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Test & Measurement
27th May 2020
Tyrata's IntelliTread to improve bus fleet maintenance

Durham City Transit Company (DCTC) and Tyrata, have completed a comprehensive test and evaluation protocol demonstrating the viability of Tyrata's low-cost Drive-Over System (DOS) and data analytics. The solid-state DOS automatically collects and analyzes tire tread depth as buses drive over the low-profile, speedbump-like sensor.

Test & Measurement
25th February 2020
Integrated RFID at Tire Technology Expo 2020

Tyrata a tyre sensor and data management company, will demonstrate its IntelliTread Drive-Over System (DOS) with integrated RFID technology at the Tire Technology Expo, February 25th to 27th in Hanover, Germany. The RFID technology enables the DOS to correlate tread-depth information of each individual tyre as part of an asset management system.

2nd January 2020
Automated tyre tread monitoring system launched

Tyrata has announced that it will be deploying its automated tire tread monitoring system at the Durham, NC bus depot, in cooperation with the Durham City Transit Company and Continental. In this test programme, Tyrata’s IntelliTread Drive-Over System (DOS) will measure and evaluate Durham buses’ tire tread depth to provide actionable tire maintenance information.

15th October 2019
System measures vehicle tire tread depth for fleets

Tyrata has expanded its patented IntelliTread tire tread wear sensor platform to include a low-profile drive-over system. The IntelliTread Drive-Over-System (DOS) provides actionable data regarding tire tread wear when a vehicle drives over the low-profile, speed bump-like unit.

22nd August 2019
Scientific advisory board to develop intelligent tire tread wear sensor

Tyrata has expanded its Scientific Advisory Board with two experts in complex data handling, machine learning and data analytics. The new board members, both Duke University professors, will focus on optimising data collection and analytics for the IntelliTread technology platform as Tyrata attempts to transform how the tire and transportation industries sense and use tread wear data.

31st May 2019
Scientific advisory board formed to advance sensor technology

Tyrata has created a Scientific Advisory Board to further advance all aspects of tyre monitoring and data monetisation. Building on Tyrata’s substantial scientific foundation, the Scientific Advisory Board will strengthen the IntelliTread tyre tread wear sensor by guiding the company in the extraction, handling, and processing of data. The real time collection of tyre tread data, combined with associated big data analytics, are unique offer...

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