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Isotropic H-field probe from Link Microtek

7th November 2008
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Now available from RF radiation safety specialist Link Microtek is a new isotropic H-field probe for the Narda SRM-3000 selective radiation meter – an innovative instrument that is capable of measuring emissions from each individual source within a multiple-frequency RF environment.
Covering the frequency range from 100kHz to 250MHz, the new H-field probe breaks new ground by enabling isotropic magnetic field measurements to be made in the near field region of long-, medium- and short-wave transmitters.

Since electric and magnetic fields in the near field region are not in a fixed relationship to each other, it is necessary to measure each field separately when carrying out a safety assessment.

In the far field region, there is a fixed relationship, so magnetic field measurements with the isotropic H-field probe can be used to calculate both electric field strength and power density.

The use of an isotropic probe means that safety measurements can be made quickly and accurately without the need to take readings in three orthogonal directions and calculate the resultant value, saving a considerable amount of time when compared with measurements made using a single-axis probe.

Isotropic measurements from 250MHz up to 3GHz can be made with the SRM-3000 by means of the standard isotropic E-field probe, which is also available from Link Microtek.
The SRM-3000 meter has sufficient built-in memory to store up to 500 spectral plots, and results can be easily transferred to a PC for long-term storage or further analysis.

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