Count On Tools unveils specialised vacuum nozzle

26th July 2023
Harry Fowle

Count On Tools is pleased to introduce its latest breakthrough: a special vacuum nozzle designed to handle all types of odd-shaped components with unmatched precision.

Part number 2023-5260, the latest addition to its line of vacuum nozzles, revolutionizes the handling process of the SKT108775GQS 42-position 2mm header.

Count On Tools’ Custom Machine Shop developed a compliant centre nozzle, paired with two outlying supports, offering exceptional accuracy and consistency during the placement process. With this specialized vacuum nozzle, customers can now effortlessly and reliably place the challenging SKT108775GQS header — a feat that was previously reliant on a manual hand placement process.

The introduction of part number 2023-5260 exemplifies Count On Tools’ commitment to addressing the evolving needs of the electronics manufacturing industry. By providing a custom solution tailored to handle odd-shaped components, the company enables manufacturers to optimize their production processes and enhance overall productivity.

“We take pride in developing cutting-edge solutions that empower our customers to overcome manufacturing challenges,” said Curt Couch, Vice President at Count On Tools. “The specialized vacuum nozzle, part number 2023-5260, is a testament to our dedication to innovation and customer-centricity. It streamlines the handling of the SKT108775GQS header, enabling our clients to achieve greater accuracy and efficiency in their operations.”

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