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Fluke launches eBook on helping to improve energy efficiency and productivity

15th September 2022
Sheryl Miles

Fluke, a global technology manufacturer of compact, professional electronic test and measurement tools and software, has launched an eBook describing the many benefits of using digitised acoustic leak detection technology for facility and maintenance managers.

Entitled ‘Fluke leak detection tools – Guide to acoustic leak detection technology’, the eBook showcases how customers can boost energy efficiency and productivity in process and manufacturing facilities using powerful handheld and online tools.

A major global food and beverage production plant located in Germany confirmed Fluke’s innovative technology for detecting leaks in air, gas and vacuum systems has “already produced enormous savings”. The Plant Energy Manager estimated an energy cost saving of between €120,000 and €150,000 per year could be achieved.

Eliminate wasted energy and reduce costs

Available for download in English and German, the exclusive eBook includes in-depth technical information and customer case studies which illustrate how acoustic imaging can transform plant efficiency through the fast identification of leaks in compressed gas systems, which have long been the cause of wasted energy and increased costs.

The eBook explains how the technology can be a game changer for factory managers seeking to meet an organisation’s energy efficiency and productivity goals. Maintenance teams used to rely on the archaic and time-consuming methods of listening out for leaks or using the soap and water technique to identify faults in compressed gas systems. The advanced leak detection tools from Fluke can achieve real-time results within minutes, eliminating the need for unscheduled downtime.

Mark Bakker, Field Application Engineer at Fluke said: “Leaks are wasteful and can cause factory owners to overcompensate by using compressors that are larger than they need to be, increasing capital expenditure as well as the amount of energy used in a facility. Leaks can also lead to production delays, avoidable downtime and quality issues as well as increased maintenance of factory equipment.”

“Not only can finding and fixing leaks save money, but it can remove the need to build additional capacity into existing systems. Every facility or maintenance engineer will benefit from the insights shared within our new eBook and develop a greater understanding of the most advanced leak detection tools available from Fluke.”

Fast and efficient leak detection

Some of the most common areas that problematic and costly leaks can occur include couplings, hoses, tubes, fittings, threaded pipe joints, quick disconnects, FLT (filter, regulator and lubricator) combinations, condensate traps, valves, flanges, packings, air lines and pneumatic holding tanks.

One maintenance manager quoted in the eBook stated that leak-related downtime at their factory costs more than €98,000 an hour in lost productivity.

A series of in-depth technical articles are featured in the eBook covering how the digitisation of leak detection has finally caught up with high-tech processing and manufacturing, and how easy-to-use maintenance tools can deliver huge energy savings for factories while reducing their carbon footprint.

The eBook also showcases Fluke’s online return-on-investment (ROI) calculator that enables users to demonstrate the level of savings that can be made by quantifying leaks using the Fluke ii900 Industrial Acoustic Imager and Fluke ii910 Precision Acoustic Imager.

These sophisticated devices use an array of sensitive microphones with a range of 2kHz to 52kHz to locate the source of the problem. Capable of pinpointing leaks in even the noisiest of factory environments, the acoustic imagers provide users with a visual SoundMap of leaks displayed as a video or still image on a large 7” LCD touchscreen.

Reports can be generated along with conducting fast routine inspections by maintenance teams once leaks have been repaired.

The new Fluke leak detection tools – Guide to acoustic leak detection technology eBook is available for free download in English and German.

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