DELO to host online AR/VR hardware conference on November 9

6th October 2022
Kiera Sowery

DELO will host a virtual event on November 9, 2022, along with several partners from the AR/VR community, to discuss the different ways hardware developers and manufacturers can reduce assembly costs for smart glasses and other augmented and virtual reality devices used in applications like navigation, virtual assistance and gaming.

Attendees of the virtual conference, entitled "AR and VR: Your Path to The Future," will learn how novel AR and VR technologies can be brought to market, what innovations are made possible by optical materials, and what manufacturing trends are currently emerging.

Presentations will be given by market research company, IDTechEX; semiconductor manufacturing expert, EVG; active alignment market leader, Kasalsis; European pilot line for the production of free-form micro-optics, PHABULOuS; and DELO, as a manufacturer of optical polymers and high-tech adhesives. The European photonics industry association EPIC is also one of the event's partners.

The online conference will take place from 7 am EST to 11:45 am EST on November 9. Its target audience is the hardware development and manufacturing community for smart glasses and other AR and VR devices, with a focus on project managers, developers and engineers from OEMs, as well as their suppliers and plant manufacturers.

The virtual event will include six presentations, with one session dedicated to polymer solutions for diffractive waveguides. These are considered central optical elements for future, more compact smart glasses. Each presentation will be followed by a Q&A session with in-depth discussion on development requirements and market and application trends.

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