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Handheld analysers pinpoints power-quality problems quickly and safely

25th October 2006
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The Fluke 430 Series of 3-phase power quality analysers, now available from TTi (Thurlby Thandar Instruments), help to locate, predict, prevent and troubleshoot problems in power distribution systems quickly and safely. Featuring full IEC 61000-4-30 Class compliance, expanded memory and measurement capability, plus a user-configurable logging function, these easy-to-use handheld tools have many innovative features, including the ability to show power waveforms in great detail with on-screen display of trends and captured events, even while background recording continues.
The latest model in the family is the Fluke 435, which features 0.1% voltage accuracy and a GPS time synchronisation option, making it fully compliant with the IEC 61000-4-30 Class A standard. The instrument also has double the memory capacity of earlier models, as well as a user-configurable logging function which allows it to be set up easily for any test condition with memory for up to 100 parameters on all four phases (a total of 400) at user-defined intervals. Users can easily view logged data and generate reports with the new Fluke Power Log software included with the unit.
The Fluke 435 also features mains signalling capability that enables users to measure interference from ripple control signals at specific frequencies. It includes four flexible 3000 A current probes that are 600 V CAT IV-rated and instrument-powered, eliminating the need for batteries. The Fluke 435 is supplied complete with a new rugged transit case.

The 430 Series analysers incorporate the new IEC standards for flicker, harmonics and power quality for convenient troubleshooting of both 3-phase and single-phase power distribution systems. Users can analyse trends in real time using the cursors and zoom tools while background recording continues.
The series now includes expanded wiring configurations with 2 and 2.5 element measurement modes, improved 0.001 Hz resolution, and support for GPS time synchronisation according to IEC 610000-4-30 with the optional GPS430 module

The enhanced 430 Series analysers also feature improved phase-angle resolution of 0.1 that is referenced to L1/A voltage, and a phase rotation indicator that enables users to determine correct connections by providing clear indication of the phase rotation direction. The Fluke analysers have a safety rating of 600 V CAT IV and 1000 V CAT III.

The new Fluke 430 series is supplied with FlukeView analysis and PowerLog software, to enable the recorded information to be backed up, and displayed on a PC.

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