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16th August 2022
Maximise your microphone knowledge

Hottinger Brüel & Kjær’s (HBK) interactive software database available to download free of charge.

Test & Measurement
24th May 2022
IMA Dresden’s digitised testing system takes flight

IMA Materialforschung and Anwendungstechnik GmbH (IMA), has boosted its test capabilities with an all-digital measurement and control chain that automates fuselage shell testing.

7th December 2021
Novares ensures fantastic plastics

Novares, plastic solutions specialist for the automotive industry, has boosted its test capabilities with the opening of a modern tese centre in Lens, France.

Aerospace & Defence
2nd November 2021
HBK tests ground vibration on NASA's electric aircraft

NASA has carried out extensive ground vibration tests on its 'Maxwell' electric aircraft to simulate the stresses that the plane would experience during a real flight.

29th July 2021
Take it to the limit with HBK’s new force sensor

HBK has created a robust force sensor with the intention of providing long-term stability and precise measurement results, even in harsh applications and difficult environments where traditional load cells would struggle to function reliably – the U10F.

16th July 2021
Indoor pass-by tool helps vehicles meet noise regulations

Test and measurement specialist HBK has created a tool to help automotive manufacturers ensure their vehicles comply with strict, pass-by noise regulations - BK Connect Indoor Pass-by. Although pass-by noise tests have typically been performed outdoors, an indoor method is now also accepted for type approval, as it provides a more stable environment for development testing and noise source identification.

9th June 2021
Online training courses address challenges of nCode

HBK is running a series of online training courses that will enable engineers to address work challenges utilising nCode and ReliaSoft software to deliver durable and reliable products. The courses – created around the needs of engineers from a range of industries such as automotive, aerospace, electronics, and energy - can develop skills in the areas of maintainability and fatigue analysis, through a deeper understanding of the background ...

25th May 2021
HBK force sensors for structural testing of excavators

Moving a large mass of material quickly, reliably and safely usually requires the use of hydraulic excavators, mining trucks and material-handling machines at construction sites, scrapyards or ports. However, to ensure that they function reliably and withstand extreme conditions in the long term, Liebherr tests the load-carrying capacity and service life of its machines and components very precisely.

7th April 2021
HBK announces the acquisition of Concurrent Real-Time

Hottinger Brüel & Kjær (HBK), a subsidiary of UK-based Spectris, has announced the acquisition of Concurrent Real-Time, from Battery Ventures, a Boston-based PE firm, for a purchase consideration of $166.7m (£121.2m) in cash, subject to customary closing conditions.

Test & Measurement
26th March 2021
Tescia Repetitive Testing system updated

Hottinger Brüel & Kjær has released the latest version of its Tescia Repetitive Testing system. Designed for vibration, acoustics and rotating machinery monitoring and testing, this solution provides a safe way of capturing data - including information which was not anticipated.

Test & Measurement
21st December 2020
Product Noise Partner for B&K 2245 sound level meter

To help engineers carry out compliance or quality assurance tests, HBK has launched a new app for the B&K 2245 sound level meter family - Product Noise Partner. The partner provides the user with an intuitive mobile app and functionality which can be tailored for their specific tasks, such as test process guidance, wireless data transfer, instant analysis or smart data handling on their PCs.

Events News
17th February 2017
Bruel & Kjaer showcase vibration test tools at EIS show 2017

Visitors attending the Engineering Society’s (EIS) annual Instrumentation conference which takes place 14th March at Silverstone, can meet Bruel & Kjaer UK’s expert engineers on stand 13 and learn about the company’s latest vibration testing tools, including its 80kN shaker - the V8900.

T&M and Monitoring
8th June 2016
Enhanced software upgrades signal analyser

To speed up noise and vibration data analysis for industrial machinery and vehicle manufacturers, Brüel & Kjær has launched enhanced software for its Photon signal analyser - RT Pro 7.3.  The RT Pro 7.3 release provides enhanced Fast Fourier Transformation (FFT), signal analysis, 1/nth octave/acoustic analysis, modal data acquisition and swept sine measurements, making it ideal for testing acoustic and vibration in application...

26th April 2016
Class-D amplifier revs up mobile sound quality

To meet the demand for mobile devices offering top quality sound - without sacrificing power - Nanyang Technological University (NTU) has invented an ultra-high-quality Class-D amplifier. Created by NTU’s Division of Electrical and Electronics Engineering in Singapore, the ultra-high-quality chip can tolerate more 'noise' from other components in a device, which reduces distortion so the sound quality can be significantly improved.

Test & Measurement
9th March 2016
NVH simulator detects boom and rumble

With the latest Noise Vibration Harshness (NVH) simulator applications, non-experts and experts alike can experience the consequences of component design decisions by driving an authentic simulation. The fully immersive experience provided by a driving simulator gives a proper context to experience driving sounds in, which affects the evaluations people make.

Test & Measurement
15th February 2016
Testing phone sound quality in noisy environments

Whether walking down a noisy street or talking on speakerphone, telephone users expect clear voice transmission. Sophisticated signal processing enhances human speech above background noise, but as there are different methods to test this capability, manufacturers cannot always be sure of the best one to use on their products.

20th November 2015
Bruel & Kjaer buys Sound Answers

Engineering services company, Sound Answers has been acquired by Brüel & Kjær Sound & Vibration Measurement A/S consolidating itself as solution and engineering services provider. The two companies have been strategic partners for nine years and boast a long track record of joint projects.  

Test & Measurement
23rd September 2015
Data acquisition system upgraded with bridge measurement

A host of upgrades has been added to Brüel & Kjær’s data acquisition and analysis system - PULSE 20. These include a versatile bridge measurement tool for industries ranging from aerospace and defence to industrial and automotive.

17th September 2015
Simulation module added to automotive design software

Noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) simulation software from Bruel & Kjaer is now available to automotive designers as a module in Altair HyperWorks CAE design software. Automotive designers using Altair CAE software can now choose a module called Insight+, which enables them to listen to the sound a vehicle would make if it featured their virtual design.

Test & Measurement
22nd July 2015
Multiple vehicle noise tests get on track

Automotive manufacturers can now analyse noise from multiple vehicles on a single track using Brüel & Kjær’s PULSE Vehicle Pass-by Test System. Exterior noise measurements are essential for manufacturers to ensure their vehicles meet the industry standards that validate them for sale within markets such as the European Union.

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