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NIWeek 2019: Software's single interface accelerates test setup

21st May 2019
Mick Elliott

The latest version of NI’s SystemLink software was released at NIWeek 2019 in Austin. It has been developed to ease the daunting task of managing configuration activities and data for a fleet of distributed test and measurement systems, especially when systems incorporate a variety of device configurations and software combinations.

With the increasing number of distributed systems and the exponential growth of data, engineering teams must manage the disparities across these systems.

SystemLink can help engineers improve operational efficiency by offering a single interface to quickly set up and manage software, tests and assets across multiple facilities and test benches. The latest release of SystemLink includes the new SystemLink Asset Module.

This additional module allows users to centrally track and manage test assets including usage information and calibration data along with a new dashboard view that provides quick scans of relevant insights, such as connection history and calibration forecast. 

Additionally, continuous monitoring of system health and performance is essential for test throughput and production continuity.

The recent update includes new functionality within the SystemLink Test Module that reports real-time activity, with a new custom dashboard including pass/fail status and test results.

In case of network interruptions, local test nodes also cache results and send them to the SystemLink server when a connection can be re-established.

Along with out-of-the-box support for TestStand, the new version of SystemLink provides APIs for custom test executives written in LabVIEW, Python and .NET/C#.  

NI designed the software specifically to improve configuration processes by providing a central web application for tasks such as software installations, device updates and diagnostic functions.

SystemLink also helps maximise instrumentation utilisation and minimise cost and employee time spent on administrative tasks related to managing testers.

Test personnel can use its open architecture to future-proof their systems and keep up with constantly changing requirements and new technologies.

SystemLink is now available in Chinese and German.

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