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National Instruments Brings Engineers from CAD to Motion in Minutes

4th August 2006
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National Instruments has released NI Motion Assistant 2.0, the latest version of the interactive software for prototyping single- and multi-axis motion control systems. Machine builders and OEMs can use the new NI Motion Assistant 2.0 to import motion profiles from CAD and drafting programs using the popular DXF file format.
With this time-saving feature, engineers can gain instant access to their profiles. Additionally, the software’s interactive environment makes it easy to implement profiles in NI CompactRIO programmable automation controllers or generate code for PCI/PXI plug-in motion controllers while maintaining the ease of use of previous versions. NI Motion Assistant 2.0 is ideal for engineers who build machines for engraving or cutting profiles in sheet metal, glass, wood, foam or cloth, or for scanning applications in the semiconductor, life sciences and electronics industries.

After saving a motion profile as a DXF file in a CAD or drafting program such as AutoCAD or SolidWorks, engineers can use NI Motion Assistant 2.0 to instantly import the profile and save motion-specific commands in an XML file format without writing additional code. They can then dynamically import this XML file into National Instruments LabVIEW software or C applications with NI motion hardware. Along with the ability to import motion profiles, NI Motion Assistant 2.0 continues to offer machine builders and OEMs tools to design motion applications in an interactive environment as well as the ability to deploy those applications by converting projects into C code for any C compiler or into NI LabVIEW virtual instruments.

NI Motion Assistant 2.0 also features smart contouring, so engineers can redefine a user-defined trajectory based on their desired move constraints while preserving move geometry. They can now easily implement trapezoidal or S-curve velocity profiles for moves with complex geometry, which helps minimise jitter on mechanical components and increase machine life.

In addition, NI Motion Assistant 2.0 features a graphical, point-and-click interface with 3D visualisation capabilities for creating powerful motion control applications using stepper, servo and piezo actuators. Engineers can download a new, fully functional evaluation version of NI Motion Assistant 2.0 at ni.com/motion to explore the software’s latest features.

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