Imint & Superhexa announce collaboration to integrate Vidhance Video Stabilisation Software in Superhexa Vision AR glasses

1st December 2022
Kiera Sowery

IMINT Image Intelligence AB ("Imint”) has announced collaboration with Superhexa, a developer of personal consumer electronics products, to incorporate Imint’s pioneering Vidhance platform into the company’s SUPERHEXA Vision, the most powerful dual-camera AR glasses, which feature integrated dual cameras for hands-free capture of live video and still photography.

Optimised and customised for the specific requirements of consumer wearables like AR glasses, Imint’s Vidhance video stabilization technology overcomes the inherent challenges of keeping AR glasses steady when shooting live video or still photos. The result is a video feed or still images that are in focus and in frame – no matter how much shake or wobble occurs while the wearer is moving during recording.

Imint’s suite of Vidhance video stabilisation solutions are integrated into the technologically advanced, feature-rich, and ergonomically designed SUPERHEXA Vision AR glasses.

Combined, these advanced technologies enable end-users to continue to move naturally and maintain active lifestyles as they shoot video and photography hands-free with exceptional results. Thanks to the integration of Vidhance video stabilisation software, users of SUPERHEXA Vision AR glasses are free to capture daily moments on a whim and recall clear, accurate images for their enjoyment later. 

“Unlike smartphones, that can be placed on a tripod for stability, wearables like SUPERHEXA Vision AR glasses move as the body moves, making it much more difficult for video and image feeds to stay in focus,” stated Imint CTO Johan Svensson. “This makes video stabilisation not just an attractive selling feature but absolutely essential for mass adoption of wearables in general. Superhexa represents an emerging leading in the growing market of consumer wearables, and we look forward to continued collaboration to ensure that their AR glasses perform their very best.”

With the global wearable market expected to reach $118.16 billion by 2028, according to ResearchAndMarkets, Imint’s Vidhance video stabilisation platform is increasingly in demand by leading AR glasses manufacturers like Superhexa, in addition to RealWear, amongst others.

“Imint’s Vidhance video stabilisation software helps differentiate the SUPERHEXA Vision AR glasses from others in the marketplace – delivering a seamless, engaging, ‘what you see is what you get’ experience for consumers,” says Xia Yongfeng, Founder, Chairman and CEO  of SUPERHEXA. “Enabling consumers to shoot fully-stable video and still images effortlessly and accurately from a wearable device like our SUPERHEXA Vision AR glasses elevates Superhexa as a pioneer in the market and creates a new, exciting application for users to explore.”  

The Vidhance video stabilisation software complements a host of other core technologies critical to the performance of the SUPERHEXA Vision AR glasses, including Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset, Sony Micro OLED screen, and a built-in 990mAh high-density battery which provides 3.3 hours of power, and 100 minutes of video recording time, when fully charged.

Furthermore, an LED shooting indicator attached to the main camera body lights up immediately when the eyewear is activated to take photos or record videos. Photos and recordings can be transmitted via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi from the glasses to the user’s smartphone for storage or sharing with friends and family. A variety of augmented reality functions are built into the AR glasses, as well.


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