Expand outside with IP67 SMA bulkhead cable assemblies

9th February 2022
Kiera Sowery

Amphenol RF has expand its cable assembly portfolio with additional pre‐configured SMA options to support designs that require a more ruggedized, waterproof solution.

These SMA assemblies utilise a bulkhead jack on one end that is fully tested to IP67 specifications in both the mated and unmated condition. They are designed on flexible RG‐316 coax cable which is suitable for low loss applications such as those in the industrial and IoT verticals.

These 50ohm IP67 SMA cable assemblies offer reliable electrical performance up to 3GHz. They feature lightweight and durable connectors for usage in a variety of outdoor and indoor applications. The SMA connectors are manufactured using gold‐plated, brass bodies with gold‐plated, beryllium copper contacts and are available in straight or right‐angle plug to jack configurations. The SMA interface uses a threaded coupling mechanism that ensures secure mating resulting in built‐in vibration resistance. 

The cable assemblies are part of a broad portfolio of sealed IP67‐rated products that provide additional protection against external weather‐related elements. Fixed length assemblies such as these offer a durable solution for harsh environments which is a combination of the more ruggedised connectors and the robust cable type. Additionally, the RG‐316 cable has a small diameter that makes these assemblies suitable for wireless communication, broadcast and military equipment.

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