA connector with the ultraminiature AMC4 connector on the flexible 1.13mm micro coax cable. 

25th February 2021
Waterproof IP67 rated BNC connectors for system integrity

Amphenol RF has introduced additional products to its waterproof IP67 product series portfolio. This latest expansion includes three BNC bulkhead jacks designed to accommodate the popular RG-58, RG-142 and LMR-240 cables. These products are suited for outdoor applications where there is potential for exposure to dust and/or water.

22nd February 2021
New 2.2-5 connectors give 5G a boost

Amphenol RF has introduced the expansion of its 2.2-5 connectors series. This expansion includes new plug and jack cable mount configurations designed for 0.141” conformable, RG-402, Times Tflex 402 and Belden 1673A semi-rigid cable. The 2.2-5 interface is a compact version of the 4.3-10 connector series with a footprint that is 53% smaller.

8th February 2021
QMA adapters expand quick-locking options

Amphenol RF has announced the expansion of our QMA adapter product series. Quick-locking adapters are available in both in-series and between-series configurations with N-Type, SMA and TNC options. 

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