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HBK launches customisable load cell

9th May 2024
Caitlin Gittins

HBK is pleased to announce the Load Cell Measurement Chain (LCMC), an innovative customisable solution enabling users to adapt their measurement system to their unique requirements and install it following the plug & play principle.

The LCMC comprises a distinctive amalgamation of a selected HBK load cell and amplifier unit. With a range of 14 load cells to choose from, users can opt for the one that best aligns with their needs and match it with a common amplifier unit, including IO-Link compatibility.

What sets the LCMC apart is its ability to generate over 11,000 distinct configurations. This standardised solution not only delivers superior performance and cost-effectiveness but also ensures precise alignment with specific measurement requirements.

Key features of this intelligent, digital load cell measurement chain include:

Customisation: Users have the flexibility to tailor their measurement chain by selecting the load cell and interface that best suits their machine or process requirements. The LCMC seamlessly integrates into existing infrastructure, providing a solution that seamlessly fits into established workflows.

IO-Link compatibility: All 14 load cells are equipped with IO-Link technology, offering benefits such as intelligent functions (data pre-processing, self-monitoring, and alerts), bidirectional sensor communication, and straightforward installation.

One measurement chain, multiple applications: The same amplifier electronics can be utilised for various load cells, simplifying processes and procurement. This versatility enhances efficiency and flexibility in day-to-day operations.

“We are thrilled to offer our customers a wide choice of load cells combined with a wide choice of output options in the Load Cell Measurement Chain,” said Simon Kleefeldt, Product Manager Weighing Technology, HBK. “This LCMC empowers our clients with an easy to set up, tailored measurement chain at an attractive price.”

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