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Tyrata's IntelliTread to improve bus fleet maintenance

27th May 2020
Alex Lynn

Durham City Transit Company (DCTC) and Tyrata, have completed a comprehensive test and evaluation protocol demonstrating the viability of Tyrata's low-cost Drive-Over System (DOS) and data analytics. The solid-state DOS automatically collects and analyzes tire tread depth as buses drive over the low-profile, speedbump-like sensor.

The DOS, performing as designed, required no human intervention or changes to DCTC’s facilities or bus operations. Solid-state sensors that measure the tire tread thickness proved resilient to debris and required no maintenance. Tyrata's DOS algorithms improved measurement accuracy and demonstrated Tyrata's ability to provide vital maintenance information to the fleet operator.

"We gather tire data every day, so even in this short time the volume of collected tire tread data has been impressive. Large data sets allow us to employ machine learning to continuously accuracy of predictive analysis," said David Koester, Tyrata VP of Engineering. "We have met all our technical milestones and are thankful to the city of Durham and the DCTC for providing us an opportunity to complete this field test," concluded David Koester.

IntelliTreadDOS automates critical safety processes that are typically labor-intensive. The system frees up valuable human resources to perform other tasks while providing daily feedback to optimize decision making and tire safety. DOS is offered on a software/data pay-as-you-go basis with no hardware costs. Depending on the specific fleet company situation, a positive return on investment (ROI) is achieved within a few months.

"We are pleased with DOS performance and look forward to leveraging this locally developed technology to further optimize tire maintenance and adhere to our safety standards," said Bob Losiniecki, Maintenance Director of DCTC.

Tyrata is currently building DOS for customers in the US, Japan, and Europe.

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